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  1. Distiled? Yes?.... lol Do you see the green fairy?
  2. No. I don't time travel and tell If you could pose another question would you?
  3. Thank you! lol At first I was thinking it was some kind of glitch where an arrow would just show up in your knee or you would shoot an arrow and instead of it going to the target it ends up in your knee
  4. Lol that's a fun big bang time line to have going on in your head. You know the past and the future but not how it got that way or only parts of how it got that way
  5. Ok so I found this poster with a reference to BBT that made me laugh. When Smiling At People I wanted to start this thread for more posters like this or demotivational BBT poster, Memes about BBT or any other funny BBT and BBT reference stuff. Give me something to make me smile
  6. Granted but the synchronize with the nearest cat's sleeping patterns I wish stuff wouldn't just jump out of my hands
  7. Christmas 2012: End of the world or Major change?
  8. We should make posters and occupy their parking lots
  9. Don't forget the candy. Candy and toothpaste must be bought together so they can continue to fight thier never ending battle of who owns your teeth Once agian it is breakfast time
  10. @mattheato4: Lol just means they want you to watch season 1 twice before you can see any of the other seasons
  11. Favorite at this moment? Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows!!!! :D Please say there is another!
  12. No need to be quick! We all like talking (typing) here. Welcome!
  13. Wait, wait! This is going to sound totally stupid and maybe a little out of place, but would one of you please explain the whole arrow in the knee glitch joke.... Yes I live under a rock I found out the answer :D
  14. Lol, perfect image for reading the title of the thread
  15. Oh is that why I enjoy Sci-Fi so much! I might have some smarts after all, yay! You know weird but sad story. I had to take a children's literature class and the teacher had no clue what the difference between fantasy and sci-fiction was. .... I love fantasy stuff but Sci-Fi has so much thought into its explanations because it's using real and theoretical science, but actually science, to explain what is happening in the story
  16. No because my brain is already over crowded as it is Should we be able to vote people off the island in "real" life?
  17. I got some one Soft Kitty for Christmas and my sister got seasons 1-4 on DVD
  18. New Fact: Your hearing decreases when you overeat
  19. Lol that is one of the problems with "normal" society. They think shows like The Bachelor and Bachelorette are quality tv and that Keeping Up with the Kardashians is worth their time.
  20. Granted but then you regret going to bed so early I wish.... well.... the only wish I have coming to mind is inappropriate Lets try this one instead. I wish my mind would find a new topic to obsess over for now
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