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  1. Just seen the "Transporter Malfunction" episode with Leonard Nimoy's cameo. Why does Sheldon think he can get away with exchanging his broken transporter toy with Leonard's mint-condition one without Leonard noticing the broken seal on the packaging? A better option might have been to disassemble the broken toy atom by atom and then teleport it inside Leonard's box. But then I suppose that wouldn't work ... because a transporter can't transport itself ... and anyway it was broken ... and a toy (among other reasons)
  2. That's right. Never seen, only heard. Similar to Captain Mainwaring's wife (Elizabeth) in Dad's Army and also Lieutenant Columbo's wife whom you only see him speaking to on the phone. In Dad's Army the closest you get to seeing Elizabeth is when they're in a bunk bed together. Mainwaring's in the bottom bunk and there's this enormous bulge hanging over him which he keeps bumping his head on. Anyone know any other TV characters only referred to and never seen?
  3. I think so - I know she's on "The Talk" and I have no idea how much time that would take or what else she has going on, but I was thinking this could be a big reason. Perhaps she has her interests elsewhere now. Interesting - thanks. I didn't know about her other work. Will keep a look out. I agree that Leslie's scientific rivalry with Sheldon is probably the most fertile ground for further development - the more science in the show the better! - but I find her directness about sex very funny too.
  4. She doesn't seem to have been in an episode for ages. Has she been officially dropped? It was thanks to LW, that my wife started calling me dumb-ass. But even so I'd vote to bring her back. Anyone else prefer LW to Amy FF?
  5. If you believe in time, Steven Hawking was 70 last week. He answered a load of questions on the radio about life, the universe and everything. This is what he said when asked "Was there a time when there was nothing?": "Time is defined only with the universe, so it makes no sense to talk about time before the universe began. It would be like asking for a point south of the south pole". Sheldon couldn't have put it better!
  6. This is deeply sad, but for me the illusion was shattered when I noticed that when they walk up several flights of stairs to the apartment, it's the same flight they use over and over...
  7. Leonard's like the centre of gravity - the patient, put-upon guy who understands what's really going on more than any of the others and who no one really appreciates. You learn a lot about Sheldon, Penny, and all the others, by how Leonard reacts to them. I kind of like what he does with his glasses. But I guess I'll notice it more now! Don't want him to develop too much I'd say -as he's the core of the show, just as much as Sheldon. Johnny Galecki's a brilliant clown. Have just rewatched an episode where he's leaning on his apartment door feeling hopeless and depressed because Penny's just snubbed him for super-cool physicist David Underhill - and then Sheldon unexpectedly opens the door from the inside and Leonard falls through - wonderful prat-fall!
  8. Ho ho! The only other french philosopher i can think of is Jean Paul Sartre - did Bill Hicks get it off him? "I doubt therefore I might be...."
  9. Loads of favourites - but in no particular order here's a possible top four - the one with the model Time Machine. When Sheldon first bonds with Leonard's mum. Lord of the Rings. And when Sheldon wins an award and the others coach him to give a speech (lovely therapy scene with Leonard)
  10. There's an article about the philosophy of the Big Bang Theory on the Financial Times website .... Did the Big Bang Make a Noise? http://blogs.ft.com/ft-dot-comment/2010/05/05/did-the-big-bang-make-a-noise/#axzz1e9jhr4z5 I like the Schrodinger's Kitty song in one of the comments at the end... "Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur, Poorly kitty, ex-kitty, blur, blur, blur"
  11. My wife thinks Amy has breathed new life into the show. But I'm in two minds. Amy has had some brilliant moments and Big Bang Theory is so far ahead of every other comedy show at the moment that really I'm nitpicking here - but sometimes I don't quite believe in the character - there's something a little contrived, which (strangely!) I don't find with Sheldon or Howard or any of the others. Perhaps the character needs to be rationed. I rewatched some series two recently - and the core ensemble is so perfect. I don't want the original characters to lose too much screen time - even though the show obviously has to develop and on the whole it's been done pretty skilfully. Before Amy, Leonard's mum was the perfect female Sheldon, so I didn't see the need for another one at first, but the way Amy has latched on to Penny has been very funny. Maybe time to rest that idea now though. Series 5 started in the UK this week - great first episode - but during Series 4 I sensed that the tightness, discipline and truth of character from the early episodes might be very slightly waning. I hope not. Really can't wait to see the rest of series 5.
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