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  1. That is odd. If I were in charge of numbering houses, they would go in sequence of Fibonacci numbers.
  2. Thing is, that describes me well - when I transferred to a new high school, I made friends the first day, and I'm still friends years after graduating. I'm also officially diagnosed with AS. In fact, I never had difficulty with figurative language or sarcasm, and my routines became really flexible by the age of 12, so Sheldon actually has more AS traits than I do. OP: Are you a psychology major? Then you would be aware that as a "syndrome", autistic spectrum individuals do not all have the same traits. For some, sensory sensitivity can be severe enough to impair someone's ability to hold a
  3. As certainly as neutrinos do not, in fact, exceed the speed of light - yes. I am very similar to Sheldon - I even had several conversations that he had nearly verbatim about buying tampons in bulk with my mom (when I was 15), as well as explaining that at our current velocity, a sudden stop would place us in the same spot as the car several ahead (when I was 13), as an eight-year-old insisted on going to school dressed up for Halloween as Uranus, insisting that I didn't care if the others "got" it, as that was not the point, and when I am compelled to say something but someone interrupts, I ge
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