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  1. the guys at Google spend time on doing such useless things
  2. I just can't play this game (>_<)'; I never remember the rules
  3. Or, you can tweet Kaley Cuoco, maybe she'll answer you
  4. Yea, maybe, but you could say that about lots... I wasn't criticizing
  5. the iPhone app Google allows to make researches from a picture, so if you can have a better close-up, that should work.
  6. chicken. iPhone or Samsung ?
  7. ColinBlsk


    That would imply seeing Howard in this... Ok I'll take the bullet
  8. So, what's the weather at yours? Rainy in france
  9. I bet his mima bought him
  10. This looks like something my grandmother would hang on her door...
  11. Haha, so the joy when he got Nemoi DNA wasn't real! What a great actor!
  12. ColinBlsk


    With a lot of liquor, anything is possible
  13. Because it was time for him to
  14. Winter. French or Deutch?
  15. If they were to date I think it is too late in the show. The Leonard-Penny dynamic is already deeply rooted inside the story
  16. The first one seems so real!
  17. Hardcheese. book or movie?
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