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  1. I found this article very interesting: http://extra-credits.net/articles/the-midi-chlorian-ruination-scale/ It talks about how sequels (or too many inconsistent episodes, outrageous revelations, etc.) can ruin original concepts for movies/TV series. I measured TBBT to their scale, and I found that personally for me, this show is probably teetering between -4 and -5. (on a scale between 0 and -6). It's very interesting about what the article talks about, and the author articulates it really well.
  2. Here's a video of the entire Big Bang Theory cast doing a skit to start off the show:
  3. I think it helps to understand at least what the different shows and movies did to impact the fans. I myself have never really watched Star Trek or Star Wars, but I do have a general idea of the plot and characters, and I did learn that the general consensus of avid fans is that the new Star Wars trilogy sucks (Epsodes 1-3), that only the first Matrix movie was good, and it was a great injustice that Firefly was cancelled, just to name a few. Quite a few jokes revolved around those kinds of facts and I most certainly appreciated that the writers did their homework in that regard and I think that because I knew about these facts beforehand, it made the jokes funnier. And I know for a fact that my World of Warcraft-playing brother-in-law was rolling on the floor at the "Sword of Azeroth" scene.
  4. It was Will Wheaton's grandma who passed away (although we all know it wasn't true later ). Sheldon was just saying that if his Meemaw died, he'd want consolable moonpie.
  5. No problem. Oh, I also remembered Sheldon saying Leonard dated a girl who had a Ph.D in French literature. We never saw her, but I guess that counts as one as well.
  6. Interesting catch. I also assumed that Amy had a Ph.D, considering that when Howard asked Amy about her work she said that she doubted he'd understand because he "only has a Master's degree." (implying she had more than a Master's degree)
  7. I've noticed that this show is really bad at resolution, or even follow-up. Any issues that come up in friendships or relationships are often forgotten after the end of that episode. The biggest example at the top of my head were the issues Howard and Bernadette had when they attempted to live together and Howard expected Bernadette to be his mother. They couldn't resolve it, and Howard moved back in with his mother. But then 4 episodes later, they get engaged? And then in Season 5, Bernadette agrees to try living with Howard and his mother, when in Season 4 she forced Howard to choose between the two of them? Not to mention they were barely together for a season where they kept breaking up and getting together during that time (each season seems to be approximately a span of 1 year), and then they're getting married despite the issues they couldn't resolve? As viewers, we didn't see any progression at all regarding this conflict they had. I'd go into more examples, but this thread is about Leonard and Penny. On issues related to the topic: - Priya told Leonard in "The Prestidigitation Approximation" (episode 18) that she was offered a position in LA so she would be able to relocate, and Leonard responded enthusiastically to this prospect. - In "The Herb Garden Germination," (episode 20) she was talking about getting her own place during her chat with her parents in India. - Out of nowhere, in "The Roommate Transmogrification," (episode 24), she's moving back to India for no documented reason? She never explained why, and after making all these plans for moving to LA, why would she change her mind in the span of 6 episodes? Leonard's break-up with Priya was also completely done off-screen, and all we had to go on was that Leonard was "single" after the Halloween episode; if he hadn't said that one line we would have never known. I think this could have been developed a bit more, especially if the writers are running out of ideas. And of course, the Penny and Raj thing got completely swept under the rug at the beginning of Season 5, and Leonard didn't have any reaction to this? I'm one of the many people who hated that this happened, but the fact is that it DID happen, so now the best thing they could have done was write the characters to react convincingly to it. In my opinion, Leonard should have had some kind of feeling of betrayal, but this is never addressed. At the very least, a heart-to-heart talk with Penny about the whole thing could have fleshed out this conflict a little more. In conclusion, it feels to me like the series' plotline is moving on fastforward, moving very quickly and not letting issues build up or have any kind of staying effect on the characters, which is disappointing because many topics the writers brought up had a lot more potential than how they originally presented them. In my opinion, the best thing they can do for the main relationship in this series (Leonard and Penny) is to avoid doing what they have been doing up til now (what I've been describing in my earlier post). This will naturally draw out their up-and-down relationship and not bore the viewers.
  8. Wow, seeing Jim Parsons do P90-X is a real treat after his performance in the Cruciferous Vegetable episode. It was awesome watching him do that Spiderman Jump. Thanks for posting the links!
  9. I agree, the cast is pretty much filled to the brim at this point. I don't think there's a need for all the main cast to make an appearance in every single episode either, because the script gets spread out too thin sometimes, at least that's what I noticed in Season 5.
  10. Honestly, I thought we'd be seeing complaints about the Jewish or Indian stereotypes before any other culture. There's way more of those, and some of them aren't even in good taste (not that I had a problem with them, I just didn't find some of the cultural jokes funny). The observation noted by the OP is quite trivial compared to those.
  11. Nothing happened per se, he's just meant to make guest appearances here and there. The actor mentioned he will make an appearance in Season 5 at some point, so just be patient.
  12. I can't believe I forgot about this contradiction, but in Season 4, when Penny asked if Sheldon had ever been on a date before Amy, he said that this was his first date. However, in "The Psychic Vortex" in Season 3, he was with Martha. Arguably this could be considered not an actual date because Raj and Abby were also there, but he himself proclaimed, "HULK AGREE TO SECOND DATE WITH PUNY HUMAN!" meaning he considered it a date. Another minor inconsistency is that Raj talked about how many servants his family has in India on several occasions, but the number keeps changing. In "The Work Song Nanocluster" in Season 2, he mentioned they had 4 (2 of them children), but in "The Benefactor Factor" in Season 4, he said they have "more servants than they can use." There might have been one more incident but I can't recall at the top of my head.
  13. Aevitas


    I actually thought Penny had decent character development until Season 5 (unless that's what you're talking about). There might not have been too much in terms of her acting career, but there are other areas where she has been evolving. At the beginning, she only found romantic interest in guys who were physically appealing to her, but after that one date with Leonard at the end of Season 1, she opened up to other geeks like Stuart. She also didn't know anything about sci-fi, video games, etc. before she met the guys, but she later joined in on Halo Night, watched movies with them, played games with them, etc. although she doesn't always enjoy it. We finally see that Penny actually pays attention though, after seeing her Star Trek shields metaphor slip in the Alisha episode. While I'm on this episode, I think up to this point, we saw Penny deal with all kinds of crap that the guys threw on her (most unintentional), and we know she definitely found them eccentric. But when we see Penny defend them when she confronts Alisha about her manipulative tactics, we see that she really does care about them a great deal. Then at the end of Season 3, when Penny and Leonard break up, we see her trying to go back to dating well-built, dumb guys, and realize that she can't. Now she's stuck in a limbo where she feels it's not right to get back with Leonard (for whatever reason), but she can't just go back to the way she was, since Leonard has raised her bar for standards in the intelligence department. Something was definitely going on in Penny's head in Season 4 (both before and after Priya showed up), but unfortunately the writers didn't give us much. We see that she would rather spend New Year's Eve with Zack than Leonard, even though she had no intention of really being in a relationship with Zack (because she didn't want to be alone for New Year's). Going to the comic book store party definitely bothered her (she was expecting to go to a club), but we were never told the reason. Did she not want to be reminded of anything that had to do with Leonard for the new year? And then when Priya and Leonard became an item, we then see a contrast between the two girls: Penny who has been a part of the guys' geek world to a certain extent (who would go so far as to drive the guys in the middle of the night to get Sheldon's "imaginary stuff" back from the hacker), and Priya, who doesn't really get it at all and doesn't really make an effort to (except for that one time when she reluctantly wore that Star Trek uniform in the bedroom). Penny obviously regretted breaking up with Leonard, and there are various points where we see her display her frustrations, although it's a little shaky and uncertain about where her emotions are going, especially near the end of Season 4. Now into Season 5, I don't know what to make of Penny. The only glimpse we see of Penny in relation to the previous seasons was when she and Leonard went out on their "non-date." I don't recognize the Penny that passes out drunk on the floor, or thinks about exploiting Raj for his money (when back in Season 2, she was extremely uncomfortable about borrowing money from Sheldon), or steals clothes from charity. I did briefly read the report on the 100th episode (but didn't read too thoroughly so as not to completely ruin the experience of watching it), so I'm holding out hope that the writers will build on what they've already developed for the Penny character.
  14. They've also included Rock Band a few times, which Leonard mentioned was on their XBox in the Christmas episode in season 2.
  15. Aevitas


    I agree, that in itself would've been grounds for a good episode if they had gone further with the idea.
  16. Aevitas


    @Avoiding: Well, at the end of that episode, Sheldon said as part of the relationship agreement, she has to take care of boo-boos, and Amy said, "I should've gotten a lawyer," which implies she didn't at the time of signing. @Beecharmer: Amy actually didn't show any signs of wanting physical contact with Sheldon until the episode when Penny and Bernadette went bridesmaid dress shopping without her. During that time, she expressed she was in need of intimacy mainly because she felt abandoned by the people she considers her closest friends and she reached out to Sheldon for comfort and to fill that void during her moment of vulnerability. I'm sure she will eventually want more physical contact than outlined in the agreement, but that's why I thought she should've gotten a lawyer to negotiate the terms a little bit. I guess we'll see what happens in future episodes.
  17. Aevitas


    Sheldon stated outright before anything else that nothing would change between them physically, he just wanted to make sure Amy can't date other guys. So essentially, the only that changed is the boyfriend/girlfriend title and the exclusivity. In my opinion, Amy should've gotten a lawyer.
  18. That board looks so cool, I too am curious as to how it works. It definitely looks more elegant than Sheldon's version.
  19. Not to mention the irony when the guys were making fun of Zack about his lack of intelligence in Season 4, Penny scolded them for making fun of him. Her words were something like, "For guys who claim to have been bullied all the time in high school, you can be real jerks. Shame on all of you." It just adds to the shame that's piling on top of the Penny character for me. But yeah, overall, this episode was a bad taste in my mouth. Typical plot device for what everyone assumes to be part of a geek's life, and people in their late twenties/early thirties acting like high school students. It's getting old. Not to mention the script was rather weak, aside from a few one-liners. And yeah, obvious question at the end of the episode: you're grown men, why don't you call the cops?
  20. Sorry if it sounded like I was nitpicking, my point was simply that it was still a multiple of 3. But anyway, the only episode I can remember right now where he knocked 4 times was in "The Loobenfeld Decay," I guess when they were just starting to establish his knocking habit. One of these days, if I decide to do another marathon, I'll pay more attention to how the knocking developed into the one we're familiar with.
  21. It wasn't just a "thousand times," it was "thirty thousand." (3 x 10,000) Something to note also, in the first season, he sometimes knocked 4 times consistently instead of 3.
  22. What I meant by my statement was that I recall Penny calling Sheldon "honey" on certain occasions, contradicting the "'honey' is gf/bf status term of endearment" claim. She may have also called other people "honey," but I can only remember instances when she was addressing Sheldon.
  23. Well, when Sheldon woke up in the morning, he had a blanket on top of him, which suggests that he had to get up from the couch to get a blanket and then return to the couch to sleep. I also don't understand why he didn't return to his room to sleep. Maybe this was before he got his noise-cancelling headphones, since this seems to be the first time in a long time that Leonard's brought a girl home. I also thought of another one, although not that big. When Penny addresses Leonard as "honey" at the beginning of "The Pirate Solution," Sheldon and Howard note that it is a sign of an updated term of endearment to differentiate from "sweety", but throughout the series, she interchanges "sweety" with "honey" on several occasions, mainly with Leonard and Sheldon.
  24. Interesting read. I wasn't even considering the scientific anomalies or set inconsistencies. I know that it's been pointed out that the writers seem to go on an episode-by-episode basis, which is disappointing, but I'm curious as to how many contradictions there actually are. I just thought of two more overnight. When Bernadette gets her PhD, Howard asks her what kind of research she'll be doing and she said she volunteered for the premature ejaculation group, because "it's not like either of them has heart disease." However, we all know that Howard's family is the "history of heart disease" quoting Howard himself in the episode where his mom goes to the hospital. In earlier seasons also, Howard says he has transient idiopathic arrhythmia, which isn't really a disease, but certainly a sign that he could be susceptible to something later on. Another one in Season 1 was when Penny spent the night on the couch at Leonard and Sheldon's apartment because of her slutty friend Kristy, and Sheldon told her she was sleeping on the couch wrong with her head closer to the door, when just a couple episodes ago when when Leonard was hooking up with Leslie Winkle for the first time, Sheldon was sleeping in the exact same way on the couch.
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