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  1. Amy has her moments, but overall her character is too predictable. Sheldon is someone who changes very, very slowly over time if at all. When you look at him in season 1 and fast forward to now, not much has changed except for him being a little more tolerant and considerate of his friends (but only because they have been giving to him, which drives him to be nicer in return because deep down he hates to be in debt). But for him to shift his mindset and start thinking of a romantic relationship with someone like AFF? No way. Not within the amount of time this series will have, anyway. W
  2. I finally figured out what Sheldon's watch is. It's a Wenger Military Commando Dual Time.
  3. I thought Frasier was a great show in the beginning... but then, it became very predictable. * Niles chases Daphne, but Daphne pretends like she's clueless and Niles remains frustrated. * Frasier and Niles and embark on something great and find a way to screw it up. * Martin makes his usual "to the point" observations for a few laughs So they finally crossed the bridge with Niles and Daphne, putting them together. Then they tried to find ways to make their lives complicated. But in the end... the show kind of puttered out rather than finishing with a crescendo.
  4. ^ Fantastic, Sterculius! Thanks so much for posting that. Hilarious. That's part of the problem with a TV series becoming very successful. The chief executives get all pent up about maximizing audience pull. That "geeky/nerdy" audience is not a huge percentage of the TV viewing audience, so they're trying to reach a broader audience now. And of course, that is going to dilute the characteristics that had such appeal to the "original" viewers. I hope it doesn't take a slipping of ratings to make Chuck Lorre realize this, because by then the momentum towards "series end" will be ha
  5. That is, of course, a fake address. If you try it out in Google Maps, it tries to resolve to either San Marino or San Gabriel. In Pasadena, the road Los Robles Ave does not have a 2311 address. Actually, this is not true at all (it's impossible for your 'entire body' to shut down--it's constantly in motion, even for a while after death). The idea that a sneeze stops your heart is up there with the ancient belief that a big "ah-choo" blows your soul right out of your nose. Both are myths with murky origins, and neither makes much sense, but is probably the inspiration for the saying "
  6. I'd like to see a Big Bang Theory / Fringe crossover.
  7. No. Although Sheldon offered up to Amy the idea of "copulating", it was more of a curiosity rather than a hormone driven need. Sheldon seems really reserved on the idea of sex, probably because of all the germ contamination involved. Amy is obvious much more sexually conscious, with all the sexual innuendo thrown about in her quips and her advances on Sheldon a few times. She's a bit of a nasty person in some ways. I know Sheldon has a crude side to him as well, due in part to his social ineptness, but he's more harmless than Amy. So in the end... no, I'd rather not see Sheldon and Amy
  8. Ummmm.... in terms of style, I hope? Better not be personality... because someone like that would drive any sane person nuts! Sheldon is a social misfit of the higher order. He has been getting better, but still has a very long............. long, long way to go.
  9. You've gotta know from the last episode that there's a real teaser going on, implying that we're not done with Leonard and Penny just yet. They're going to flirt with dating again, but bump heads on it a few more times... then eventually they'll get together, after working more on the friendship side. We've had the Priya arc... and now we need an arc with Penny dating someone for a stretch. Both of them have a lot of growing to do socially (Leonard needing it a bit more). And once there, they'll have a better chance of giving it a go again. Of course... once that happens, the show will be
  10. He looks very similar, but no... it's not him. I'm sure of it. Face isn't quite the right proportions.
  11. ^ I aim to please, mousey.
  12. I feel it has shifted in a direction that isn't... well... necessarily the best. I'm still enjoying it, but yes--something has been lost, some characteristics of the earlier seasons. I don't like the idea of the need to "pair up" all of the main characters. I hope Priya is eventually out of the picture, as the Leonard relationship strain (difficult girlfriend while still feeling something for Penny) is getting a bit tired. Wolowitz should stay with Bernadette. Rajesh should still struggle with trying to find someone. And the Sheldon/Amy hookup should never happen. I do like how Stuart
  13. That IS bold, because... you're dead wrong. Mechanical analog watches can sometimes achieve quartz watch accuracy (at very high expense), but only temporarily--they suffer far more deviation issues. In the world of watches there are two display types: analog and digital. And there are two main movement types: mechanical and quartz. Sheldon's analog watches are most likely quartz, which are almost as accurate as digital watches (it's the physical movement of hands that detracts from accuracy). However, there are some models with atomic synchronization which can help keep a watch mo
  14. ^ Yeah, I wonder if their involvement with each other off-set for two years was just a side effect of their on-screen romance... or, if the attraction is still there but just put to the side for the sake of the show (off-screen romances can create quite a bit of on-screen tension--been there, done that).
  15. ^ Yeah, and kind of ironic given how Jim Parsons had never watched Star Trek prior to joining TBBT.
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