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  1. 8/10 I think we've had a disagreement before (I'm not sure of that though) but we've had our agreements too. When you talk about a topic you know the point you're making and have the facts to back it
  2. Leave it on the roof of your car as you drive away
  3. Every doubtful. The show has grown too much
  4. Maybe he was comfortable around them so nothing funny really happened?
  5. They dress down Amy because that's her charater and that is how she has been dressing since she was in school. I feel the all covered up look comes from a protective mother and she has just grown into that being her style and what she picks out to wear. I find Bernadette very pretty. She isn't the same kind of pretty as Penny though. Penny is popular girl pretty, she is the one who would have always won a beauty contest. Bernadette is the type that would have been akward and then grew up to be pretty. I think Amy is stuck on how people's beauty is view in high school and that is why she does not consider Bernadette as beautiful as Penny. (on a side note: I see more of myself in Bernadette. How her beauty is viewed and with how she dresses. I want her style)
  6. Aright Can we choose a New beginning word? This one is taking us in circles.
  7. In contrast, I don't think I have ever been to a wedding where they spoke the last names in the vows. Both ends of the spectrum
  8. 8/10 you're always lovely to talk to or with. And sometimes you have helped me figure something out. Oh and you try to continue the games on here
  9. Thank you Aevitas. I didn't know how to do that
  10. I really did enjoy this episode. I'm not much help in explaining what I enjoyed about it because I have unfortunatly forgetten what I wanted to talk about (too many days since I've watched the episode). I was waiting on them to bring Siri in for Raj though. I just knew it was going to happen. Berni being weirded out by it was funny. Sheldon's flag podcasts were pretty funny but I feel they came out of now where
  11. Oh too many to chose from Another Brink in the Wall- Pink Floyd Anything by Queen or David Bowie Riptide- Sick Puppies Spaceship- Puddle of Mudd and many many more
  12. Lol why? I don't know,dude! I used to get really angry when they were on TV? O__o Lol ok ok. Maybe you had better plans than them and they just didn't listen
  13. Sorry michaelwaughan & haddinsteve this is the wrong thread for favorites. This is a game post. Eagle Eye
  14. I think the legal full name just has to be on the marriage license, I don't think the minister has to say it. I've been to weddings before and the minister always says her full name and his and at the end mr. And mrs and his last name, I think they just wanted penny to have a dream at the end, to have her last name revealed there would've been cheap, I still maintain it should've been when her dad came and either Leonard or Sheldon tried to call mr. And his last name and he then says call me Wyatt. But I think that is mostly tradition that that is what is said. I was looking around the internet to find if their was a rule that said the couples full names had to be said in the ceremony and I did not find anything that said they had to be.
  15. Set it on the backseat of my car in the hot summer sun
  16. What's wrong with this thread netmouse? I must get my hill back *Uses the hill's elevator and on the way up become my correct size again and sends opalsaloony back down the hill* Mine :D (I'm a little rusty with my attacks)
  17. I don't really like shirts with character's faces on them but I love their sayings. Soft kitty plush is my favorite
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