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  1. Sorry, but the Sheldon's stalker's role had always been Ramona's. Amy was created and developed to be Sheldon's soulmate, as outrageous or disgusting that could result to some sensibilities. And regarding Shamy taking the place of the main couple, well, since Sheldon had overpowered the whole show, it's only logical that his own personal/love story is also the one getting more attention and screentime. I'm not saying that's right or fair, but that's how things are right now.
  2. So, Penny has even less self-respect then?, I mean, she married Leonard right after he confessed kissing someone else....
  3. Not that strange, remember she is supposed to be at Princeton.
  4. Ok, I see your point, however, my memory could be failing me, but, as I recall, there was not much of an uproar with the Vanessa thing, I even remember some were supporting him, I do remember my own uprage, not precisely because I wanted him to suffer or to be a sobbing mess, but because I found it infuriating that while Amy's only choices were freaks, TPTB gave Sheldon in his first intent and not really trying an actual model!, who was also brilliant and into geeky stuff, like, really? Leaving that aside, I'm not a fan at all at the way the break up was handled back then, partly because yes, I think that him liking Vanessa would have been very bad, just as I think that Amy liking very much another guy (if there had been something likeable about them, of course) would had been equally bad, because I think that goes directly against one of the essential features of Shamy in particular, which was that they were "the one" for each other, their are not normal individuals, so, to find so fast and easily a replacement would take a lot away from their so called uniqueness. I wouldn't have minded for them to go on dates (as they actually did), but I would have liked for the excercise to be not as futile as it was, it would have been useful if only it had served to highlight the fact that no-one was suited for any of them but each other, but anyway, just another dissappointment to the bunch. As you said, no use to rehash the old stuff. Now, regarding hypothetical future stuff, I'm not sure that Amy cheating would be more acceptable/easily forgiven, I mean, a woman cheater in this show? easily forgiven?, moreover, cheating on the golden boy of the show? that would only be if they really were about to dispose the character (as they did with Priya) I can't think of an scenario were Amy hurts Sheldon that much for real and she is allowed to come back and be forgiven and everything is forgotten.
  5. Ship Zone

    This is a good point, what if Sheldon's "cheating" is something work-related? I mean, I would hate for it to happen, but what if Sheldon gets "carried away" while discussing physics with Ramona and she ends up inserting herself in the Fowler-Cooper collaboration?
  6. I'm sorry, you mean among the fandom "no one" had any problem with Amy going on dates? really? Don't you remembr how she was almost hated by a good part of the shipperdom for daring to think in dating around and for not being a sobbing mess over the break up? And yes, Dave was loved, but only after he was outed as the biggest Sheldon fanboy ever, and after he cheered for his hero to get Amy back, not before, I bet that if he really had been a serious contender for Amy's heart, he wouldn't had had that much of an approval. Now, what I don't really understand is why we are talking about a possible cheater!Amy scenario when the one who is going to be around an "old flame" while his partner is away is Sheldon. Or there was another plot summary that reads: "While away at Princeton, Amy meets a handosme and charming neuroscientist that makes her question her relationship with Sheldon", that I absolutely missed?
  7. From the wording of the plot summary I get that the episode would go similarly to Ramona's first appearence, just like that time the situation looked as if she and Sheldon were in a romantic relationship when in reality there was none and Sheldon was mostly clueless at what the others were seeing, this time the setting would be for the situation to look like as if he was having an affair with other woman while his girlfriend is out of town (hence, the gang being worried about the whole thing) even when that' not what it's really happening and he is again clueless about the implications of, let's say, spend too much time with that other woman or let her cook for him or pamper him and so. Now, what the plot twist would be or how we will get a cliffhanger from that scenario, no idea, to have Amy broke up with Sheldon again over some misunderstanding over Ramona's presence would be weird and cheap (although I don't think the writers are over cheap tricks, of course) unless that, as some of you had been saying, this is just a smoke screen with no consecuences at all and the real cliffhanger of the season would involve other characters.
  8. Agree, also, from the Prom Equivalency episode: Sheldon: I really did think you looked pretty.Amy: You did?Sheldon: Yes. So much so that I started to panic. Altough it seems the writers are determined to avoid like the plague Sheldon's admissions of his attraction to his girlfriend, the attraction exists, it's canon. Besides, come on!, it's just obvious, it's also canon that he loves her, and when you are in love with someone, you are attracted to his/her features one way or another, doesn't matter if those features conform to a so-called beauty standard or not.
  9. Debate Zone

    What about the critical comments that are more an attack to the actors' appearance than a comment about the character itself? you know, like "unsightly big ass", "bad boob job", "ridiculous shortness" and so on?
  10. So, Amy is absolutely disposable just because she isn't married to Sheldon/has his child? What about the effort they had put in showing Sheldon's attachtment to her? what about the insistence in telling us how sad and lost he was when they broke up? She has been elevated to the status of the only woman the golden boy of the series had ever loved, they are even living together now! I don't think it would be that easy to get rid of her, I mean, of course they "could", but to have her gone and show Sheldon unnaffected would be quite a stretch. Not to mention that a good portion of the audience (believe it or not) would miss her. Honestly speaking, of course they could get rid of the character, just as at this point they could get rid of any of the other characters BUT Sheldon, that doesn't mean she is of no value at all.
  11. But Amy is a fleshed out character, she has a lot of defining characteristics, she has a full name (something that even Penny was denied before becoming a Hofstadter), a career, a back story, hobbies, interests, a personality, virtues and shortcomings, etc. The problem is not that she isn't developed as a character (she is), the problem is that the writers are ignoring that on purpose to be able to use her (as you said) just as a foil for Sheldon, just as Leonard and Penny are being neglected and seem to be activated only when they are going to interact with the golden boy, despite being main characters. Currently, the only ones that are breathing by themselves are Howardette and Halley's nannies, and they are saved basically because they aren't Sheldon's partner (Amy) nor his de-facto parents (Lenny).
  12. First bolded part: Yet, She and and the other girls had never been interested in comic books either, but the episode when they ended up heatedly discussing about them was fun and refreshing, I know that Amy suddenly excited about going to Comic Con would be OOC, but there could had been an inspired twist in the plot that could had explained her changing her mind, as had been said, CC is a big and varied event, for instance, she could had been excited at the chance of cosplaying, after all it has been established as kinda her thing, isn't it? Second bolded part: Girl, you are preaching to the choir! count me among those who would absolutely love Amy to be treated as an individual character on a regular basis again, so much I've started to feel unhappy at the amount of screentime she shares with Sheldon, because most of the time she only acts as her straight man. I'm also aware that in the current state of affairs, if she doesn't share screen with Sheldon, she basically wouldn't appear, as the Lennys of this board can sadly confirm.
  13. I'm sorry, but I didn't read any posts of people coming at Amy for not wanting to go to CC (and you know how protective I am of Amy). I read Serena's post not as an attack to Amy, but as a complaint to the writers for making them unecessarily confrontational over someting that instead could had been used a common ground so both could enjoy that trip to the convention, instead of the same old tired joke of the suffering partner finding the man's nerdy interests ridiculous. I know we just have a little snippet and there's still the chance for that to happen (altough, knowing the writers, I won't keep my hopes too high) So, am I right @serena_1995 ?
  14. Funnily enough, I was just reading the comment section at one of the sources for the renewal news and several posters there were saying that both girls deserved a rise and one of them saying that Kaley could have been easily replaced by other actress, also that the only one that deserved the 1 million was Jim and yes, some more saying that nobody deserved anything because the show was not funny at all (as usual). Not making things up, true story. Please note that that's not how I feel (except for the well deserved pay rise for Mayim and Melissa), I value all the characters, I'm not trying to throw shade to any of the actors, nor to say that those guy's opinions are more valid than yours, I'm just contrasting your take on the general audience's perception and what I've just read.
  15. And you probably won't. Altough IMO it would be fair, to compensate a bit for so many years of scandalous underpayment (as opposed to the other five) and because, like it or not, they are a very important part of the show nowadays. But since as a general rule life isn't fair, they probably won't get such a high rise, but any increase in their salary will be a clear indicative of the interest the network and the producers have on keeping them on board, and that will mean they regard them as valuable for the show.