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  1. Laugh2Floor

    I've got Standby tickets! ... Now what?

    My word of advice. Get there early so there is no chance you miss out on this. The closest i will ever get is watching on my LCD HDTV hopefully in 3d at some point haha. I would be there at noon if I were you. I realize this wastes 6 hours but you don't get this opportunity very often.
  2. Laugh2Floor

    Episode Idea

    I actually kind of like the idea of having Penny getting some higher education. As a self proclaimed geeky girl with a lot of education I could see myself more in her character. I guess I'm just one audience member out of millions though. It would be cool for me though I am so looking forward to the new season though. I am going to have to get a TV package before it starts though. Has anyone had any good experiences with dish tv houston?
  3. Laugh2Floor

    Unaired Pilot.

    No I have not seen it. Is there somewhere I would be able to catch it online? Also, it is a bit disappointing that the creator did not get it right the first time. I like for the man behind the scenes to have his own vision which is not too influenced by the corporate TV market. I still love the show though obviously. I actually don't have a TV package right now though and am looking. Has anyone had good experiences with dish tv houston?
  4. Laugh2Floor

    Is there much nerd humour in season 4???

    Big Bang theory without nerd humor would no longer be the big bang theory. I am also a fan of this type of comedy and I enjoyed season 4. As a matter of fact I own the season and after seeing this post, I may start watching it again. I can only watch the DVDs right now though because I dropped my cable provider. I am thinking of getting a new TV package though. Has anyone had dish tv houston?
  5. Laugh2Floor

    'Big Bang' returns September 22 with TWO episodes

    Back to back episodes are like a dream come true for me. When these are coming on I am really looking forward to it all throughout the work day. It's like a nice little treat at the end of the weekday; can't wait for it next year. I will have to get set up with a TV package by then though. Does anybody know if dish tv chicago is a good value?

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