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  1. Every relationship functions properly in different ways. Some couples need more space, some need less, some couples want to spend time at home, some want to spend time at a club, etc. There's no cookie cutter way to define how a relationship should be. With Sheldon and Amy being as intellectual as they are, this seems to be the logical way they would handle their relationship. I certainly know that many couples struggle with how to make their relationships work (how to settle arguments, when's the right time to go to the next level, etc.), why wouldn't Sheldon write up a relationship agreement as an attempt to take out the guess work for both parties? Have a question on when to hold hands? It's outlined in the agreement. They get too busy to go out and spend some private time together on a date? It was stipulated in the agreement to have regular dates. It might sound silly to some people, but this arrangement works for them. It's very possible that could change in the future, as seen in the Weekend Vortex when Amy and Sheldon were mentioning their contributions to the relationship agreement, and Sheldon disregarded it despite Amy following the protocols simply because he really wanted to play games with the guys that weekend. In fact, it could possibly be a hint toward how their relationship becomes less structured and more spontaneous.
  2. Well, this show is known for exaggerating lots of things, that's what makes the jokes funny. For example, all the jokes about how fat Howard's mom is. I doubt she's SO fat that she can step on her own breasts. And Howard's shortness has been joked about in this way many times on the show.
  3. Since I'm a girl, I'm no expert on the technicalities of urinals, but wouldn't the splashback comment suggest that it's an indirect joke about Howard's height?
  4. You mean that point wasn't reached already with Fun with Flags? Or the Warlords of Ka'a cowboy expansion outfit? Or even the Wonder Woman costume from Season 3? Either way, I do agree, I never found any humor from Sheldon being dressed up ridiculously. The things that made him funny (and a great character) in earlier seasons are being downplayed a great deal in Season 5, and I must say I miss them.
  5. This showed up in my facebook feed today: I haven't gone through the other comic strips, but I particularly enjoyed this one.
  6. I'm also bewildered. Howard has a history? REALLY? Maybe they mean imaginary history, LOL? ______________________________________________________________________________________ Oh, wait a second! Actually, Howard DOES have a history - with a prostitute in Vegas! Hmmm... Actually, that little factoid could turn Bernadette totally against him. I certainly would drop instantly a guy if I found out he ever used a prostitute. It's the ewww factor, and also the question of the proper moral backbone factor, and also the incomparable differences factor. Howard's dalliance with the Vegas prostitute may be the true bone of contention for Bernadette. Hmmm. It is also implied that was not the first time he was with a prostitute. In some other episode, I think The Cushion Saturation, where Howard said "Leslie Winkle was the 5th woman he's ever slept with 'for free'." So even if you discount the Vegas prostitute that Raj and Leonard surprised him with, he most definitely had been paying for them himself in the past.
  7. Aevitas

    Nimoy on BBT

    He was doing voiceovers for a video game that was released a while back too (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep), so the deal about "not appearing on the screen in person" rings true. It's a shame though. I'm not a Star Trek fan by any means, but I still think a live appearance of Nimoy would have been totally amazing. I wonder why this is his policy though.
  8. I have a feeling that whatever happens, the writers will find a way for Howard and Bernadette to work it out. Every time some kind of bump in the road comes up, they figure out how to deal with it one way or another. Things like Bernadette telling Howard she's not going to be his mother (when he tries to get her to do his laundry and buy his groceries), talk about signing a pre-nup, and Bernadette not wanting kids (which was a deal-breaker for Howard) were pretty big issues but they got past them. Besides that, Bernadette described Howard as the guy with the "looks, fancy patter and tight hoochie pants" whom she expected to make "the move." I'm not too sure what else she would discover that would make her reconsider marriage. Worst case scenario, it could be a reason to postpone the wedding, but I'm fairly certain the wedding will happen. (Unless Melissa Rausch wants to leave the show and this is how she'll be written off, but not likely)
  9. There was also Abby at the mixer. (Maybe we should get back on topic though.)
  10. Not necessarily. Sheldon also has a germ phobia, and Howard explicitly mentioning his urine splashback stains tells me he was making Sheldon painfully aware of that fact.
  11. I think you're right. That being said, it sounds like Shatner is much more accessible to ask for a guest appearance. I hope they have it lined up for the future. You can't pull out ALL the big names at once after all. Nimoy and Hawking back to back is already quite the feat.
  12. Another celebrity who would make a great cameo on the show.
  13. Yes, you are correct, it means "For Your Information."
  14. Overall I really liked the episode. Leonard's reaction from the label maker to the toy was perfect. I kind of sensed that Sheldon is starting to build up some sexual tension in this episode ("looking at the universe naked" and his facial expression), I wonder if this was intentional? He really is getting in touch with his emotions in this episode, he didn't spout any science stuff at all in this one. I also found it a little hard to believe he would chuck his beloved Spock, no matter how much he felt betrayed, but it's a really trivial thing. I'm also liking how they're handling Raj now, and the fact that they don't feel it necessary to point out every single time that he has alcohol in his body when there's a girl in the room. He's got a good amount of screen time here, and his subplot was actually pretty interesting. I also really really hope that puppy makes a reappearance. *squees at the cuteness*
  15. There was also that time when Sheldon brought a hot dog over to use in her spaghetti.
  16. I suppose that's true, I just didn't see it very likely that Joyce would stick around after that fiasco, although she was on a mission, so it's hard to say when she defected. I guess I just assumed she just left for good after that run-in with Sheldon, since he has that effect on people.
  17. I'm not sure if this scene has been mentioned before, but in The Friendship Algorithm, I loved the scene where Sheldon was talking with a little girl in the book store. His interactions with her looked very genuine and he was doing what was natural in bonding with her. It's kind of funny, because this says to me that Sheldon DOES know how to make friends, but the superficiality of being an adult makes it difficult to be honest and vulnerable with people you want to build a personal relationship with. Children, on the other hand, are innocent and extremely honest in their actions, and Sheldon can resonate with this. The sad part is that Leonard pulled Sheldon away from his "new friend" because the world would see him as a pedophile.
  18. I just noticed this while rewatching the White Asparagus Triangulation. Howard said Leonard dated Joyce Kim for 27 days, but in The Staircase Implementation when they were in bed, Leonard said he didn't even know Joyce for 12 hours before they went to his bedroom.
  19. Also, birds. We need an anthropomorphized chicken who stymies Sheldon at every turn, and occasionally chases him up trees.
  20. I actually picked up on his sexual orientation while watching through the series from Season 1 onwards. I don't know at exactly which point the light bulb went on in my head and went, "Hmm.. I wonder if he's gay," or what mannerisms made me think that, but reading about him proposing to his boyfriend confirmed it and it was an "Ah, so I guess I was right," and moved on. It obviously didn't change my view of him at all and I didn't even dwell on it for very long, just a tidbit you pick up along the way, kinda like when I found out Kaley and Johnny dated in real life for 2 years.
  21. Okay, I updated the list, and I put in parentheses whatever sexual/uncomfortable comments in the episode that may or may not be a big deal. If there are any others people want to add to it, let me know. My filter is after all subjective, so I probably missed something here and there.
  22. You're welcome. I'll probably be able to add more episodes to that list now that you say an occasional sexual line is okay. I was being a bit strict with my filter just to be on the safe side. But I suppose the list will be useful for other people too, so might as well be thorough.
  23. Going through the episode list, here is what I can remember being free of sexual content: Season 1 The Pilot (aside from "masturbating for money," and Leonard talking about sex with Penny) The Big Bran Hypothesis (Except for Raj's "turn your pelvis") The Luminous Fish Effect (Unless you think she'd be uncomfortable with the talk about tampons) The Grasshopper Experiment The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization The Loobenfeld Decay The Pancake Batter Anomaly The Jerusalem Duality The Bat Jar Conjecture (although there is a brief discussion about sex between Leslie and Leonard in that one) The Nerdvana Annihilation (except for that brief exchange between Penny and the guy at the end of the episode who suggested to help her change clothes, and the thing about pants must be worn at all times in the Time Machine) The Pork Chop Indeterminancy The Peanut Reaction (aside from Penny offering to tell Howard which of her friends are easy) The Tangerine Factor (except for the blog detailing Penny's sex life) Season 2 The Bad Fish Paradigm The Barbarian Sublimation (Aside from Sheldon trying to get Penny some sex and Sheldon asking a guy in the cafeteria if he'd like to be in a sexual relationship) The Griffin Equivalency (Aside from Raj talking about sucking face, and Howard's username WealthyBigPenis on anythingforagreencard.com) The Euclid Alternative The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem The Panty Pinata Polarization (aside from Howard's creepy America's Top Model obsession) The White Asparagus Triangulation (except for Sheldon's asking Penny about her menstrual cycle and comments on her libido) The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis (except for Penny's talking about what she and David Underhill did the previous night, along with the naked pictures of his wife) The Killer Robot Instability (aside from Howard's creepy advances on Penny and Penny's implying he's probably at home with a blow-up doll) The Friendship Algorithm The Financial Permeability The Cushion Saturation The Terminator Decoupling The Work Song Nanocluster (except for that Laser Optical Strip Chess comment) The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition (aside from Aleisha hooking up with the CSI producer at the end) The Classified Materials Turbulence (unless you're not fond of toilet humor) The Monopolar Expedition Season 3 The Pirate Solution (Penny and Leonard make out on Sheldon's spot on the couch and Howard overhears Leonard and Penny's "big finish") The Cornhusker Vortex (Just a bit of random Howard creepiness) The Guitarist Amplification (There is a brief scene with Leonard and Penny in bed together at the end, but they're not doing anything) The Adhesive Duck Deficiency (Unless you think it might be uncomfortable to see the 3 guys get high and Howard talking about losing his virginity to his cousin) The Maternal Congruence (Leonard's mom talks about having sex with the busboy at the Cheesecake Factory, talk about menopause, penises, etc.) The Excelsior Acquisition The Precious Fragmentation (Leonard and Penny briefly sleeping in bed together when Sheldon tries to take the ring, and Penny's luring Leonard with a bag from Victoria's Secret) The Pants Alternative (except for Sheldon mooning the audience at the end, spoken not shown) The Spaghetti Catalyst Season 4 The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification The Zazzy Substitution The Desperation Emanation (except for Amy and Sheldon's ruse with Amy's mother that they're like animals in heat, Sheldon making love to Amy's vagina, etc.) The Apology Insufficiency (except for Penny's comment about dry humping one of her friends' boyfriend in high school) The 21-Second Excitation (except for Amy's "experimentation with lesbianism and her talk about various women body parts, etc.) The Boyfriend Complexity (Leonard and Penny kiss quite a bit in front of Penny's dad, but that's about it) The Justice League Recombination The Bus Pants Utilization The Thespian Catalyst (aside from Raj daydreaming about being able to have a guilt-free sexual relationship with Bernadette) The Toast Derivation The Zarnecki Incursion (unless you think talk about poop-flinging could be considered "not innocent") The Herb Garden Germination (unless the "Sheldon and Amy having sex" rumor is too much) The Engagement Reaction (Leonard has a brief conversation with Raj about doing a striptease and putting on body glitter, and being the king of foreplay)
  24. I don't know about the rest of your post, but regarding this particular part, in The Love Car Displacement we might have caught a glimpse into some of that: Penny: "For a smart guy, you seem to have a really hard time grasping the concept of 'Don't piss off the people who handle the things you eat.'" Amy: "That does seem to be a valid principle." Sheldon: "I trust Penny will adhere to the Official California Restaurant Worker's Solemn Oath of Ethics and Cleanliness." Amy: "I don't think there's any such thing." Sheldon: ....(Turns to Leonard) "You lied to me?" In other words, it seems that he is told convenient lies to ensure that he doesn't become paranoid about things such as eating in public places. A similar thing happened in The Werewolf Transformation when it's implied that while growing up, Sheldon's mom told him that his barber has his haircut records so he always knows how to cut his hair.
  25. I do remember him saying that after he got Twitter, he gave up on it shortly after, because he just kept posting about stuff he was eating. Essentially, he felt like he had nothing interesting in his life that he wanted to share on a regular basis. From what I've gathered from interviews, he enjoys his private life, and it's not all that extravagant, and there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it's nice to hear about a celebrity that doesn't flaunt their success by tweeting about all the parties they get invited to, famous people they've met, things they've bought, etc.
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