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  1. As of this I said nothing of the sort. I was trying to say: Maybe people on here did not understand what you were trying to discuss, so if they were not discussing what you wanted or it got off topic maybe you needed to reword/restate the topic in a different way. People can not read each other minds and therefore things sometime sound off topic when either the person misread or did not understand the poster's original idea. And as for a condescending attitude: You're reading that. I have no attitude towards you. That was my response.
  2. @opalsaloony: lol good one. I don't think I can top that, I'll have to go think about it in my pants
  3. Believe it or not there are people in the world who think the same about children. Its something about the early years of children touching everything and putting everything in their mouth and all the questions that those people can not stand. Also people tend to say they hate things when they really mean they just really really dislike them. Most likely she does not know how to deal with children or does not have the patients which means in turn means children do not like her which makes her dislike them even more. People are allowed to hate children and put their happiness above having children, which is why those people tend to not have children or fulfill their dreams before having them P.S. I did read the post. What I got from yours was a question about political correctness in tv shows and then I added my thoughts to what I got from the posts others left. Do not attack people because you didn't get the exact answer you were looking for or because people didn't agree with your thought, come back and reword the point you were trying to make and maybe the thread will head in the direction you were looking for.
  4. This one doesn't have a funny caption on it, but they always talk about playing pin pong and I saw this in my internet searching I'm not sure if it is on set or on a talk show. I'd love to see them playing in real life.
  5. Lol it's a bit like in old(er) cartoons where you only see the parents legs and never any higher, expect we only hear Howard's mom. I think seeing her legs might weird out some people if we go according to Howards describes of her
  6. Yeah, well, Texas and Tennessee don't exactly sound the same. I know but people wouldn't fault her for that, she is Dolly Parton and I think she has played a Texan before
  7. I haven't seen that myth I'm guessing they were testing whether a person got wetter when running or walking?
  8. I find it annoying when I notice they only walk up two flights of stairs and suddenly they are at their apartment but according to the number of flights they walked they aren't there yet
  9. I don't agree with political correctness. You can not please everybody I also don't see anything wrong with Bernadette saying she does want children but it should either be she doesn't want them at all or she's just afraid that having them will suddenly mean her own life (outside of parenting) is no longer important. The being afraid can be worked through with each of them understanding, that both parents can a life and be parents. There are plenty of people who just know they never want children and they usually have to find a partner that has the same feelings because if not then one of the two in the relationship is always going to be unhappy which will end up making everyone unhappy. I think it was ok for Bernadette be bring up the subject of Howard staying home, but you (the audience) could tell he didn’t like that idea. He should have stood up for himself and said "my career is important to me too." I like what someone suggested earlier, they should hire a nanny if they want children. With both of them making money (because they both make a good amount of money) it would be easy to pay for one and they could both keep their careers. But the children would still be lacking in a relationship with their parents in any situation of this topic.
  10. I unfortunately have a bit of the same feeling. All the old episodes I want to re-watch, and when I see them on I'll stop and watch but the new ones, if they're repeating I find something else to watch I like BBT and I keep hoping it will go back a little but I'll keep watching even if it's not at its peek performance for me
  11. Lol. There's a dating site for everything and the internet is watching every move you (everyone) make(s)
  12. Scrambled with cheese, please Do you know the difference between dinner and supper?
  13. I think that is just how Johnny feels his character should be played, I don't think it has anything to do with the glass. In fact I don't think they're real glasses. And please don't give him a new pair, I think that style suits Leonard
  14. Oh I like the episodes with the dummy, what's his name..... Buster. Those episodes were my favorite. I never paid too close attention to the science of the show, I just watched it for enjoyment. There were a few episodes where I think they ended the experiments too early and would just call the myth busted when it actually wasn't.
  15. I don't thi................................... Oh nope sorry didn't die TPBM is late for a very important date
  16. That's kind of annoying to remember, the show needs to flow together and hopefully the write keep that in mind or else they get to have all the lovely questions of why during comic con. But that is kind fun to watch them come up with an answer I quite agree, but I don't believe that is the case. Molaro hinted in an interview that they don't have a plan or plot. It is written one episode at a time. We have much evidence that they pay no attention to anything in past episodes. I wish they did. I would like to think we are watching an evolving plot line. Season 5 has pretty much nailed that coffin lid shut though. Yes, agreed
  17. So you mean some one is watching what I record on my DVR and when I watch it? Too many people watching me O_O
  18. She wouldn't have to do any accent. She would only need to talk like she already does
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