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  1. Yum!!! I get all the mystery flavor Chocolate, chocolate chip muffins
  2. Granted but since work is now falling from the sky you are literally drowning in it I wish I could remember everything I needed to do
  3. Ah yes!! Uni. You think you are done and then you find you need another piece of paper. Yes it is another reason why my computer is not allowed to see a Sims game.
  4. Granted but BBT ended because they had no clue people watched it. I wish I wasn't so sleepy
  5. missing some from the game ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Sheldon Cooper - 38 Raj Koothrappali - 27 Leonard Hofstadter - 16 Penny - 24 Howard Wolowitz - 27 Bernadette Rostenkowski - 15 Beverly Hofstadter - 19 Mary Cooper - 20 Missy Cooper - 17 Amy Farrah Fowler - 17 Mrs. Wolowitz -23 Priya Koothrappali - 0 - DEAD! Leslie Winkle - 20 Stuart - 15 Alecia - 11 Kurt - 0 DEAD! Dr. Stephanie Barnett - 11 Romana Nowitzki - 0 - DEAD! Dr. Gablehauser - 5 Kripke - 0 - DEAD! Wil Wheaton - 15 Dr. Koothrappali - 15 Mrs. Koothrappali -15
  6. This makes me jealous >:[ lol Sims is one of my addictions. I have to stay away or I never accomplish anything. Time (real time) just doesn't exist when I'm in Sims mode. But kudos on the idea, tis awesome
  7. That's great! I've never heard that one. Now I'm going to say to people "I left her on the riverside. Why are you still carrying her around?"
  8. Who will be chopped into three equal pieces? Sorry I'm no help, you just made me think of that quote
  9. *two thumbs up* Priya is too controlling and the sooner Leonard realizes this the better.
  10. Too many doctor shows already... well too many lawyer shows too
  11. A bit rude. Are you sure you aren't the one with the need for attention? To me this post just seems like a statement to all the people who enjoy talking to Irvine. ____________________________________________________________ P.S. @Irvine sorry to hear but understandable
  12. Also to throw this in Sheldon does not agree with Leonard and Priya's relationship. She almost destoryed his and Leonard's roommate contract.
  13. You just destroyed my love of milk, the colour pink and hippos all in one post !!! lolz I'm glad I could be of some help, lol I would also like to throw in a fact about turtles to help you through the zoo even quicker. Some turtles are able to breath through their bottoms. And it is not a bazinga Random internet finds do wonders for ones brain lol
  14. Hippopotamuses produce pink milk
  15. Shall it be save as a day to tell future generations about?
  16. Agreed the internet kissing... funny but maybe a bit too long. And what about the bit of Penny and Amy running down the stairs screaming? The old married couple and that were my favorites of the night
  17. So Hi I'm new, well not new to BBT. I've been watching since season one. And technically I've been stalking this site a couple weeks now. Thought it was finally time to throw my own to cents in. I'm going to go ahead and ask everybody to forgive all future spelling mistakes. I'll try to keep them to a minium but sometimes I just get too excited. So again Hi. I'm no longer the invisible wander.
  18. I totally agree! I might have been a little overexcited (you know like a 5 year old on christmas morning) but it was so nice. Fresh. New. Not a rerun!
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