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  1. They should just run the show on Lifetime Network already and get it over with...the comedy and geek chic writing has been buried under sentimental cooing and forced pairings. No likey.
  2. Grown up imaginary friend in the hizz-ouse.
  3. The show does poke a little fun at religion, but what can you expect from a show about scientists who try to explain the origins of the universe?
  4. Sheldon is drinking alcohol and showing emotion for Howard so sure why not? He should drive too while he's at it. /sarcasm
  5. Amy's scenes with Penny and Bernie are making me cringe more often than not.
  6. It would have been nice if the writers focused on story arcs involving adventures with Barry, Zack, Stuart and Wil instead of relationship humor.When I think of what could have been....it's sad.
  7. Probably the worst episode of the entire series. Amy at her unfunniest.
  8. I agree completely with the OP. The show instead of embracing these wonderful characters and watching them develop through the prism of nerdiness/sci-fi/social awkwardness opted to go the other direction and make the audience ooh and ahh for sweetness and romance. When I think of the destruction of the Howard character and the rapid humanization of Sheldon, I weep for what could have been.
  9. I loved the Star Trek ending...a very good episode!
  10. I'm really hoping Howard doesn't get married......
  11. I agree with this completely. Wow...nailed it.
  12. Pretty bland episode tonight laugh wise....I didn't like to see Sheldon drinking either, hes getting a bit too normal this season.
  13. There are Youtube videos that fans have made that edit out the laughter and it's much better in my opinion. The laughter on the show sounds forced and over the top.
  14. I thought astronauts are seen as mostly military... smart physically fit hero types...not nerds. There is an episode where Phoebe comes on to and kisses Rachel, but that's beside the point....I was referring to TBBT slowly transforming from a quirky nerd-based comedy into a full-on relationship based laughtrack riddled train wreck and the morphing of the Howard character from skeezy latently gay Jew stereotype into Mr. Fiance'/Astronaut is just one example. It seems the innacurate references to the laugh track will never end... Care to enlighten me good sir? There
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