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  1. I have facebook and for me that's enough, I don't want a twitter
  2. Though this was another Shamy episode there were atleast parts of story lines with other main characters (the poor dove in the pan). Again I was glad to not see Penny getting drunk and I was happy to see Leonard really doing some work. We don't know what work and he did talk about it but he wasn't obessing about girls or a new girlfriend. I think Sheldon was a little out of character at the restaurant but it did lend the show to some funny scenes. I like that he went for a walk in a video game instead of an actual walk that seemed very Sheldon like and that conversation between him and Leonard was quite humorous. My favorite parts were the virtual alcohol is not the answer and when Sheldon ask Leonard if he want anything and Leonard response about not getting anything because he was playing Grand Theft Auto later I'd definitely say I enjoy this episode over all.
  3. Pot of Gold Muffins or Cupcakes?
  4. Did you know.... A comet's tail always points away from the sun.
  5. Granted but the artificial half of your brain with most the infomation stored on it was mash by some one stepping on it and you have to relearn how to do some of the most basic things I wish classes had not started agian
  6. Doubt it Do people leave ramdon things in your office or home or car or ect?
  7. ^ Boiled, raw, scrambled, or all the above?
  8. Sims 2 (PC)- it's not really vintage but it's the non standard version now Pac-man on every platform and Tekken lol
  9. That's kind of annoying to remember, the show needs to flow together and hopefully the write keep that in mind or else they get to have all the lovely questions of why during comic con. But that is kind fun to watch them come up with an answer
  10. It was Will Wheaton's grandma who passed away (although we all know it wasn't true later ). Sheldon was just saying that if his Meemaw died, he'd want consolable moonpie. Thank you for answering that because I was coming to ask the same question. My mom and I were laughing out how Dolly Parton would actually be funny to watch as Sheldon's Meemaw when she (my mom) suddenly said "isn't Sheldon's Meemaw dead". I didn't think she was but I wasn't sure
  11. Wow! O.O I would make my own. I couldn't pay that for just a calendar
  12. It's possible the writers were still developing her character and forgot to think of that detail when making props for the episode, but she is a Dr.
  13. I wouldn't have thought of a calander. I'm printing the OCD one!
  14. They whole gang should go to a Sheldon family reunion
  15. I think to get alot of the joke that go with them you at least need to know a little about the media they talk about. Usually I only know the surface of the programs and films they reference, which gives my a little laugh, but when I really understand what they are referencing (usually cause it's something I'm into) I really enjoy it and relate to it. I like know about their reference when I'm watching
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