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  1. Why better to use this thread. Also, the best parts of the Shiny Trinket Maneuver episode were Bernadette & Amy. They both shined in that episode. If it's the thread I'm thinking I would rather have a friendly chat on this one than that. It was just a sidenote, not much meaning to it
  2. Lol Simon Make it into a doorstop.
  3. Elephant in the room (refering to the saying) :D
  4. Dying, but it should be a while before the process is complete
  5. I really like her too. I connect more with her charater. I think it was great that she told Howard the truth about how she felt about children and I don't think it messed up her personality at all. I do think the end of that episode could have used a little more work though. Side note: It's better that you have this thread
  6. Welcome! And Sheldon does have to have some people to act with. I would be ok if they just spent more time with the original 5
  7. I'm a huge fan of KFC but I've never dated Col. Sanders. Where's the love for netmouse ?? lolz :D Lol that make a lovely point. He might have a daughter?
  8. I'm have Doctor Who withdraws!!!
  9. I like the top half but I wish the bottom was more flowy (not crinkled tissue paper). I think the color works for her too. She's tan enough to get away with that light color. Also I think her hair is cute.
  10. I'm glad they have start throwing these sort of tid-bits back in there
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