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  1. ellmoe2000

    Opinion: Kaley's Hair Love It Or Hate It?

    I know that I may get flogged for saying this, but I have been wanting to say this so here it is. I am one that does not like Penny's new hairdo. IMO, it is too short and doesn't look like Penny anymore. It seems like the character is going to go in a different direction and is going to loose the characteristics that made her Penny.
  2. ellmoe2000

    New Episode Idea

    This sounds like a good idea, but it sounds like the episode from friends. The one were Ross chases after Rachel before she boards her plane to Paris.
  3. ellmoe2000

    Fan Art Thread.

    This is very good. Pretty close resemblance.
  4. [As I watch TBBT, I often pay attention to objects and images that appear in the background or foreground. While watching episode 2, "The Deception Verification", I noticed 2 "egg-shaped" objects that appears to have polar bears on them. Can anybody tell what they are?
  5. ellmoe2000


    I think there needs to be more nerd than relationship. In my opinion, I am starting to think the relationships are taking away from the show. Howard's fiance is starting to get on my nerves with her high pitched voice. Amy is starting to freak me out with her lesbian infatuation with Penny. So, yes. More nerds and less relationships!!!
  6. ellmoe2000

    Your biggest movie disappointments?

    I am an Incredible Hulk fan. The first Hulk movie was disappointing. The Hulk is supposed to be a monster. The face looked too much like a man. The second one was better. Can't wait for the Avengers to come out.
  7. ellmoe2000

    Your Most Watched TV show?!?

    Mine used to be House. Now its been replaced by TBBT.
  8. ellmoe2000

    Hello Everyone!!!

    I've been here for a while but missed this one. My name is Kevin. Like everyone else I enjoy the show. I can actually say that I have learned things from watching this sitcom. Every time I watch an episode, I pause it and look up something to see if it's factual. I usually do this for all the games they play.
  9. ellmoe2000

    A-Z: Household Items

  10. ellmoe2000

    How to destroy a DVD

    Dip or spray the whole disk with alcohol (not the type you drink)! Let it set for about 20 min. You will then be able to take the layers apart. I used to work for a company that made dvds and cds. We did this for fun.
  11. ellmoe2000

    Word Evolution

  12. ellmoe2000

    Rate the person above!

    This seems like fun!!! So I guess I'll give a 7!!! It would have been higher if you had a better avatar, lol.
  13. ellmoe2000


    Check out this instant BAZINGA button. I thought it was pretty cool to share. I found this one about a year ago. It's a Darth Vader instant nooooooooooo button.
  14. ellmoe2000

    TBBT Wallpaper

    Here is a pretty cool link for those looking for TBBT Wallpaper images. The first one makes a really good background image for Google (those of you who customizes the Google home page.)
  15. ellmoe2000

    Fan Art

    That looks totally cool. Nice work. two thumbs up!!!

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