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  1. LOL, its just so great. It that was to happen though then I would not watch it ever again.
  2. I want it to go on forever though:icon_cry: Lets hope season 6 or maybe just maybe 7.
  3. Go outside....LOL I joke thats like eating poison Naw, Im going to go play badminton.
  4. I think you are right, you beat me too this LOL
  5. Got all of the dvds and after I finished watching the 4th one I came to a realisation-I have to join a forum about bbt to talk about it so I did.
  6. Just bought it and what a great season it was, the best imho. How many seasons do we thing bbt will get to?
  7. I don't know. I need another show like Big Bang Theory, any recommendations?
  8. Good for her, I guess but Im not too sure on this guy but wth do I know .
  9. I want Sheldon and Amy together. Is that just me?
  10. My second favorite character AND the second best actor, the best is hands down Jim Parsons.
  11. Wolowitz came a bit boring in season 4, havent seen any 5 (I live in the UK) Amy and Sheldon are my favourite. The combination is great or separately.
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