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  1. Greetings Kaitie, Welcome to the forum, I hope you have fun visiting and enjoy meeting all the wonderful people here. I'm sure if you want any of the "SCIENCE STUFF" explained, there will be plenty of willing volunteers to help you out
  2. Hmmm, I can answer that question... Local, available & interested :D
  3. DVDs make great air gun targets... :D
  4. Hi drewnd, I don't know if this will be of any help but Wiki has character profiles on all the regulars in TBBT link to links for character info there is not much more about Howards father, but I would say that since TBBT writers are not much for continuity or maintaning profile integrity there is no reason that you should not help them out by creating a little bit more back story for Howard in your work I hope you choose to post your work here or at least a link to where it can be read as I have more than a passing interest in fan fiction. Thanks.
  5. The Happy Goth by The Divine Comedy
  6. Spin disc at 30,000 rpm. The centrifugal force causes the disc to disintegrate. PLEASE do NOT stand close to the disc when attempting this. It's VERY dangerous.
  7. 9/10 same resons as given for Alien94, plust you just gave me a much needed ego boost :D Thanks for that.
  8. you get 8/10, you always manage to be polite when sharing your view point and you seem quite intelegent.
  9. Hi SheilaMQuick, Welcome to the forum. Have fun playing with the other inmates They are a nice bunch
  10. I sort of agree that having a matematician in the show could be funny, but you have to remember that Sheldon would see a matematician in much the same way as he sees Howard. Math is after all just a tool Sheldon uses to tackle the bigger questions. So some one that just specialised in math from Sheldons perspective would just be a bit of a tool...
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