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  1. My wife and I love football (soccer to Americans), Rugby and also Boxing. The Champions League last night was nail biting! (WELL DONE CHELSEA!!) I cannot wait for the Euros I am supporting England and then Spain... We are watching England vs Belgium at Wembley in a couple of weeks PLUS! have tickets for the Star Trek Captains convention and going to meet Patrick Stewart - so very excited about both!!! Matt
  2. cheers for the link Bazingafan... so it is returning once more eh?! Matt
  3. I have the right hand side of the room dedicated to the genre of sci fi and superhero films - my favourites are the Xmen films and I also have a few classics that I hold dear too - Superman 2, The first Matrix (Neo is a superman after all!) and I love the first Spiderman film too. I have the original tv series of Hulk on dvd. No one on the big screen has come close for me portraying the angst of Bruce Banner as Bill Bixby! Matt
  4. Oh well, at least with the memory of such great episodes as the Charlie Waffles one to re watch! One of my favourites Anyway an online toast - here's to the late Charlie Harper, the show isn't the same without him. Matt p.s I do tend to drink more when I am in one of my Two and a Half Men phases LMAO, I think it is the way Charlie has always got a beer in his hand - or the way he just pours himself a scotch while talking
  5. I have given the new era Two and a Half Men several chances, watching six separate shows, but have found it light hearted average tv at best and at worst just embarrassingly awful... I have seasons one to eight on DVD and loved it with Charlie in! I was determined to enjoy it once he had gone - I really watched it wanting to really like it! I wasn't a 'jump on the band wagon' viewer with my mind made up and anti post Charlie. What has happened is very sad. Before it had a very British grasp of sarcasm and irony; now it seems like so many other over the top US sit coms. What are the reviews like of it in the American press of each show? I would be really grateful if anyone has any info on that. Matt
  6. Well it sure has been a hit and miss series; some brilliant and some okayish episodes, but with this episode (coupled with last week's) I cannot wait for the next series. I thought this episode had the characters' mannerisms completely believable and consistent with what has come in the previous seasons. The acting was great, the writing funny and poignant in places - well done Chuck Lorre and co and thanks! Matt
  7. This was a good solid episode! The development of the characters was the most convincing so far - I have watched the other seasons each 5/6 times over (I often practice my guitar and have them on in the back ground) so I can't really tell (properly) how I feel about season 5 till it all comes out on DVD and I re watch it - and get to know it properly! But the show does feel though that it is reaching some type of finale; like all the characters are reaching and end point (in a good way like season 4 pt 1 of the re made Battlestar Galactica). Matt
  8. I'd have to say Christian Bale. the idea of them being in the cheese cake factory minding his own business and then Sheldon noticing him makes me smile. Especially when you think of Sheldon's very Christian Bale attempt at "I'm Batman". It would be a good 'PR' stunt for Christian to actually be grumpy/off hand too; as he took a lot of stick for the leaked Terminator Salvation abuse he dished out! So having him lose it/be grumpy would be good sportsmanship to show he can make fun of himself and also the comedy of Sheldon coping with Batman being cross. He would probably go back home and say he preferred Adam West, Michale Keaton anyway; Christian Bale is a poopy pants Batman LOL. Matt
  9. Just as a generalisation - re American and UK comedy, I think one of the double edged swords of good American comedies (and dramas), is they don't know when to quit. They end up running a ridiculous amount of seasons well past the shows greatness - a good example being Two and a Half Men. The double edged sword is the fans never want it to end - and I am the same with TBBT! When you look at UK comedy, much of it runs a short/er spell and then finishes while still on top. Most famously something like Faulty Towers...twelve incredible episodes and then gone! I am being devil's advocate, because I really do love TBBT, but maybe this will be another one of these shows that doesn't know/wont know when to quit. Matt
  10. I do like coming here and hearing all completely different takes on something. Personally, I think it was the third episode of season five that was a stand out one. It felt slower paced than some of the more hectic episodes in this season, which I thought was a good thing! I laughed out loud a lot and just thoroughly enjoyed it. Raj referencing the camping trip of season 3 was hilarious too! Matt
  11. Having just watched the entire 4 seasons of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica back to back I was on a bit of a come down... anticipating this, my wife ordered the first season of Game Of Thrones and we intended to watch one episode last night - captivated we ended up watching it until the early hours! The acting, the score, the characters are all just brilliant! I am a new fan!!! Matt
  12. Please don't take this as a sarcastic remark but, Cool Story Bro! Seriously, thanks for sharing! good to know you had a great experience meeting Mayim. I didn't know her before TBBT, but I had come to like and respect her very much. I love Amy when she plays harp too. Matt turning to Leonard (with an earnest expression) "sarcasm?" Leonard "No!" Matt "YES! I'm on fire!"
  13. I'm all for giving Amy a spin off especially since season 5 has turned into the Amy show they should give her one and coukd guest star every now and then and get back to the 4 guys and penny, especially since some of the characters at times have been pushed to the side due to penny's presence. Does anyone think any of the characters would be great for a spin off, of course depends on how the series would end? I think people TBBT regulars like Leonard and Sheldon's mums could be featured; as well as skype calls with Sheldon, Penny etc. They could have guest stars too... I have a lot of time for Mayim Bialik and as a kid loved Blossom. When I was 15 on holiday, my parents and I were walking up to the Chinese theatre (if that name is correct?) and we had missed by only a few days the cast of Batman Returns (I was gutted! lol) Anyway, to my delight was Mayim walking near by with two minders! I bowled over straight over to her and said hi and we got a long like a house on fire. She was so nice and down to earth. The minders allowed her to chat for a good 10/15 minutes. I remember too she said, it was so nice to be able to talk with someone her own age. She acts Amy so well it is hard to believe she is completely different as 'herself' - but yes a spin off would be good! I do love her harp playing (especially her version of Wanted Dead or Alive ) Matt
  14. I do love Amy's character very much, but surely it would be possible to have a spin off show about her (and even some of the others too) and have TBBT back to it's hard core classic self? The re focus back to mainly the 4 chaps and Penny would be great. Matt
  15. This awesome to connect with football fans who are also Big Bang fans!! I have £10 on Tottenham winning the Barclays premiere league - and I would love to see Redknapp become the England manager. In the Euro I am rooting for Spain and Holland (as I am expecting England to as usual make a quick exit!!) Matt
  16. LOL And (paraphrased) many people will believe it didn't happen! He he - Howard is so funny Matt
  17. A fellow fan here! My wife and I watch football games most days. Aside from the Premiere league and various leagues in Europe I have been enjoying the Africa cup of nations too! I don't support one team (although I enjoy currently the styles Tottenham, Barcelona and Man City are playing) - I could only support a team if all the players were born and bred in the area they were from, rather than a group of men bought in and out for £££. I am an England supporter, despite all their disappointments I will always back them. We have tickets to see them play Holland later this month and how the game will be, will be anybodies guess given the managerial crisis! Matt
  18. Season 5 seems to have steered into a good place; the last few episodes were each better than the last and this was my favourite of this season. nice one Chuck and co Matt
  19. I saw it! It is great how much he loves this and Dr Who (or as he says when everyone is talking 'Dr whybother LOL)
  20. I have been googling the viewing figures in the US - and am amazed that considering it is on a popular tv network; it is only watched by c.15 million people; out of a possible 300 million - approx 5 percent of the country! I know in our day and age we have many channels etc, but this seems very low for a show that is considered so successful and on a top network. In the UK we get it on a channel called 'E4' which is a kind of sub channel of a more mainstream channel called 'Channel 4', so the figures are around the c.1 million mark (obviously give or take a good few thousand). Again though; too low for such a great show! Matt
  21. I am so pleased Barry is back!! Also the episode was the best one so far of the series; well written and funny. I got an extra giggle when Sheldon said that the second pod cast on flags was writing itself LMAO Matt
  22. I just bought Anthony Hopkins' album 'Composer'. As you can see from the avatar; I am a fan of his acting - and being a classical musician myself, was curious to hear what his music was like. It is actually very romantic in it's style and well orchestrated, adventurous and stylish in it's delivery. I know want to hear more by him, as he has composed piano pieces since he was a boy and wanted at one stage to be a concert pianist! The other things I am listening to is a folk band Bellowhead. My wife and I are seeing them this Friday so putting myself in the mood! Matt
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