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  1. Has anyone read the new novel of Doctorow whose title is Andrew's Brain? This novel has just arrived to Spain a few time ago and I would like to read it. Some opinion?
  2. I wish Holland wins this World Cup after the defeats of spaniards and teams without anything cup.
  3. The referee stole to Atlético yesterday against Barça; it was painful for all football fans. Aweful. Also, Real Madrid won a difficult match with a local and heavy rival. He continues leader in Liga.
  4. I think and want that they will not have sex.
  5. This episode was funny, above all when Sheldon and Kripke are playing basketball. The negative point of episode was Amy, like always...
  6. Curiously, Juventus isn't the team of city in Turin, on the contrary the team of Turin is Torino, it is known by a plane crash. I think that similar something happens with Manchester City and United. On the other hand, Atlético de Madrid has eliminated to Lazio in Europa League, and he will play against F.C. Barcelona on Sunday.
  7. Champions League is back today with the matchs of FC Barcelona against CSKA Moscow and, tomorrow, AC Milan against Arsenal. Thursday, Lazio will play with Atlético de Madrid in Europe League. Also, Tévez went back to training of Manchester City today.
  8. The idea romantic has ended. Money has helped up to clubs like Chelsea, Manchester City or P.S.G. on the ultimate times. Nevertheless, I still think that some players have "sense of belonging", for example: Totti or some Barcelona's players. Of all the teams in England, I like Arsenal because he has similar characteristics to Atlético de Madrid: a historic club of the capital that he has lost prestigious lately. By the way, this year is worse Champions League that another years; Europe League have more cachet this year: Manchester United and City, Valencia, Lazio, Ajax and Atlético, of course.
  9. I have created this thread for sharing all about world of football or soccer, for americans. Certainly, I must apoligize for my dreadful English but I am learning it. I don't know if the name of subject is right, however I want to point out the place where everybody can speak about this great sport. Currently I am following Premier League and Spanish Football's League, indeed I am supporter of Atlético de Madrid. What do you think about these leagues or others?
  10. For general, I don't like the episodes where Amy appears. She is an actress that triggers off slowness in the argument, a burden. Therefore, the episode of yesterday is a proof of her onerous condition.
  11. My favorite season is the second, because she's the more heterogeneous. Furthermore, Sheldon and the rest of actores have defined their skills, behaviours and features more unique.
  12. The voice of Howard's mother in her translation to Spanish is too aweful.
  13. I began to watch the serie for a recommendation of a friends of my aunt. I watched and liked it.
  14. It has been the best episodie for now of this season. I don't doubt it.
  15. Do you celebrate the day of magic kings too (or like you name it)?
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