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  1. Well in "The Friendship Contraction", Leonard says to Sheldon something to the effect of "Only if you admit that you're a 30 year old man who cant function properly", so I would assume that he's 30 right now if Leonard was being literal

  2. Yes pjack I agree they need to have Leonard be more secure and less whining and have penny let her guard down for them to ever be together again, Leonard was in love with the hot blonde across the hall, every time he didn't want to do something he said that he only wanted to do it because he wanted sex, where's the love their ?

    I think the writers had him say that so that they could subtly make a point while still being funny. What this shows is that Penny could get Leonard to do anything she wanted to (not necessarily intentionally), if Leonard thought he'd get sex. This reveals that Leonard was a bit of a push-over, and he needs to get over it for him and Penny to have a successful relationship down the road.

    It all goes back to the "take charge Leonard" that Penny said that she liked, as well as Penny saying "You don't always have to go along with the girl wants" in season 2.

    Once Leonard learns these lessons (he is getting better at it, but of course he reverted to the old Leonard once Penny paid him a compliment) he and Penny will be much better off.

    I think it's obvious they still have feelings for each other. I could sense it in their fight.

    Oh and the Sheldon bird scenes were absolutely hilarious lol

  3. Man they really don't show break-ups on this show do they? All we get is a passing comment from Leonard "I'm single, I don't need this crap." Oh well, at least Priya's gone.

    Anyway I really liked this episode. Amy hadn't appeared in the last few so I guess we were due for an episode about her. I think its obvious that Sheldon cares for her, but not in the way that Amy would like lol.

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