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  1. well sheldon is NOW. and have U noticed how there are 3 ROSANNE stars on this one show? leonard has no special talent, hes just a boring smart guy who never smiles. very depressing imo. in several of the shows i have heard leonards voice very nasally like he was TRYING to do it on purpose and in others he seems to have dropped that annoying habit. im glad he dropped it.
  2. omgosh what happened? a restraining order? i have only recently learned of this shows existence, so whatever season they are in now is where im beginning from. it was hard for me this weekend WAITING for the show to come on tonight i think im addicted to it.
  3. raj should stutter or hiccup or even fart, just odd explosive noises or something when he tries.
  4. remember, amy had her brain stimulated something like 150 times, in the sexual arousal area. i hope sheldon DOES meet a girl he likes. hes still human and the hormones WILL kick in whether he likes it or not. an unavoidable, chemical reaction unlike a choice he may make, and boy it will be a doozy. can U imagine how silly and goofy he would be if he were in love? but im not ready for him to fall just yet..im still learning about him and his strangle uvula. :D
  5. im going to believe Mr Nimoy. i trust him over anything a company might report, anyday, (he was always my favorite, not kirk)
  6. sheldon loves him so much and i totally understand this. gawd i really hope Mr Nimoy will be asked to make an appearance. he should show up at sheldons lowest point in life to give him that nudge he needed that no one else could ever succeed in giving. just saying...
  7. amy is very much like the lilith character in frasier. a definite reptilian personality. sheldon is also very like the reptilian race. he is even built like one. i havent seen all the seasons, heck i jsut started watching this show 4 nights ago. i am a die hard internet surfer but i have absolutley fallen IN LOVE with this show. it makes me laugh and let me tell U that is very hard to do. im very much like sheldon though im female. i identify with his thinking.i even catch myself blurting out what he might say and for the most part im right. i cant believe a tv show can actually grab my attention but at last it has happened. the show NEEDS an amy...to balance the male genius. there are many females who are documented geniuses and we have trouble with social settings. we need a rule breaker in the group.part of being a genius is resistance to authority.we make our own rules.
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