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  1. I thinkz someone's been eating too much hate sauce o3o.
  2. o3o. Nuuu. 'tis mine. *runs after Seph's dark side*
  3. o3o!!!!!!!! *starts jumping around like crazy and shouting YAAAAAAAAAAY at everyone* I'ma watch with Seph. :3 Since my bro always watches stuff on TV at 8pm. :c Waaa.
  4. Nuuu.... I dun like Priya... she's a beeeeeeeeeeatch. o3o.
  5. SHAMY SNOGGING. o3o... nao I be interested... maybeez.
  6. o3o Hehe. I ish a big fan of lolcats o3o. Now giz me cheezburger :3
  7. LOOOOOOL! Sheldon ish da gangsta lol o3o I CAN'T STOP LISTENING NAO... what haz you done??? o3o.
  8. SHENNY SOUNDS BETTER THAN SHAMY. 'tis a good point. :3
  9. Nuu. Darth Vader's double-ended lightsaber. :D
  10. Welcomez... nice to seez you ish enjoying it. Me too :D
  11. Vincent noms up the person at the top of the hill. 'tis mine nao :3
  12. 7/10 cuz I dun know you that well o3o
  13. XDDDDDDDDD I haz one. A grasshopper walks into a bar and the bartender says "Hey, we've got a drink named after you!" The grasshopper looks at the bartender and says "Really? You have a drink named Marlon?"
  14. o3o. I haz been playing Shadow the Hedgehog lately. :D 'tis gewd.
  15. My RL friend haz Aspergers actually o3o buh 'tis not so bad for them :3
  16. True geeks ish retro. :3 I still haz an original Game Boy that I still play on :D And I haz a Commodore 64 and Sega Mega Drive. :3
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