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  1. Also, the interview I was referring to earlier was this one, which was posted in the photo thread a while back: This is also a very sweet video of Jim and Kaley clips put together:
  2. I also love the relationship Jim and Kaley have. In a recent interview, Kaley said that Jim is one of her favorite people in the world, and when asked questions about each other, it's fairly clear that they're really close and have lots of respect for each other, and it shows in all their scenes together. Just to be clear, I do mean a platonic relationship. I would love to have a friend like Jim in my life. I would think that Jim's role as Sheldon is just as different as Johnny's role as Leonard. If you've seen any interview with Jim, he gives off the aura that he's the nicest guy in the world, and super humble to boot. It's really fun watching Jim turn his "Sheldon" on and off in the outtakes. One moment he's got this really pissed off look on his face, and then he bursts into laughter with the cutest smile. My point is, I doubt their roles on the show have anything to do with the chemistry between their characters.
  3. She could even play it on her harp as she sings it.
  4. I agree with what's being said here. The analogy that pops to mind for me is if you went to a salon, and you asked the stylist for a new look for a change, and the stylist shaves your head instead of say, getting highlights or trimming a few inches. While yes, it is different, it's not a desirable change. My love for Sheldon has actually decreased while working through Season 5 because his behavior is so inconsistent now. I still see glimpses of the Sheldon I'm familiar with in The Vacation Solution, but in some other episodes he was just alien to me. I thought the writers hit the happy medium in Season 4, where you see him getting attached to Amy, but he was still very much Sheldon. I did think the Spittoon episode was a good one as well in terms of character development for Sheldon (except for the dressing up as a cowboy bit). I think it's important to have some remnants of the old Sheldon as a reference point, otherwise he's a completely different character. For example, he laughs differently now, he doesn't use as much elaborate vocabulary as he used to, he's less worried about his spot, he's less arrogant but more quirky and childish, etc. If there was one thing I'd love for them to fix, it would be that they make him less of a man-child. If change is supposed to be positive, and Sheldon is supposed to be maturing as a human being, this is not the way to go about it.
  5. To quote an episode from Season 4: Penny: Not knowing is part of the fun. Sheldon: "Not knowing is part of the fun," was that the motto of your community college? :D
  6. Aevitas


    After having these videos on my to-watch list forever, I finally got around to watching it. Benedict Cumberbatch is amazing in this. :D I've also watched both seasons of Sherlock. Incredible series, I always get through each season in a couple of days and then waiting impatiently for the next year so I can see the next season.
  7. I've mentioned this in another thread already, but Leonard isn't a completely infallible guy, as proven by Alice. He made out with her while dating Priya, and then went to Penny asking how he could keep both of them. A few things of note here: 1) He said he and Priya could be married some day. If the "reason" that he didn't mind considering cheating on Priya was because he wasn't all that serious about her, that line should at least hold some weight about that commitment, especially if they were going to try a long distance relationship. When Penny advised him to break up with Alice, he said, "Now, let's not do anything rash, she's really hot." 2) He went to Penny and willingly told her that he was considering becoming a cheating sleazebag, the kind of guy that Penny would definitely not appreciate, considering she's been cheated on in the past as well. His words were basically, "I'm not one of those guys who sneaks around and sleeps with more than one woman. The problem is, I want to be one of those guys." Realistically, if someone you used to date told you that they're thinking of cheating on their current girlfriend, and then break up later, red flags would be going up if they suddenly want to date you again. If he was willing to cheat on one girlfriend, who's to say he's not capable of cheating on you too? 3) After he confessed to Alice that he had a girlfriend and got kicked out of her apartment, he called himself an idiot for doing the right thing.
  8. I agree. Howard really has grown up over the past 5 years, and his little speech was quite touching. I think Howard's character development has been my favorite on the show, even though he's not my favorite character.
  9. That's exactly what happened to me. I currently work as a receptionist, so I have to deal with on average of 50-60 strangers/acquaintances a day. I always feel drained at the end of the day and can't wait to go home and be by myself. When I was doing several internships during university, I would be working behind a computer, and the most contact I had with people were my boss and maybe 3-5 co-workers, and I'd still be energized by the end of the day and wouldn't even mind staying a bit later just to tie up some loose ends. It's really a huge difference in energy level just because I'm an introvert.
  10. Actually she mentioned she and Kurt dated for 4 years, part of that time if I remember correctly they were living together, so it must've gotten pretty serious. Having him cheat on you also would leave you pretty damaged. It's not surprising that she would have trouble saying "I love you" when she only dated Leonard for less than a year. As Leonard said, "he was in the relationship 2 years longer than her," so it would only make sense that he was ready to say it when she wasn't.
  11. I can add a couple to the Sheldon and Penny moments too, if you like: 11 Sheldon instructs Penny to get his flash drive from his room when he's on a train to San Francisco. 12 Sheldon and Penny play Conan the Barbarian together. 13 Penny tries to comfort Sheldon after he finds out Leonard & co. tampered with his North Pole experiment. 14 Penny taking Sheldon and Amy on their first date. 15 Sheldon and Penny reading together at her apartment while Leonard skypes with Priya, and Penny commenting how they were like a married couple. (the banter was so cute) 16 Penny takes Sheldon shopping for jewelry for Amy. 17 Penny gives Sheldon a haircut. As for Leonard and Penny moments, I do have to admit it's harder for me to think of them. The ones that come to mind are: 1 When Penny is drunk at the Halloween party and she kisses Leonard, and Leonard stops her because she was clearly upset about Kurt and he didn't want to take advantage of her. 2 When Leonard asks Penny out to dinner when she thought the other guys were coming too, and she talks about Doug is most likely a rebound thing. 3 Leonard confronts Kurt to ask for the money he owes Penny, and never tells her he was the reason Kurt finally returned the money, even after she told him she was going to dinner with him. 4 When Leonard gives Penny the snowflake from the North Pole. 5 The look Leonard and Penny give each other after the New Year's Countdown at the comic book store. I do agree though, the Sheldon and Penny moments seem much more special, not necessarily in a romantic way, but definitely more memorable because of the contrast of the characters.
  12. Just like how they promised the resolution to the Season 4 finale will "please everyone"? Yeah, I'm not going to get my hopes up too high. I'll just wait to see what they have up their sleeve.
  13. Actually it's a common misconception that all introverts are shy or "anti-social". Lots of introverts can have extroverted lifestyles. The very basic difference is how you use energy and recharge. Introverts use up energy being around people, and need to recharge by being alone, while extroverts use up energy being alone, and recharge by being around other people. Therefore, an introvert can go to the same party as the extrovert, but the introvert might need to step outside for a bit before diving back in, or just chat with a smaller group of people. Familiarity (hanging out with close friends) plays a role too, but I can't remember exactly how it was explained to me.
  14. That is an interesting description of INTJ's, I haven't heard them described quite like that before. Every time I take this test, I end up as an INTJ, although sometimes nowadays I think I teeter between T and F. But the test seems to show T always wins out regardless of what I think. Only pairing I can think of at the moment that I like: Sheldon x Amy
  15. I do miss Sheldon's scientific rants and logical observations. They set this show apart from any other sitcom out there. I'm sure Jim Parsons is relieved that his lines aren't as complicated nowadays though.
  16. I agree. This is a rare scene where the two most socially awkward characters on the show become very human and bring comfort to Penny. When Penny said she didn't want tea, and Sheldon said it wasn't optional, that smile Penny had on her face was priceless. It said to me that she was really touched by Sheldon and Amy's sincere intentions and that despite their quirkiness, they are true friends.
  17. I think a lot of those times were for dinner. On the off occasion where it is lunch, it's entirely possible for them to go there during their lunch break. It's probably safe to assume that the Cheesecake Factory isn't so far out of their way from work that they would stop by to eat, especially if Sheldon is willing to go there every Tuesday.
  18. no I wasn't The ninja comment wasn't referring to you, being "ninja'ed" means that someone else posted just slightly before you were able to post yours, and usually the posts say the exact same thing. In this case, netmouse ninja'ed me. @netmouse: Interesting, I didn't know that's how the term is used in MMO games. I always thought it was another term, although I can't think of what it is at the moment.
  19. This has crossed my mind many times. Not to mention she regularly pays for acting classes, often goes shopping for shoes, and one episode mentions she pays for car insurance. And once in a while, she's shown wearing what I can only assume are designer brand clothes. I doubt a small handful of acting gigs would be able to pay for all that. We know for sure that the only acting opportunities she's had during the last 5 years were Grease (Lubenfeld Decay), Anne Frank (Terminator Decoupling), and the hemorrhoid commercial. If we even want to consider her selling Penny Blossoms on the side, it's still fairly minimal, and we have no idea if she continued after that episode or if she got any more orders.
  20. She specifically said, "Saturday, 9 am, bring cash." So that resolves the work issue. EDIT: Darn, ninja'ed by netmouse.
  21. Aevitas

    Episode 2.01

    I think a few people have pointed this out before and posted videos about it on youtube. For other people's reference, here's one: But yes, now that it's been pointed out, I can't unsee it.
  22. I think it was a natural progression. If I'm not mistaken, she was 21/22 when the series first started, and the style worked for her then. Now, 5 years have passed and her fashion reflects her age. This is generally around the time when women start to realize that they should dress with a bit more maturity and dressing like a teenager is no longer acceptable. Of course, I'd have to take a closer look at her wardrobe in its entirety to assess my hypothesis, but I think in general, this is the case.
  23. Aevitas

    the moms

    I voted for Leonard's mom, too. Her actress is just amazing in that role. Not saying that I'd want a mother like that, if anything my mother is more like Sheldon's, but I amuse myself thinking about the interactions between her and the rest of the cast.
  24. Funny you mention that, I once was browsing the forum while in bed, and then I got mesmerized looking at my signature. When I woke up, it was morning. Holy crap, Soft Kitty works!
  25. Thanks! I put a lot of work into the gif.
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