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  1. They still have a little bit of their bro-mance going at the beginning of season 5
  2. Or if you click reply on the bottom of the other person's post it will quote what the person you are repling to said too
  3. Lol that would be hilarious. Not what I was picturing Meemaw to look like but I could see it working
  4. Welcome! We'll be glad to help in your crazy obsession needs for BBT
  5. After I met them in real life yes Are you waiting for the black helicopters to arrive?
  6. Granted but the Sims don't do as they're told even when to turn their free will off I wish my cold would go away
  7. Was that you or your dark side Seph? Or both?
  8. Hello Schroedinger's Cat! Are you alive or died in there?
  9. Agree with this whole thread. I want to see Leonard's perfect brother, and Penny's redneck brother (I think she has a sister too?). Oh and Penny's nephew! And of course we need to meet Sheldon's older brother
  10. Late welcome! *wave* And my family is the same way, so its great to have a place to talk about BBT and not annoy them too much
  11. Agreed. Ratings going up does not mean it has all to do with one character or even any of the characters
  12. ^ That's kinda what I was thinking. I can see the difference between the two very easily
  13. It's sort of the same as saying something is "normal". What is normal and who's definetion of normal are you using
  14. Oh of course you would, but then you took an arrow in the other knee
  15. No, do you want them colonizing us? Would you choose to live on another planet if the possibilty arrived?
  16. Aviodingtherealworld


    I don't think Priya was meant to fit into the show, I think she was mostly used to make Penny jealous and see that she (Penny) really did want to be with Leonard
  17. AND also when you get married :D Lol! Then what about children? They aren't married yet, does that mean they are always over eating?
  18. Raj- Kunal Nayyar Fez- Wilmer Valderrama
  19. No new character unless they are character for one episode. There are enough and the writers are aready focusing on only two of them as it is
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