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    hi and welcome I am new myself and love the site Matt
  2. This is interesting as another one of Chuck Lorre's characters Charlie Harper also had a fear of birds. It must be a phobia Chuvk either has, or relates to. I don't mind birds in the air, but cannot stand the idea of them touching me. I too relate to this anxiety! Matt
  3. I was really sad to read that is has been discontinued I loved the original series and also the way they had woven the new series into the old. There were so many interesting characters like Kyle Hobbs. In fact the last episode at the time, I complained to my wife that it felt rushed and too many stories seemed to be all concluded...I wonder if that was in anticipation of a possible early finish? Any other fans of the new (or old) V Matt
  4. I agree, what I have seen so far is top notch! No complaints this end Matt
  5. I don't know if it has been discussed, but a recent episode in season 5 saw Sheldon chopping Leonard's shoulder after misunderstanding Leonard's dancing injury to be to do with a possible act of 'coitus' (LMAO). He said (from memory) "Not for you Leonard! NOT FOR YOU!" My wife and me were i hysterics and correct me if I am wrong, but I think it is the first true show of jealousy he has shown over Amy. Matt
  6. In five minutes I'll be opening a bottle of red, putting on another film and practising my classical guitar...bliss! Matt
  7. *Matt*

    all uk fans

    Sorry! I am very much anti piracy too! - I don't own any copies of any cds, dvds etc. I just didn't think (when I posted it) as the episodes are shown on CBS for the US audiences, that it would be frowned upon. But thinking about it now, it does take away the element of surprise of when they are on tv next week. Anyway I'll be watching them on the big screen too next week and can't wait! (can't wait to see the Platoon -esque sacrifice of "Geology is not a real science" LMAO) Matt
  8. I am very interested in this question; as well as being on the spectrum myself (I was only diagnosed when I was in my late 20's), my wife runs an autistic unit. I know Jim Parsons, (in an early interview), said when he first read for the part, that he approached Chuck Lorre and asked if his character was meant to have Aspergers - he was told a very clear no! What ever Chuck Lorre's reason for this, I actually prefer Sheldon just being shown to us as Sheldon - because while I think it is great that so many people are diagnosed and labelled nowadays, I think it is more important take someone as you find them - and labels sometimes confuse that. Matt
  9. In the Burger commercial I could almost imagine Sheldon saying he is doing a continuation of the Cheese Cake factory experiment i.e freeing up his mind by doing a plebian activity I really expected him to break into Sheldon and mock the customer LOL Matt
  10. *Matt*

    all uk fans

    I watched all of season 5 yesterday here Admin edit: link removed due to copyright infringement My wife found it as I was moaning about the cliff hanger with Raj and Penny (bought season 4 on dvd a few weeks ago!) Matt
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome... My David Prouse and me picture is being uploaded as we speak
  12. I am a very recent convert to American comedy after years of, to be honest, finding it sugary and annoying. Now it simply rules! There are some fantastic British shows like The Inbetweeners and Shameless, but the writing of both Two and a Half Men (seasons 1 - 7 IMHO) and also The Big Bang Theory i think is a very different style of writing that has almost beat the British at their own game - irony! Matt
  13. That was great Kayla always seem just a genuine a decent girl Matt
  14. Hello and thanks for letting me join! I am huge fan of The Big Bang Theory and just love the writing. There are just too many similarities with the main four characters and my nature - it is like they are kindred spirits LOL Any way cheers and thanks Matt
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