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  1. Sheldon is captivating and Howard's comic delivery is magnificent!! Penny is also brilliant and perfect in her role. I like the other characters as well but to a lesser degree. Bernadette's saccharin voice is a little irritating. Amy has potential and Raj... although they dress him as a geek is a little too handsome to be convincing as the outcast nerd. Leonard is the warmest of the male characters and has the hardest role of all. He's the bridge between nerdsville and the outside world.

    My favourite to watch: Sheldon. The best actor: Howard. He never misses a beat, makes even the most mediocre line work and has amazing physical comedy which is quite rare. To sum up, I love this show and the characters. Penny is so very mature for an actress of her age! Amy, I feel we haven't seen her potential yet. There is so much talent on this show and I'm really enjoying watching it develop.

    A little off topic (for which I appologise) but I just had to say: Excelent post. Very nicely said :)

  2. If u want to see fantasy tv i'am sure there's Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers playing somewhere...

    Hi Alex7,

    The Big Bang Theory is fiction & comedy by its very definition it is fantasy

    You obviously have some issues with the direction that the fictional character Bernadette is being taken in by the writers. Fair enough.

    I personaly wonder at the wisdom of airing your personal issues on a fan forum. But that is up to you.

    I have no desire to get into it with you, and as such already regret posting on what you have claimed as your thread. But I will (just for the sake of it) re-emphasise "Fiction & Comedy."

    It is tough enough when one takes real life too seriously, without getting bent out of shape over a character in a TV show.

    That is all I have to say on the subject. So have fun with it.:icon_cheesygrin:

  3. Can I get a "THANK THE LORD!" ?

    If TV Land was "realistic" it would be dull, depressing, not funny at all and by no means an escape from day to day reality

    I am happy to say that we are not expected to take any "comedy" to seriously...

  4. Revenge of the Mutant Camels by Jeff Minter on the Commodore 64

    Horizontal scrolling shootem up.

    Great fun.

    There were a couple of games on my first ever computer... But I really don't think they count as my first computer was a Sinclair ZX81... 1K of ram, games loaded from compact cassete which only worked right half the time... Ah, those were the days LOL

  5. Okay, so Penny has a sister, yes?

    Do we know what her sisters given name is?

    Could it be Pepper?

    Go on admit it, it would be cool if her family name was "Potts". I'm sure the Iron Man connection would get Penny some great cred with Sheldon :D

  6. Haha,because of them i now walk in the rain,i don't run anymore :p

    I haven't seen that myth

    I'm guessing they were testing whether a person got wetter when running or walking?

    Correct! I always suspected that a persons running style might also have a large bearing on the outcome...

  7. I for one enjoyed Myth Busters, and taking into consideration the main aim of the show (entertainment for the masses) think it was well made and presented.

    From a pure science point of view it had holes you could drive a very large truck through, and yes it would have driven Sheldon crazy... But does'nt everything?

    If the show had been made by scientists it would have been very dry and lacking entertainment. I think there are myths that they covered that all of us found fault with (demonstrated by thier mail bag of complaints) but that just shows that you can please all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can not please all of the people all of the time. ;)

  8. noticed this one after i watched the vid u linked.... anybody know what movie this is?? the description wasnt in english....

    No idea, the only thing I can add with any certainty is: It isn’t "Hop"

    How ever I really want to know :D

    Just done a little research on the youtube vid and it seems to be from "Killer Movie"

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