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  1. My late review... Probably said a million times, so no new info here I thought this episode was pretty cute. Lots of laughs for me. Sheldon sleeping on Amy's couch and her comment about asking there was only so many times she could offer her bed was funny. I didn't much care for her comment about Penny in that scene but Leonards reaction too it was my own reaction. I'm glad they brought up some old episode information. I had been wondering whether Leonard and the other guys knew about Sheldon seeing Penny naked. Lol Sheldon called Penny kitten and the hair cut records. But with the records I thought they would have just called his mom to smooth things over for him but I guess that would have ended the episode in ten minutes. Overall I think this was one of the better episodes of the season.
  2. That may be the case in the USA, but we call it Bucks and Hens here in Australia. Well calling women hens sounds a little offensive How about season ending prediction we learn penny's last name now I'd prefer to learn it before the season finale. In Britian it's a Stag party for the guys and I think also Hen party for the females
  3. I was wondering if this thread was going to be lost
  4. No, it's just a plush pillow. Oh... Oh well I want it any ways
  5. Welcome! And just remember you're not accident prone the floors just hate you and walls just jump out at you (or atleast that's what I tell myself) Penny and Leonard are my top characters If I had time I would watch more movies but I'm almost never home (till time for some sleep) I forget things easily and lastly I'm a horrible speller There you know a little about me too now
  6. Sheldon in the wig was quite a funny site and Leonard's singing O_O I thought the episode was funny but a little out of character for Sheldon, mostly when he was in Amy's lab. No gloves, a bit odd. Even I would were gloves around there.
  7. I can see that conversation in the writer's room. Really whose going to remember the escape routes? And then the realisation that they will at Comic Con. *writers minds* Oh those Comic Con fans notice everything! Lol
  8. ^ Oh would Sheldon have a big problem with these rules lol but yes I think along the same lines as everyone else. Headrest = bad view of people in the back. Really good eye!
  9. I think it will be a wedding and the couple getting married will be the ones ending up in bed
  10. That's like some one earlier pointed out how he tilts his head. It's just how Johnny (and the directors) feels the character should act, like TWhite said
  11. Oh who is the woman who played Xena....... Lucy Lawless (Don't know why. I just kinda think it would be funny) and Doctor Who... either 10 (David Tennant) or 11 (Matt Smith) Or the Tardis
  12. I played soccer (American ) since I was 4 but sadly I am too old to play anymore but I still try to keep up with the English Premiere league when I get a chance.
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