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  1. Maybe that's the actress' accent? Where did she grow up in real life? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Priya's character studied in England for a while (she was talking about a Texan flat mate who taught her how to make chili) and her accent got a little warped because of it? I knew a friend in high school who spoke English with a very slight Chinese accent (since she was originally born in Hong Kong), but then she left before we graduated. When I saw her again a few years ago, she had lived in the UK for a while and she suddenly had a British accent, but she also still had that slight Chinese accent that I remembered when we were in high school.
  2. That's from The Excelsior Acquisition (Season 3, Episode 16), where Howard was making fun of Sheldon's face caught on a traffic camera. This also showed up in my facebook feed:
  3. Hi, welcome to the forums. I remember Howard saying that he blamed himself for his dad leaving when he was 11 years old, because he felt that he wasn't the son his dad hoped he would be. Also, I don't know if he was serious, but in the episode where Raj discovered alcohol helped him speak to women, Howard said that drinking and not talking to each other worked for his parents' marriage.
  4. Here's a bigger version: Very cute.
  5. I agree, Kripke's appearance was great. I had heard a while back that he was going to make another appearance in Season 5, and they couldn't have come up with a better reason to do so. I've been saying ever since the iPhone 4S was announced that Siri was going to have all kinds of problems with people who can't speak perfect English, and I'm glad this was made fun of here. I also agree with your point on Sheldon and Amy's video podcast. I thought their segments were very strange and out of character, and it didn't do anything for me at all, except for maybe the beginning bit before the opening. And this is coming from someone who usually loves Shamy. As for Leonard's keeping a list, I think it's because he's a scientist that it's his go-to response for solving problems. Write everything down, evaluate the details of the problem, and analyze the possible solution. When Leonard and Penny got into the fight about psychics, he tried to convince Penny to read a book about it (i.e. access knowledge to fight for his side). I think this list is similar to that. For some reason, Leonard is just especially stupid when it comes to Penny. He never seemed to have these kinds of problems with the other girls he went out with. Then again, he didn't really know them long enough to get into those kinds of problems.
  6. The OP was referring to the actress as being pretty, not her character Amy. Anyway, I think it's a combination of her clothes and her face. They purposefully mix and match colors and layers on her that make her look older than she is, and they're often horribly mismatched. The glasses help a bit with the nerdy look but I think a huge part of it is her smile. As Amy, she rarely ever smiles (which intentionally makes her look drab), but some google images show her on set and with Amy's clothes on, and she looks a lot prettier with just a smile; a natural smile, not a smile for the camera.
  7. That's the problem. Some things do get carried over to newer episodes and some things don't. Sometimes characters will refer to something that happened in the past, like Sheldon driving Penny to the hospital when she dislocated her shoulder, or when Howard tried to kiss Penny she punched him in the nose. The security system they set up in Season 3 made repeat appearances afterward. Of course, there is then the character development that comes up when the guys get girlfriends, Howard gets engaged, etc. It's things like that that set us up to expect continuity, but when certain details become contradictory, they conveniently say, "Oh, we only write the plots episode by episode."
  8. Remember though, this is all imagined by Leonard. None of the events in the episode except for the last couple of minutes actually happened. It's most likely Leonard projecting his own thoughts of why he possibly is attached to Penny into his imaginary Sheldon. I also just realized, we had a perfect opportunity to find out Penny's last name in this episode. In Penny's brief dream sequence, the minister said, "Do you, Penny, take Leonard to be your lawful wedded husband?" No last names were included, but if I'm not mistaken, every ceremony requires the full name be spoken. I wonder if this was intentional.
  9. I think it was around the time Season 4 just finished up. I was hanging out with my friends and they all started talking about people named Sheldon, Amy Farrah Fowler, and Bernadette, and pulling quotes from the show. One day, they decided I absolutely had to watch it and threw together a Big Bang Marathon at someone's house, and we watched random episodes from Season 4. I got hooked and hunted for the previous seasons. I got through all of them within a week, and was all caught up for when Season 5 began.
  10. Penny did date someone after their break-up: Zack. And it was then that she realized she couldn't just go back to dating the stupid, well-built guys that she used to (which could also explain why she was having trouble finding someone to date after Zack). And during that time, Leonard did have a hard time getting used to the fact that Penny was dating someone else. Leonard did his own moping around too after the break-up, and attempted a blind date set up by Bernadette. I think a lot of people forget those details because Priya just overshadowed Season 4, even though she was only there for maybe half the season.
  11. Agreed. I'm curious, yet apprehensive about how they handle it. On another note though, it's been a while since we've had a science-related guest appearance.
  12. Well, there was also Zack from Season 4, who's made a few appearances. And I suppose those friends she went to Disneyland with, who might also include Kim.
  13. Actually I think the last mentioned outside friend was Emily, her deaf friend from spin class in the Wiggly Finger Catalyst (Season 5, episode 4). There is a mention of her friends here and there, but they have definitely been spaced out with each new season.
  14. He did think of some positive stuff to go with the negative, it's just difficult to squeeze all of the outcomes into 20 minutes. At dinner, Leonard and Penny had some good laughs pretending to be on a first date, and both of them saying, "I'm glad we decided to do this." But then the negative stuff came up again with Leonard pushing the serious issues too soon like he always did in the past. When they had sex after the bad date, they had a touching moment where Penny kept Leonard's inhaler, and wanted to try again at the relationship, but then they had a fight about why they couldn't be together in front of their friends, again about the issues that they've always had. Leonard imagining all the fights they'd have probably weighed a lot on his mind, and that's why they kept coming up in his daydream. Despite these issues, he still decided to give the relationship another try (mainly because they couldn't work on the issues unless they were in a relationship). I think her comment was normal. Both my friend and I have boyfriends but when we go shopping for dresses, she'll still tell me to show some more leg or to try on a shorter skirt. Sometimes girlfriends just want their other girlfriends to not be shy about their assets. Sometimes I felt that Sheldon got a bit too aggressive with things like insulting Leonard and his career or love life. It's one thing to unintentionally say the wrong thing, but during the beginning of Season 5, it felt to me like Sheldon was pulling too many of those kinds of comments too often (compared to earlier seasons).
  15. Yeah, that's what I was suspecting too, I just wasn't sure because Leonard and Sheldon were talking in the kitchen in this blooper, whereas the final scene had them in the living room talking about their mothers. Also from the looks of it, it looked like Leonard's mom was supposed to return to the scene when in the final cut, she didn't. Either way, that answered my question, I didn't miss anything then. And yes, it was from the Season 2 gag reel.
  16. The way I see it, this episode was essentially about Leonard overthinking things (apparently that includes imagining Sheldon, Raj, and Howard playing Settlers of Catan when Leonard isn't even in the room ). Just like in the first season, he overthought a lot of things involving Penny, which held him back from attempting a relationship with her. In this episode, Leonard was thinking about what would happen if he asked Penny out again after being apart for 2 years and how it would go. Essentially, he's trying to calculate if it's worth the trouble of trying a relationship again, or if there's even a positive outcome. What he ended up imagining didn't have a good outcome, but when he snapped out of his daydream, my guess is he realized that not all outcomes can be calculated, and he cared enough about Penny to try again, even though he couldn't see it ending well. That's some growth on Leonard's part, taking a chance and going against his internal logic. Overall, I liked this episode. Sheldon was more like Sheldon (thinking about things that only involve him, being a geek, and contemplating alternate universes instead of acting like a kid or bully), Leonard mentioned a bit of science (with the sudden focus on his love life, he didn't really sound like a genius/nerd for quite some time), and Amy didn't drop a lesbian joke. I also believe this is an attempt to show where Leonard and Penny are going, that they can't get back together right away without working out their issues with each other, and it won't just be a happy ending when they do get back together. That's probably what will keep their relationship interesting, rather than the getting back together/breaking up again scenario.
  17. Damn, that sucks. :< Ok, essentially in the blooper, Sheldon and Leonard were talking in the kitchen, and Sheldon was describing how the last time his mother came to visit, she tricked him into getting re-baptized below the ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier. Then Leonard asked how did she trick him, and then Leonard's mom walked into the scene from the bathroom/bedroom hallway (probably too early as it looks from the blooper).
  18. In this blooper reel here: What is that scene at 7:01 about? Was it a scene that they took out for the final edit? Or was this part of the episode but I watched a version that didn't include it? Because I don't recognize it at all.
  19. Hmmm, interesting hypothesis. I suppose with the time span it is plausible.
  20. Actually a while ago, I just rewatched the episode where Sheldon lends Penny a bunch of money and he mentioned he keeps his money in a savings account, a container guarded by snakes, and Green Lantern's hollowed out butt. So now we do have a valid contradiction.
  21. It is possible that her character may have been thinking that on a subconscious level, as when the guys met Priya when they were younger, Sheldon did note her act of rebellion against Hinduism by eating a burger. This could be an extension of that type of behavior.
  22. If I'm not mistaken, they haven't been bringing her back because she's contracted to do other stuff and doesn't have the time? That's what I've been reading from other threads anyway.
  23. Well, only some of the "hook-ups" seem unbelievable. Going from the list: LEONARD 1. Joyce Kim - she was only getting close to Leonard to get info on government-secret rocket fuel that Leonard was researching. 2. Girl with Ph.D in French Literature - she was only mentioned once by Sheldon and we never see her, so impossible to comment. We can only guess that she had at least a considerable amount of intelligence. 3. Leslie Winkle - sleeps around anyway, and she has knowledge of physics and speaks on a similar intellectual level as the guys. She's also known Leonard for some time as well, since they're colleagues. 4. Dr. Stephanie Barnett - is a doctor, but is clingy and has quirks that would turn guys off. (buying them bird sweaters, polyester pants, etc.) Granted, it was hard for me to believe that they would make out in the car right after meeting for the first time. 5. Penny - friends for 2 years, she got a chance to know him and not just look at his appearance/hobbies. They don't seem to have too many interests in common though, aside from enjoying sex. In some episodes they do try to work out these differences though. 6. Dr. Plimpton - physicist, but would sleep with anyone. 7. Mrs. Latham - old and probably just looks for flings where she can get them. 8. Priya Koothrappali - seems that her flings with Leonard were established since 5 years ago, and they made it clear that it wasn't a relationship thing until mid-Season 4. I guess from this, we can assume they just kinda have sex whenever she's in town. Not sure why they were attracted to each other back then though (and as a extension, why they were attracted to each other 5 years later, except for the fact that they had a sexual history together). 9. Alice - I don't understand this one, she just met him, and was willing to jump on him during the first "date." HOWARD 1. Christy - she has no standards and is in it for the money. 2. Leslie Winkle - "friends with benefits," also see above. 3. McKayla - she's a prostitute. 4. Bernadette - Microbiologist, and she has her own quirks that not everyone can handle. RAJ 1. Bee Girl from Halloween party in Season 1 - She was drunk. 2. Girl from bar in "Hofstadter Isotope" in Season 2 - Heavier lady. 3. Abby from the Science and Humanities mixer - Probably had some things in common with Raj seeing as it was a university function. 4. Dr. Plimpton - See above. (It's assumed that they did have sex after Raj shut the door on Leonard and Howard) 5. Deaf girl mentioned in one episode in episode 4 - We never see her nor hear of her ever again, so impossible to comment. 6. Penny - drunken mistake (Still can't figure out how this could possibly happen even with the drunk excuse) 7. Emily (the deaf girl in Season 5) - They were set up, and she kept going out with him for his money. From this list, most of the girls have ways to be tied in to the guys' work or geeky lifestyle, or they may not be society's "ideal girl body figure," so they have different standards than is seen in the media,.. or they're just drunk or using them for selfish reasons. The exceptions to these are Penny and Priya, with whom Leonard has an established history. The justification doesn't mean that they're always believable though, as I've outlined above which ones I have a hard time buying.
  24. Actually, as of the Season 4 finale, Bernadette works for a pharmaceutical company. She was only working at the Cheesecake Factory to get herself through grad school. That's why she suggested that Howard stay at home with the kids because she makes more money than he does. That aside though, I don't understand why since she now makes a "buttload of money" (using her words), they can't plan to hire a nanny or something. I was disappointed in how easily Howard folded at the end of the episode. Howard has his own career and dreams like going into outer space, and I for one think it unfair that he would have to compromise his plans just to make Bernadette happy. Even if he did go on his expedition before they had kids, what if he had another exciting opportunity? Would he so easily give it up? IMO, Bernadette and Howard should negotiate some kind of give and take, since they both value their careers. Of course, they always have the option of having kids later on in the marriage when they're ready, it just depends on how long Howard (and his mom) are willing to wait.
  25. While I do agree that it also bothered me that Amy was so easily swayed by the gift, I think it may have been the only option at this point in time. I need to back up a bit further and explain myself. Sheldon did try to give her emotional support and apologize before giving her the gift, but since he's Sheldon, he can't fake being supportive enough to convince a girl as smart as Amy. And on that note, knowing Sheldon, he can't change who he is overnight, so he can't be honest about being proud of Amy's accomplishments. So that leaves them at a stalemate here, unless they just leave the tension floating in the air between them past this episode (which we know wouldn't happen because it would then become inconsistent in later episodes). Now, think back to the beginning of Season 4, when both Sheldon and Amy were just fine as being friends and felt no need to take their relationship to the next level. By mid-season, when Amy was being sexually aroused by Zack, Sheldon was combating notions of jealousy and Amy was experimenting holding hands with Sheldon. The progression of their emotions is rather slow because they are both unsure of how to proceed, and we finally see the end result in Season 5 of them both agreeing to be labelled as boyfriend/girlfriend. We may not be used to this speed because Leonard, the star of romance and drama in this show, is always ready to head to the next level of a relationship whenever he gets the opportunity. (or just end up in the sack) Now, regarding this episode, it's possible that the writers end this scenario in this manner because Sheldon and Amy are still at a premature stage in their new relationship. Sheldon may take the easy way out of an argument now, but perhaps later on, he can actually muster up genuine care and support for Amy that would feed a healthy, growing relationship. But seeing that Sheldon takes a long time to change and evolve due to his consistently selfish nature, it isn't realistic to expect him to care for another human being so quickly. As for Amy's reaction to the gift, I'm not thrilled with it either, but I guess I can stretch the logic that Amy has always wanted to feel pretty because she's had a low self-image her entire life, and a gift that makes her feel pretty gives her a moment of happiness that would allow her to react the way she did.
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