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  1. I had forgotten Mrs Latham! I love Leonard's walk of shame back to the apartment and Penny's "hello ser - lut" I wonder if having to 'take one for the team' (by having coitus )with an much older woman is something Chuck Lorre had to do?!! In Two and a Half Men too; there is a hilarious episode where Alan dates an elderly neighbour with the promise of money being invested in his business Matt
  2. Jeez Alex you are highly strung!! - It is a VERY good idea in life (and even the internet), not to get personal in a debate (even more so when the other person hasn't) - Getting personal is not only crass, but a sign the person hasn't the intelligence and sense of calm to explain themselves succinctly. Hope you enjoy the rest of this season's 'entertainment' - that is not a documentary but entertainment :) Matt
  3. Hi Alex Thanks for the explanation; you certainly seem quite impassioned about this topic! Perhaps you should write to Chuck Lorre? (seriously meant) I agree re the personal parenting comments (to a degree); although I have no doubt it is different if you have your own children to tolerating others' ... anyway back to Bernadette... I don't agree with you re the idea of Bernadette being completely passive before this episode. A part of her charm has been that she is very petite and 'seemingly' placid, yet can suddenly 'lose it; (the script writers cleverly have made her more and more like Howard's mum too) The comedy of Howard perpetually under the thumb of his mum - and then when he does break free, a woman taking her place and bossing him around (him staying at home) is where the show is intending to go with this in my opinion, not a feminist or pc route. There are so many pc rules broken every show, it seems illogical not to mention inconsistent, that they would (out of nowhere) suddenly 'educate' us with Bernadette. In the U.K the woman working, while the man stays at home with the kids, is a very outdated and cliche example of the feminism of yesteryear. Nowadays, there isn't a set way in this regard and an assortment of circumstances exist from couple to couple. Lastly, it is a very light hearted comedy. Things are not meant to be taken literally and Bernadette's dislike/hatred of kids is high lighted too for the sake of comedy. It obviously offends you which I am sorry about; but it must be remembered that the show's humour relies on racism jokes at the expense of Raj (and other countries too), the autism of Sheldon, the general boredom of being ordinary and not clever or talented and a plethora of other topics! If we (the viewer) took offense at every, dig there wouldn't be much to enjoy left. Thanks for the thread though, it is an interesting talking point that I wouldn't have considered. Matt
  4. Hi Alex, Maybe we have different definitions of feminism across the pond? ( we sure do with things such as irony ) - but she is far from a feminist IMHO. She is like the others in the show; i.e bright with many idiosyncrasies - like the dislike of children... Perhaps for those (or me if I am the only one lol) you would be so kind to say what you think is 'PC' about her and also what in your view are feminist traits. For the purpose of discussion, it may be of interest what is the same (and what is different) from our respective view points in different English speaking countries For the record; my wife and I made a decision many years back not to have children. We laughed so hard at Bernadette because she hit the nail on the head with many of the reasons LOL. If I amk in the supermarket packing my shopping it is like instant hell when a toddler screams in the queue. I often say some very unkind things to myself like LOL However, my wife heads a kids autistic unit and is very compassionate (she has to be) - I visit schools as a guitar teacher. I love working with kids and (and people) and helping them. I just don't wish to 'have' klds. Matt
  5. My wife and I just watched this episode and loved it! Perhaps my favourite of season 5 so far... This seed of doubt in their relationship, over children, makes Bernadette more interesting too IMHO. A lot of her appeal to me, is that she in one respect is very petite and sweet, yet she is also quite volatile and the connections with Howard's mum in Howard's choice for a mate is good comedy. Alex, I hate the stuff you mention too, but cannot see it in this instance - I think if the show were going to go all 'pc', they would be much more direct doing so. In fact to the show's credit, it makes a regular habit of saying many non politically gags, which is a part of the shows appeal I believe. Matt
  6. I want to read this; I am on the autistic spectrum and after much tweeking wouldn't say I suffer from it anymore; I would say I benefit from it! Humans can learn languages, people on the autistic spectrum can learn the language of people who are neurologically typical. Plus the brain recently has been thought by some scientists to be more like a muscle; i.e you exercise it, keep pushing and you can raise your game. To quote The Untouchables Elliot Ness "Never stop fighting till the fight is done" Matt
  7. LOL! Damn you picked the American Office - my wife and I prefer that by far to the British office! but I agree on the whole:) It doesn't happen the other way around much i.e a British version being made of an American show, which I am very glad, because it is not necessary! I would hate to see TBBT adapted and set in London for example... It is perfect as it is! I think American comedy these days is top notch and also has changed a lot for the better the last ten years. It has kept it's own style yet has also adopted what the British comedy is known for; sarcasm, irony etc and come up with some of the best shows. I also think Chuck Lorre is ridiculously talented. I imagine he is a fascinating person to speak too. Matt
  8. I was completely unaware of The Crocodile Dundee 'factoid' That is awful! It does frustrate me the way things are dumbed down so much. EVEN if people didn't know what philosopher was (I cannot believe that) but EVEN if they did, they would learn something new! I am sure the film would have done the same at the box office no matter what. Matt p.s (still on my high horse LOL) I despise the way so many TV series' have to be adapted and re made for American audiences. I can almost imagine a tv executive watching tv and thinking "hmmm great premise, great characters, but Americans don't like to see outside their own domain, lets remake it in New York" etc I am sure people can handle more than the industry gives them credit for - so what if it is set not in their own country? I love Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory despite a few things that i have to quickly look up...Jeez you adapt Matt
  9. I like her too and the on going of her morphing into Howard's mum! Matt
  10. I still giggle while I am at work if I think about Sheldon crazy eyed singing 'da da da dadddd da da da..." etc LOL
  11. Right on Ilove_bazinga I agree whole heartedly! Matt
  12. having only seen season 4 once (online), I don't recall anything with indiana jones. Perhaps I missed it. What was the main storyline of that ep? I think it is episode 8 from season 4. They queue for ages to see Raiders Of The Lost Ark only to be told that the cut off point for letting people in is right in front of them. Will Wheaton gets in despite being late and taunts Sheldon and I wont tell you the rest but it is great fun!! Matt
  13. LOL, that is a great fight... I also love the fight over who is Ratman and who is the side kick, with Howard and Raj. Howard does this snazzy roll, as if he is about to strike; yet nothing - just more melodramatic fighting threats - as Raj would say, I find it -Hilairey - ous
  14. Off the top of my head, The Indiana Jones episode (from season 4), Christmas where Sheldon is given the signed Leonard Nimoy napkin (from season) 1 and maybe the episode from season 4 where Sheldon becomes a robot (or Shelbot as Penny calls him) I sincerely love all of them though! Lines from various episodes pop into my head when I am at work and I often giggle - like... "...please don't send me back to India. it's so crowded. It's like the whole country is one endless Comic-Con, except everybody's wearing the same costume, Indian guy." LMAO
  15. Sorry if there is a thread for episode ideas - but while having my breakfast this morning, I began thinking about string theory and the strings of my guitar and their vibrations etc (a chasm of geeky thoughts followed opened up) Then; I thought of an episode of TBBT that could involve Sheldon having to work with the arts section of his university. Maybe his ongoing research would involve him in having to investigate the various micro tones of stringed musical instruments... the comedy could revolve around the clash of the world of science and the creative arts - Sheldon would get to air his complete distaste of the arts and how it isn't deserved of being given funding etc and not being valid areas of academic study etc etc. Maybe a big paint ball battle could finish the episode! Matt
  16. I am fascinated with the writing and mind of Chuck Lorre and think this episode is the best one of this season. Season 5 has really developed the characters so much! I watched the entire of season 2 this week (for the 3rd time in two months) and this is holding up well IMHO Matt
  17. Curry's the business has been doing these now for a couple of years I believe. This is one from 2010 with R2 and C3PO - I actually prefer it to their latest one!! yes, I have seen the Volkswagon one, it is really cool and always makes me laugh, cheers. R2 and C3PO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ODFqZBoAPc
  18. Isn't it great that like minded geeks can come here and share are love of sci fi LOL Matt
  19. I didn't think anyone actually ever said Beam Me Up Scotty. This newspaper had an article on this and other things famous people are quoted as saying, yet didn't!! http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2006/oct/25/books.booksnews I am quite a fan of Star Trek but more The Next Generation and also the movies, so maybe a hard core original series fan can help out. Matt
  20. *Matt*

    favorite movie?

    A favourite?! That is impossible but the list below are some all time favourites X Men The Matrix Silence Of The Lambs Casino Royale Houdini Ed Wood Man On The Moon Carlitos Way Thunderball Heat Scarface Empire Strikes Back Shadowlands Rocky 2
  21. Someone shared these sentiments with me recently re Leonard (and the women he has been with in the show etc) and I disagreed; because in the equally geeky world of classical music (my subject), I have seen many very nerdy males date women who seemingly were 'out of their league' Matt
  22. This is so cool!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXcoIN6tqXY
  23. I thought Jane Badler had worn quite well over the years. Marc Singer in his cameo (not as Mike Donovan too!) looked not so great Matt
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