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  1. Contact, The first Matrix, The Artist, Lawrence of Arabia, Sideways, Rocky 2, James Bond You Only live Twice are just a few that make me feel quite uplifted:) films are a passion close to music for me, so we own a fair few, there's loads others - these were just from the top of my head.


  2. Loving the whole tournament and have watched all the games apart from one - way better then the South Africa World Cup!

    The English press are slowly eating their words too. Yes, things looked understandably bleak; a coach who had only been with England for two games (three weeks!) at the start of the tournament, Rooney suspended for the first two games, only 2 of the 4 Chelsea Champion league players not injured, a series of other injuries and several key players missing, yet I think there is a great deal to be happy about -i.e a good team spirit!

    The England vs Sweden game was great, (but nail biting LOL) and I think in the light of the above they finish the campaign being knocked out the quarters, then it is actually not a bad result...

    and who knows, they could go further - it is football, anything can happen :)

    Hodgson is looking to the world cup too and building on some of the young talent! Come on Engerlund!!!


  3. The werewolf transformation is my least favourite episode. There is nothing terrible, in a stand out awful way; it's simple crime is it is very dull and pedestrian in it's story, script and humour :(

    I have watched it three times too - the only thing I really like the idea of is Sheldon's haircut records. That was a nice comedic touch :)


  4. I watched all the Hannibal Lecter films back to back yesterday and was so moved by seeing beautiful Florence again (in the last film Hannibal), I was watching with one eye on the film - and the other on my iPad looking for possible music teaching jobs LMAO!!

    I am black haired and dark eyed and tan very easily, I know I could slot right in here or Spain!!


  5. Kaley is superb as Penny, but my reasoning is that because the character Penny is a fairly common type of person (albeit with good looks), that either getting another person to either play Penny if Kaley left, or even having another Penny 'type', or... even ditch the character altogether and go with another neighbour entirely - would not be detrimental to the current show (and the way it is going): It has moved on a fast pace these last two seasons...

    Replacing the four lads however would be catastrophic; because they are not common everyday people and the comedy is more complex with them - i.e their mannerisms are so full of idiosyncratic that the actors have really made their own (not literally - but in interpretation), that if any one of them left, I think loss of dynamic could kill the show.


  6. I think Penny could quite easily be replaced by another new lady living across the hall. As the show has changed/evolved, it wouldn't have to be another Penny either, it could perhaps be a girl/woman with 'issues' - or even a variation on the theme of Lesley Winkle giving Sheldon non stop grief could be great!


  7. I think when the USA enters into a tournament like the World Cup, (which is literally just that, a competition involving the whole world), it does endless good for Americas PR; as it smashes the stereotype that the nation is insular and not concerned about things outside it's borders...which having visited the States eight times and having close friends/family there, I know is not true!

    This is the side of sport I love, the power it has to bring hope and positivity - as well as making people feel proud of where they are from.

    Clint Eastwood's excellent film 'Invictus' really got that across (and also reminded me why I love rugby so much!!)


  8. The USA could be one of the top teams in the very near future IMHO; there are of course top players like Dempsey and Donovan, but more than that; there are such a huge quantity of people living in the USA and the country has a very positive 'give it their all' attitude to competitions; if the sport can keep gaining momentum like it has, then it is just a matter of time...

    and yes Brazil are amazing!! One of my favourite national teams to watch. It is like watching a team of characters from the Matrix playing!


  9. Football (soccer)

    Who's ready for UEFA 2012?

    me! I cannot wait

    We are seeing England play Belgium at Wembley this weekend, their last friendly of course before facing France! Can't wait :icon_mrgreen:

    I am supporting England and as always (because of the guitar) my beloved Spain!!!! :fi_lone_ranger:


  10. Charlie's voice was very gruff the last season and the last two/three episodes it was my wife who said that she thought he looked really shot to pieces.

    Anyway not long till Anger Management where Charlie yet again is playing...Charlie!!! :)


  11. Hi Sursonica

    Great to meet you and also wonderful to hear you are still playing the classical guitar too! Although my mind is open to all styles of music (and guitar) it is the sound of nylon stings that still astounds me!!!

    Are you working on any pieces at the moment?


  12. I would say; a cross between Raj, Beverley (Leonard's mum) and Sheldon.

    Raj, because when talks about pedicures, liking Sex and The City etc - I always laugh out loud, because I am quite feminine too (or as Raj put it 'metrosexual; as I love women and their hand creams :) !!) Also in certain moods I can be a bit matter of fact like Beverley and not in the mood for sentimentality etc. My Sheldon side is to do with food (and no one touching it because then the whole food is 'compromised' LOL), the way I plan the week ahead on my iPad every Sunday and also my focus for my subject, music. It is all I think about!


  13. I have just read and enjoyed the photos and info. So as Dr Lecter says Quid pro quo.

    My name is Matt, I'm in my mid 30's (37 in four months; but 'mid thirties' sounds better LOL), I live in London and I work as a musician (performing as a classical guitarist and teaching in colleges). I have composed music since I was 13 and never wanted to do anything else really. Vitals LOL - I am 6 ft, 192 lbs, go to the gym regularly and have been married for 11 years now.

    I love films, collecting science and theology books and playing the piano for fun (I love Bach and Chopin the most) - I compose very contemporary classical pieces. I am also a passionate England football and Rugby supporter, live on Mexican and Italian food and my family tree goes back to Wales, with bits of France and England in there too. Oh yes, last thing, :) I love traveling, but my favourite country in the world (that I want to settle in one day) is Spain - I have visited the country well over twenty times and I love the people, the culture and the life in general! My heart always sinks when it is time to leave :(

    I can often look a bit grumpy in pics, so this is a happy one - I am a very happy person by nature


  14. A few over the decades I have loved have been (recently) Goldeneye Reloaded, Batman Arkham City and Halo 3. I loved Colin McCray for the Xbox and Tekken 3 for the old Play station...

    and going back to when I was a kid in the 80's, I used to really enjoy Ghostbusters for The Spectrum 48 k!!! LMAO


  15. I have Asperger's syndrome and my wife is an autistic specialist - and Sheldon screams out AUTISM (LOL) to both of us. I believe Jim said that he (paraphrased) 'didn't see how he (Sheldon) could not be'.

    The problem is where the person's character ends - and where the condition begins, it is hugely complex. Personally I am happy it is not mentioned in the show, as I wouldn't want the show to start having to be stifled by conforming to what the public/writers think aspergers is, or people seeing Sheldon and assuming all people with aspergers 'must' always do the things Sheldon does - to be a 'bonafide' autistic...

    The film 'Rainman' was/is a great film and in many ways helped educate people about autism, but it also made people think that people on the spectrum always had abilities and had the same level of social skills.

    It is a hugely diverse condition; my wife has worked with children that have ranged from those that cannot use the toilet, dress themselves etc; to others that at only 12/13 have written books and have extreme individuality.

    For me the the one thing that unites autism is originality in the way things are perceived and also a heightened sensory ability.


  16. Other than the obvious :) these have all been watched numerous times in our house, Star Trek Next Generation, Battlestar Galactica (the recent one), the original V, The A Team, Spartacus Blood and Sand, Game Of Thrones, Black Adder, The Inbetweeners and my wife and I love Shameless!!


  17. I have traveled quite a lot and think I could live (and be happy) in...

    Valencia - Spain (actually I just love Spanish culture in general!!), Florence - Italy, Oxford - England (and although I live there, I love London too!) I also loved San Diego and New Hampshire in the U.S.A. America is a great country to visit!

    One of the most beautiful country sides was visiting friends in Grenoble, France...it was just amazing!

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