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  1. I have been a big supporter of Leonard/Penny but this last episode killed that for me. Penny is too childish and insecure. I don`t want drop any spoilers so............ Leonard needs to give Penny an ultimatum: Get over her petty insecurities or at least be willing to discuss them, or it is over. Her reaction to Leonard`s attempt to help may have crossed a line but her reaction was totally uncalled for. If an adult truly cares about somebody then they need to be able to forgive and look past relatively minor transgressions....anything else is nothing more than childish. I see her as nothing more than an insecure, immature, and selfish bitch.
  2. I find the lack of adhesive ducks on this forum disturbing.
  3. Raj`s girlfriend? How about Barry Kripke?
  4. The Russian space program has come a long way. However........ Do you not remember anything that happened when the Iron Curtain fell? Have you forgotten the mass corruption that has plagued Russia even during the cold war? Do you know anything of the history of the Russian space program? Your blind feelings of persecution are laughable. Even the average American realizes that we have a bad reputation internationally. Time to thicken that skin up a bit.
  5. I think the portrayal of WoW on TBBT is a joke. WoW is really for the mainstream(hipster, shallow, fake) geek culture that exists today. Every time I hear somebody try to convince me how "leet" and modern they are because they play WoW, Xbox, or own an Apple product I am filled with rage. Also on the lame list 1. Halo 2. CoD 3. EQ 4. GoW
  6. I for one do not want Priya to return. Wil Wheaton? What is wrong with him? He plays an entirely different class of character on the show. Almost like saying you want to bring bang Dr. Stephanie Barnett, and to hell with the Spanish speaking cleaning ladies from the cafeteria.
  7. I don`t think there are alot of naysayers about Jim Parsons. I think he is a great actor. Without a doubt he can play just about every type of role, the problem is there are not very many characters he can play and be ultra successful. No doubt he will have to deal with typecasting for the rest of his career.
  8. I never got all the fuss about Jobs.... steve wozniak is/was the real genius.
  9. Ok, I missed that part about Raj. I guess we can we just chalk it up to poor writing then.
  10. @wayelrob A deaf person who cannot read lips is not unheard of. My father`s (deaf)friend mentioned that he had a lot of trouble reading people that English was not there first or primary language.
  11. Same here, I remember a few of these.
  12. A licensing fee would be unnecessary. Parodies are protected from copyright infringement lawsuits by 17 U.S.C. § 101 and 17 U.S.C. § 102(a). RLY? You saying that makes me lose a lot of faith in this forum. I move that rule 34 be stricken for cause: Rule 35 covers rule 34.
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