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  1. . After seeing another rant about how other people's lives have interfered with his, on a rerun, in the real world the group would have told Sheldon to stfu,a. The lovey-dovey stuff is OK, but Shelly could never, that is, never, consummate a sexual relation with his neurotic responses to every kind of contact.
  2. I've been interested in the fan-boy situation here since first viewing the program. There are those that will never see any "evil" in the characters they obsess with. "evil" as in character absurdities that normal people don't cultivate. For the purposes of this sit-com, the absurdities are required, but failing to note them or defending them is certainly odd.
  3. . Yes, that is the location of the building. The show address is 2311 Los Robles...
  4. . There's one episode where everyone goes to Raj's house, except Shelly, who invites (by bribing) his acquaintances to his house. The show was touted as showing the group revolves around Leonard.
  5. . The house number looks wrong... isn't it 3233 something? Shelly took off the 3 to confuse Amy...
  6. . It's a sit-com. There is no, and need be no connection to reality. No characters in a sit-com learn from experience. Alan Harper does the same thing... same writers..
  7. Instead of fruitlessly hoping for any solutions to any problems, why not just take each show as it is presented? Looking for deep insights and quantum leaps in characterizations is just silly, it's a situation comedy with imaginary people in unlikely comedic situations. That's all it is, and it does it pretty good.
  8. I think you are underestimating the shallowness of it all. All the Shamy has to do is hold hands, or the Shenny look at each other funny, and the shippers squeal in orgasmic joy. . Totally, fer shure! It's all shallow and nothing, just something to spend that 1/2 hour with on Thursdays, instead of bowling, or walking the cat. I needs to work on my Thursdays!
  9. . The house number looks wrong... isn't it 3233 something? Shelly took off the 3 to confuse Amy...
  10. I Ratant


    . I wonder what technique Shelly used to annoy the other cell mates in the cell when he was tossed there for contempt, to get "his spot". I can't see anyone in their position giving in to a sissy.
  11. I wondered how they got her up on the roof at all!
  12. . They a buncha nerds! Even knowing when the satellite would be passing is geeky. That's what nerds do. is not "it" it's Google Earth!!!! :D . There is no "Google Earth satellite"... G.E. uses imagery from many satellites. There's no way to determine when or even if a satellite passing over now is sending imagery that G.E. would use. I'm just hoping the G.E. Street Maps Camera Car that passed through here a few months will have captured an image of me taking a picture of it. If it did, I'll be sure to post it. . The series has never been noted for consistency in the c
  13. Au contraire. In my experience, the people most passionately invested in fictional relationships are typically single, or their relationships are lacking. That's why they're living vicariously through their favorite characters. Those of us in meaningful relationships or happy being single don't need sitcoms to fill the gaps in our lives. We just want to laugh. . /\ /\ This! Fer shure! . I had a slight concern after the rocket lifted... that the next episode will have it explode.. with Howard vanishing, to be found years later wandering Siberia.. but with Mike there, they couldn
  14. . Dunno 'bout that... but Shell and Amy were the assholes they have to be. Anything else, they wouldn't be Shell and Amy.
  15. . There's at least one writer...prolly more, well immersed in science and physics to come up with all the things they have, most of which are for real, even though Sheldon is the foil to make them somewhat absurd.
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