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  1. The werewolf transformation is my least favourite episode. There is nothing terrible, in a stand out awful way; it's simple crime is it is very dull and pedestrian in it's story, script and humour I have watched it three times too - the only thing I really like the idea of is Sheldon's haircut records. That was a nice comedic touch Matt
  2. Kaley is superb as Penny, but my reasoning is that because the character Penny is a fairly common type of person (albeit with good looks), that either getting another person to either play Penny if Kaley left, or even having another Penny 'type', or... even ditch the character altogether and go with another neighbour entirely - would not be detrimental to the current show (and the way it is going): It has moved on a fast pace these last two seasons... Replacing the four lads however would be catastrophic; because they are not common everyday people and the comedy is more complex with them - i.e their mannerisms are so full of idiosyncratic that the actors have really made their own (not literally - but in interpretation), that if any one of them left, I think loss of dynamic could kill the show. Matt
  3. I think Penny could quite easily be replaced by another new lady living across the hall. As the show has changed/evolved, it wouldn't have to be another Penny either, it could perhaps be a girl/woman with 'issues' - or even a variation on the theme of Lesley Winkle giving Sheldon non stop grief could be great! Matt
  4. I loved it this season when he defended his love of 'Sandy B films', saying that she was "great in everything" LOL ha ha Matt
  5. I would love to see some more of Leonard's mum with Sheldon. Maybe having her and Amy competing for his mind and being very caty underneath all the science
  6. Simon always seems like such a cool guy; well all the cast do really. Great news for them both Matt
  7. I would say; a cross between Raj, Beverley (Leonard's mum) and Sheldon. Raj, because when talks about pedicures, liking Sex and The City etc - I always laugh out loud, because I am quite feminine too (or as Raj put it 'metrosexual; as I love women and their hand creams !!) Also in certain moods I can be a bit matter of fact like Beverley and not in the mood for sentimentality etc. My Sheldon side is to do with food (and no one touching it because then the whole food is 'compromised' LOL), the way I plan the week ahead on my iPad every Sunday and also my focus for my subject, music. It is all I think about! Matt
  8. I have Asperger's syndrome and my wife is an autistic specialist - and Sheldon screams out AUTISM (LOL) to both of us. I believe Jim said that he (paraphrased) 'didn't see how he (Sheldon) could not be'. The problem is where the person's character ends - and where the condition begins, it is hugely complex. Personally I am happy it is not mentioned in the show, as I wouldn't want the show to start having to be stifled by conforming to what the public/writers think aspergers is, or people seeing Sheldon and assuming all people with aspergers 'must' always do the things Sheldon does - to be a 'bonafide' autistic... The film 'Rainman' was/is a great film and in many ways helped educate people about autism, but it also made people think that people on the spectrum always had abilities and had the same level of social skills. It is a hugely diverse condition; my wife has worked with children that have ranged from those that cannot use the toilet, dress themselves etc; to others that at only 12/13 have written books and have extreme individuality. For me the the one thing that unites autism is originality in the way things are perceived and also a heightened sensory ability. Matt
  9. Well it sure has been a hit and miss series; some brilliant and some okayish episodes, but with this episode (coupled with last week's) I cannot wait for the next series. I thought this episode had the characters' mannerisms completely believable and consistent with what has come in the previous seasons. The acting was great, the writing funny and poignant in places - well done Chuck Lorre and co and thanks! Matt
  10. This was a good solid episode! The development of the characters was the most convincing so far - I have watched the other seasons each 5/6 times over (I often practice my guitar and have them on in the back ground) so I can't really tell (properly) how I feel about season 5 till it all comes out on DVD and I re watch it - and get to know it properly! But the show does feel though that it is reaching some type of finale; like all the characters are reaching and end point (in a good way like season 4 pt 1 of the re made Battlestar Galactica). Matt
  11. I'd have to say Christian Bale. the idea of them being in the cheese cake factory minding his own business and then Sheldon noticing him makes me smile. Especially when you think of Sheldon's very Christian Bale attempt at "I'm Batman". It would be a good 'PR' stunt for Christian to actually be grumpy/off hand too; as he took a lot of stick for the leaked Terminator Salvation abuse he dished out! So having him lose it/be grumpy would be good sportsmanship to show he can make fun of himself and also the comedy of Sheldon coping with Batman being cross. He would probably go back home and say he preferred Adam West, Michale Keaton anyway; Christian Bale is a poopy pants Batman LOL. Matt
  12. Just as a generalisation - re American and UK comedy, I think one of the double edged swords of good American comedies (and dramas), is they don't know when to quit. They end up running a ridiculous amount of seasons well past the shows greatness - a good example being Two and a Half Men. The double edged sword is the fans never want it to end - and I am the same with TBBT! When you look at UK comedy, much of it runs a short/er spell and then finishes while still on top. Most famously something like Faulty Towers...twelve incredible episodes and then gone! I am being devil's advocate, because I really do love TBBT, but maybe this will be another one of these shows that doesn't know/wont know when to quit. Matt
  13. I do like coming here and hearing all completely different takes on something. Personally, I think it was the third episode of season five that was a stand out one. It felt slower paced than some of the more hectic episodes in this season, which I thought was a good thing! I laughed out loud a lot and just thoroughly enjoyed it. Raj referencing the camping trip of season 3 was hilarious too! Matt
  14. Please don't take this as a sarcastic remark but, Cool Story Bro! Seriously, thanks for sharing! good to know you had a great experience meeting Mayim. I didn't know her before TBBT, but I had come to like and respect her very much. I love Amy when she plays harp too. Matt turning to Leonard (with an earnest expression) "sarcasm?" Leonard "No!" Matt "YES! I'm on fire!"
  15. I'm all for giving Amy a spin off especially since season 5 has turned into the Amy show they should give her one and coukd guest star every now and then and get back to the 4 guys and penny, especially since some of the characters at times have been pushed to the side due to penny's presence. Does anyone think any of the characters would be great for a spin off, of course depends on how the series would end? I think people TBBT regulars like Leonard and Sheldon's mums could be featured; as well as skype calls with Sheldon, Penny etc. They could have guest stars too... I have a lot of time for Mayim Bialik and as a kid loved Blossom. When I was 15 on holiday, my parents and I were walking up to the Chinese theatre (if that name is correct?) and we had missed by only a few days the cast of Batman Returns (I was gutted! lol) Anyway, to my delight was Mayim walking near by with two minders! I bowled over straight over to her and said hi and we got a long like a house on fire. She was so nice and down to earth. The minders allowed her to chat for a good 10/15 minutes. I remember too she said, it was so nice to be able to talk with someone her own age. She acts Amy so well it is hard to believe she is completely different as 'herself' - but yes a spin off would be good! I do love her harp playing (especially her version of Wanted Dead or Alive ) Matt
  16. I do love Amy's character very much, but surely it would be possible to have a spin off show about her (and even some of the others too) and have TBBT back to it's hard core classic self? The re focus back to mainly the 4 chaps and Penny would be great. Matt
  17. LOL And (paraphrased) many people will believe it didn't happen! He he - Howard is so funny Matt
  18. Season 5 seems to have steered into a good place; the last few episodes were each better than the last and this was my favourite of this season. nice one Chuck and co Matt
  19. I saw it! It is great how much he loves this and Dr Who (or as he says when everyone is talking 'Dr whybother LOL)
  20. I have been googling the viewing figures in the US - and am amazed that considering it is on a popular tv network; it is only watched by c.15 million people; out of a possible 300 million - approx 5 percent of the country! I know in our day and age we have many channels etc, but this seems very low for a show that is considered so successful and on a top network. In the UK we get it on a channel called 'E4' which is a kind of sub channel of a more mainstream channel called 'Channel 4', so the figures are around the c.1 million mark (obviously give or take a good few thousand). Again though; too low for such a great show! Matt
  21. I am so pleased Barry is back!! Also the episode was the best one so far of the series; well written and funny. I got an extra giggle when Sheldon said that the second pod cast on flags was writing itself LMAO Matt
  22. I had forgotten Mrs Latham! I love Leonard's walk of shame back to the apartment and Penny's "hello ser - lut" I wonder if having to 'take one for the team' (by having coitus )with an much older woman is something Chuck Lorre had to do?!! In Two and a Half Men too; there is a hilarious episode where Alan dates an elderly neighbour with the promise of money being invested in his business Matt
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