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  1. The 42,000 Replies Thread

    I have been pretty bad at posting since I joined so I thought I would start again my helping with the 1000 posts.
  2. 5.08: The Isolation Permutation - Nov 3rd

    I really enjoyed this episode but as a bit of a Sheldon fangirl thats probably a bit predictable. I must try and find some insightful comments or critiques but i just really enjoy the show-oh well I will try harder to make my posts more interesting!
  3. Do you like commentaries???

    I do like a good commentary, particularly Joss Weadons on Buffy. Film commentaries can get a little tedious, I tried watching Rocky horror with the commentary,bad, bad, bad.
  4. Hi from London

    Hi Matt, nice to see a fellow londoner on the site.
  5. 5.06 The Rhinitis Revelation

    I always enjoy a new episode but have to agree that Sheldons mum is better in small doses. sheldon looked cute though all wet and soggy from the rain x
  6. voted-TBBT, Jim and Kaley to win:icon_lol:
  7. Unaired pilot

    I decided to google and watch this yesterday. The 'penny' character was awful, so glad the cast the lovely Kaley. It was interesting to watch but very glad we now have the reinvented version of Sheldon.
  8. hello

    Thankfully my friends share some of my other obsessions netmouse so i've decided to keep them for now! The D is just the first letter of my surname but clearly dirty would be more interesting. I am really bad at thinking up interesting usernames. Thanks for the welcome everyone, I will have to start posting in other threads soon. xx
  9. hello

    Thanks guys, none of my friends watch the show so I have to have somewhere to go with my TBBT obsession!
  10. hello

    Hello, TBBT fan from England. I have been perusing the forum for a little while and thought I would join in