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  1. I don't know if this is off topic from what everyone else is talking about but I was thinking about the person who should marry these two. I think it would seem interesting to see Raj do it since he's reason they met. I mean, it somehow feels a little more meaningful for some reason. It's as if he's cupid that brought Shamy together and now he could marry them to sort seal the deal in the relationship.
  2. Hey, Sheldon's shirt is apparently green, which means courage and then underneath he's wearing some other color which looks a little like grey or yellow. If it's yellow, it's fear.
  3. I don't know for sure until we maybe see more of it but isn't it true that Amy freaked out and Skyped Bernadette and Penny first?
  4. I don't think anyone needs to worry about that, this theory sounds ridiculous.
  5. I don't think it was cheating either. Based on his expressions on his face and what Molaro said in the other interview, Sheldon realized the situation he was in and it just took him some time to "process" it. He's was in shock of it.
  6. That’s it, I can’t sleep. This Shamy news is causing me to have insomnia.
  7. Yes. While Sheldon and Amy are on Skpe (or whatever you call it), Sheldon tells Amy about his day and so happens to mention Ramona. After their Skpe session, Amy immediately Skye's P/B about her talk about Ramona. She has the most terrified but hilarious look on her face! It was so funny. The dialogue was funny and Mayim's acting was really good. Amy's like "I told you to look after him!", or... something along those lines. Like how this was mentioned before Mayim really deserves an Emmy.
  8. I don't think I quite remember them establishing how she and Sheldon were hanging out because I don't think it ever was, but Ramona stills works at Caltech and I guess once she realized Sheldon was available to see often (assuming that she knows about his relationship with Amy) she quickly went for him.
  9. Man, this makes me wanna attend 11.01 really bad... But as of now, I'm just gonna celebrate my favorite tv fictional couple as the question is still yet to be answered.
  10. I was thinking about the prequel and I was wondering if there was ever a possibility for young Sheldon to have met young Amy in past without realizing it. I know, it sounds (very fanficky), a little weird, and unlikely because with them having to live in different states. But since it's not impossible, I'd think it would be interesting. If the writers have written a TBBT episode about them realizing have met and then in another episode in the prequel where we actually see it all happen, I'd want to see it. Even though this idea is sorta like an episode of Friends where Phoebe robs Ross and they finds out about it years later.
  11. I'm only going to write Sheldon's plot for 1020. I can't quite share the other plot because my memory is so vague on it that I can't write it. It's a little gist. Sheldon agrees to work with Howard and Leonard together on the same day that Amy works with him. And during their work hours Sheldon is consistently running between his, Leonard, and Howards lab to Amys lab. He does surprisingly well and Amy is very impressed. We find out he gets sick from I'm assuming all the work he does (I might be wrong, correct if I am). Within the next day, Sheldon is lying on the couch of 4A, he wakes up and gang is beside him. Sheldon has forgotten what has happened to him from all the cold medicine Amy's given him. He freaks out because he lost his journal but Raj or Leonard tells him to track down where he was, through his phone. Sheldon's memory slowly becomes more apparent as is fades to him being at a bar where he's dancing and so on and so forth. Moments later we see them down at the bar, asking this friendly bartender where his journal is and he kindly gives it him the journal to Sheldon. The bartender tells him that Sheldon has told him and everyone at the bar the information within the journal but made them pinky swear to keep the information to themselves. At the end, Amy and Sheldon are sitting on the couch while Amy plays soft kitty with a little instrument. She also plays it in German and Mandarin. LOL.... FYI, the thing Sheldon is sucking on is... tea. He's drinking tea.
  12. You're welcome guys! I didn't wanna write too much since I'm not much of a writer.
  13. The gang discovers that Bert finds love with a pretty young lady who is into him for his money only. And Bernadette is finally ready to go back to work but struggles to do so while Hallie is going to daycare.
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