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  1. Good news indeed, although it would have been a better day for Sheldon if he had found the evidence.
  2. The theme from the unaired pilot was "She blinded me with Science" by Thomas Dolby, it bought back loads of memories from the 80s, but I much prefer Bare Naked Ladies, and it is much more appropriate to the name of the show. So in short BNL "The Big Bang" is the one for me. :D
  3. Same here except substitute Rap for Country. Agreed Grasshopper. I have always thought that Rap is a miss spelling or a typo... They missed / forgot the "C"...
  4. Ha! Thanks for agreeing, but I'm looking at "puzzled" in my rear view mirror. Been mad at cowardly TV & Movie producers for quite a while
  5. This is actually a bit of a sore point with me. The US exports TV shows all over the world (Some of them are VERY good), but rather than importing good ones from other countries the US TV producers show absolutely no faith in their audience, rather than allowing them to grow and learn about other cultures US TV producers take shows from other countries and make pale and weak imitations. totally devoid of the chemistry that made the originals excellent. This culture of copying has also extended into the movie industry with a litany of remakes and derivative movies. Producers need to "Grow a pair" and have more faith in original work IMO. [/rant]
  6. Greetings brucewinwood, Welcome to the forum, I hope you have a lot of fun here. You will find they are a great bunch of very friendly people here, none of which bite (for the most part )
  7. I do not belive he is "self centered" he really cares for his friends, but he does not want to be involved in the trivia of life. Life is to short and there are more important things. When his friends really need him he is more than willing to step up.
  8. Geologists "The dirt people."... LOL
  9. Albert Bester


    So go and see it twice... That should work, yes?
  10. Okay, I'm not at all sure about the Penny 1.0 / Penny 1.1 transition. People are organic and subject to change, but it is NOT a digital transition, changes are gradual making a definite point of change difficult to pin point, and is more a matter of an individuals point of perception rather than a defined point in time and space. So you will have to help me out there... I'm very interested in how you can validate Sheldon's calculations. Where exactly are they defined?
  11. I have no doubt that you are correct. However, next time you see a friend who is in love, try telling them "You can do better." see what reaction you get. Consider how you would feel in that position. The fact is even in a fictional comedy series, people do not choose the ones they love based on logic, or how well the will fit in with their life and persuits. Thats why it is called "Love" NOT "Logic"
  12. There is NO SUCH THING as a PERFECT relationship. That said, "The heart wants, what the heart wants..." Penny really wants Leonard and visa versa, and as in almost all human relationships the major obstacle is communication. Penny fears committing too soon and Leonard is too inexperienced to play the games people play to prolong the non-committal period of a relationship. THEY NEED TO TALK! The biggest problem with ALL the other relationships has been "Balance of power". All the other women he has had serious relationships with have fallen into the trap that the majority of women fall into with men: They see a man they are attracted to, but then overlay that image with the affectations of their ideal man and then begin to try to make adjustments to appearance, behaviour and peripheral relationships in order to take possession of their (fictional) ideal man. The problem is that these adjustments almost always change the basic person way from what they saw in the first instance, which at best means a whole lot more work to make the relationship work and at worst will alienate the changed individual from the one doing the changing. People change, but it must be of their own free will and a two way street. I think it is pretty obvious that with Stephanie and Priya it was far from a two way street. Those relationships were ALWAYS DOOMED, firstly because Leonard has always wanted Penny and secondly because the power in the relationships was NEVER balanced I choose not to mention Leslie Winkle, because she was never really a serious relationship in my opinion. Leonard ended up with her briefly because they happened to be in the right place at the right time (kind of like The Titanic and an iceberg...). That’s my contribution
  13. Umm, I have never listened to artichokes before, what kind of noises do they make?
  14. You mean this one:? It can be found on the US dollar, it is a Masonic reference and depicts "The All Seeing Eye"
  15. Some time ago I got involved in an online gaming site (an MMORPG), due to one thing and another I was recruited as a game & forum moderator... I have been flamed & spit roasted, I'm now immune LOL It does help to be able to ban those who light the fires, but I have to say it is not always the right thing to do, no matter how satisfying. Obviously there are cases where you have no option, but they are fewer than you might think. Moderation can be an odd path to follow, but it is quite satisfying.
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