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  1. Ep was "eh". Not bad or anything but not as good as last week. A few jokes landed. I like Sheldon's mom but the stereotypical religious/right-wing dialogue gets kinda old. She's better in small doses. I did like Sheldon sticking his tongue out at the end, it caught me off guard.
  2. This was a good ep and easily the best this season. Having said that I'm not completely sold on the new characters. I don't dislike Priya, Bernadette and Amy but the show is unfortunately only 18-20 minutes long and any time spent on them is time not spent on the core characters. For example, how much time did Penny get tonight? 1-2 minutes? I wouldn't mind if the new characters kinda popped in randomly like Leslie from the earlier seasons, but I'm not really trying to see long extended scenes with Howard and Bernadette, etc. Amy is my favorite out of the new characters though.
  3. Uh....Kaley Cuoco said in that interview that Penny still loves Leonard. There it is in black and white, someone who works on the show telling you that. She always loved him but was afraid to admit it. That's why she never said it back. No offense but this is TV Writing 101. It's been done on Moonlighting, Bones, House, Chuck....I'm 34, I could probably go on and on all day about how many times this scenario has been used over the years. It's fairly obvious to anyone with a passing interest in the show that Leonard/Penny's relationship is a primary focus, and that any side steps or obstacles are just there for dramatic reasons. Anyway, the Raj/Penny/Leonard unpleasantness is just one problem with the show. I watched all the eps over the last 3ish weeks because a friend recommended the series. Did they change writers? There has been a steady decline in quality for at least a season, if not longer. Not bad enough to stop watching but there have been some dialogue and/or character choices lately that were extremely bizarre. It just feels off now, like they have a different show runner or something.
  4. I don't mean to harp on this one particular point, but Leonard and Penny's relationship is obviously a focal point of the show. Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar have said in interviews they have a problem with the way the Leonard/Penny/Raj situation unfolded. They said they were actually mad that it was written that way. This was before the half-assed resolution, but they felt it was wrong for Raj to make a move on Penny, since she was Leonard's ex. Also it was a mistake because Penny still loves Leonard.... Obviously they peppered the interview with humor but for them to say, almost word-for-word, what the fans have been complaining about, speaks volumes on the direction the show has taken. And there is a couple other interviews where they say basically the same thing.
  5. This is my first post on this board. I'm a new TBBT fan, one of my friends told me to check it out. The whole Penny/Raj thing is terrible. It just felt....wrong. I'm not going to stop watching the show, but this plot development, and it's resolution, seems like the writers just tossed darts at a Random Plot Development dart board. One of the main reasons I like the show is because the characters aren't 1 dimensional. I'll use Penny as an example because this is obviously relevant to her. They could've easily made her a dumb blonde stereotype, or just the cute girl next door. Instead they created a nicely layered character, who isn't a genius but who can hold her own against them due to her wit and/or "street smarts". Sometimes the smarter characters over look things that seem obvious to her. One of the humorous facets of her character, was her supposed promiscuity. Sheldon has stated a few times how many guys he thinks she slept with, and/or how often she seems to have guys leaving her apartment. With this Raj situation, the writers basically removed all subtlety concerning that. For no apparent reason. And the "fix" doesn't really make things better, because she would've done it if Raj hadn't prematurely ejaculated. I will admit I'm not used to watching sitcoms, I'm more of a "Breaking Bad" man myself. So while some can say "eh, it's not meant to be taken seriously"....well, the writers are choosing to go into Serious Territory when they write these types of scenarios. I realize the show isn't like "real life" but a guy sleeping with (or trying to sleep with) his close friend's ex-girl friend, and her drunkenly going along with it.... Eh, I'm rambling. I just don't see how they can resolve this without it being ridiculously far-fetched, even by sitcom standards. Which is kinda sad because I was just becoming a fan of the show.
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