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  2. Exactly, Pomita. I think there's a difference between "That character shouldn't have done that," and "It was out of character for that person to do that." I do agree that it's very tempting to want to wish a perfect life for TV characters we know and love, but that would make for a boring show, and besides, nobody's perfect.
  3. Personally, I found it a little odd for Bernadette to agree so quickly to getting married after the living together thing at her apartment didn't work out the last episode they were featured in together. She does realize that getting married would mean she'd have to deal with Howard's babying all the time, right? They clearly didn't resolve anything since Howard still expected his meat to be cut when she started staying at his mother's. But, that's another discussion for another thread. On topic though, I think her tattling on Howard to his mother kind of does fall into her character. It's no secret she's a little bit of a space case, and that's part of her character flaw, which makes her believable (and sometimes adorable/hilarious, e.g. mixing the Ebola virus with the common cold, which would be "a terrible, terrible thing..." *smiling*). The important thing though is that she did realize she screwed up, and we got to see a glimpse of her family history as well through this incident. Any relationship in real life would have people screwing up just as badly, but since this is a TV show it just gets exaggerated more, and healthy couples don't break up after one impasse. I see this as being one of many conflicts that will come up on Howard and Bernadette's bumpy road to Marriageville, and that's the only way I see them getting there: bumpy, with some potholes and maybe a couple of "Bridge Out" signs.
  4. Nice to meet you all! Looking at all the waving arms makes me happy. :D I must add that I've been enjoying my stay here at the forum. It's very nice to see fellow members debating and holding mature arguments about subject matter that doesn't turn into flaming or trolling. In my past experience in other forums where disagreement was synonymous with condescension and belittlement, seeing everyone get along here is a breath of fresh air. :D
  5. I find it funny that at this point, Penny probably knows more about the geek culture than Amy does. Amy might be really intelligent, but she doesn't share the guys' passion for science fiction, comic books, video games, etc. While Penny doesn't either, at least she gets some of if now, thanks to her hanging out with them so much. It's one of the things I'm glad the writers didn't do with her character, which was make her Sheldon's ideal playmate for going to the comic book store, playing video games, etc. It would've made her quite boring and predictable, and too similar to Sheldon.
  6. A classic example of people not doing research when referencing video games that I'll always remember is from Charlie's Angels: Playing FFVIII with two controllers.
  7. Not sure if this is the best place to put this, but here's more Jim Parsons for you. 30 versions of him in fact. :D I wasn't sure how to search this on the forum to see if anyone else has posted this so yeah, sorry in advance if it already has.
  8. No use hiding. I still see your wave-y hands!
  9. I want to see Sheldon: 1) at Comic-Con. 2) teach an elementary school class. 3) take up painting/pottery/something creative and attempt to calculate an optimized formula based on aesthetics. 4) attempt to read Twilight.
  10. Not until after they're married though, or else Penny will tell Sheldon's mother on him. I really like Amy, and how she's growing into her own character on the show. She's got the Sheldon-esque tendencies, but not as harsh, and she feels the need for relationships because of a lack of friendships in her childhood. It really sets her apart from being a Sheldon clone.
  11. Indeed it has! Now if only I had a camera to take a picture of all the arm-waving peoples. :D
  12. This whole episode didn't sit well with me. It kinda felt to me like material was either being recycled, it wasn't put together well, or dialogue was awkward. To elaborate a bit: 1) They already played the deaf card in Season 4, although we never got to see the girl Raj was dating at the time. So, I was totally not impressed that they used it again, but the cast acted as if Raj has never dated a deaf person before. The signing shtick was amusing sometimes, and the gym scene was funny too, but that's about it. How did Penny make friends with a deaf girl anyway before she met Howard? (she was her friend, right?) Did she just always have someone sign all conversations when she hung out with her? 2) They already told us Raj's family is rich. In addition to the fact that Raj always mentioned he had servants in India, I think there was one episode where his parents stated they were some of the richest people in the country. Again, I found it hard to believe that his friends didn't think he was loaded. Instead of his family being very rich, he's actually very, VERY rich. Not much of a difference from where I'm sitting. I guess it boils down to the fact that the viewer was informed, but not the cast, but even at that, some new information in the episode should be revealed to maintain the interest of the "all-knowing viewer." 3) Any dialogue between Raj and Penny felt super awkward and forced. I grow to dislike Raj's character more and more as with each season he just gets drunk more and more often becoming more and more of an ass. The undertones of Penny possibly being sweet to Raj now because of his money also leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Not to mention their exchange of dialogue doesn't make much sense and just breaks the narrative apart (for me at least). 4) While I did find the "D&D dice and Sheldon" thing to be funny and amusing, some of the ways he used it seemed counter-productive to me. I'm not completely familiar with the patterns of OCD behavior, but I was under the impression that you designate specific days to wear specific clothes, eat specific foods, plan specific activities, etc. so that you don't waste time/energy thinking about those things. Wouldn't trying to change it merely cause more harm than good in terms of what you're trying to accomplish? And wouldn't Sheldon be smart enough to see it? Possibly the only instances where the dice rolling seemed relevant was when Sheldon was deciding whether to tell his friends about Raj's rich family and possibly the "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to..... *rolls dice* ..stay right here." (which I did find hilarious) Sorry for rambling, I can be extremely nit-picky and was just thinking out loud.
  13. It was late and I couldn't think of a more creative thread title. But now that we have two people waving our hands around, maybe I'll be noticed more?
  14. Hi, I already made my first post but wanted to introduce myself. (signature and avatar pending) I'm Aevitas, I always use this name whenever possible on any forum I register in. My friends had introduced me to BBT maybe a month ago, and I had spent the last few weeks obsessively watching all the seasons straight through from the beginning. Now I am caught up and waiting for each new episode like everyone else. I guess I can be described as an extremely logical person and every personality test has pegged me as a future scientist or mathematician, but somehow found myself trying to land a creative job as an artist/designer, because apparently I can draw. Anyways, I hope to engage in some interesting discussions here on the forums and indulge the logical, analytical side of my brain a bit.
  15. I'm so sorry for bumping an old thread, but I just discovered this forum and have been going through some of the threads. Last episode of Season 3, Raj and Howard ask Sheldon what he's doing that evening at 4 pm because they wanted to take him to meet Amy for the first time, and he says 4 pm isn't evening, it's "prevening," (Or pre-evening? He says it really quickly) a word he made up to describe the ambiguous time of day between afternoon and evening.
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