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  1. Frantically avoiding anything that resembles work and might force me into thinking rationally.
  2. Well, hello! I'm also new 'round here, so I really hope we can be friends! Everyone seems pretty fuzzy, so I don't think you'll have too much trouble in the friends department.
  3. I'm gonna stick in my two cents here. I, like many others, really don't feel that this whole deal really sits right. But I'm pretty sure that all this disapproval stems from the fact that no one really wants to see her get hurt by a guy, who to the public eye, has less obvious attributes that the wonderful Kaley that most of us indentify - and feel a degree of protectiveness of - as Penny. She doesn't make decisions that I would consider best. But who am I to judge? I see what is presented to me. All the reading into things can never replace actually knowing the guy, or Kaley. I personally, from the info I've seen, feel she deserves better. All anyone wants, I think, is for her to find a nice guy, who she will love. I hope that she has found him, but I fear she hasn't. And, I guess, a little part deep inside me wanted to see a real life L/P child. (Total fantasy, but warmfuzzy-fantasy)
  4. Well, hi! I've been lurking around for a while, and I decided it was about time that I jumped in! I guess this is the part where I launch into a ramble on me. I'll try not to put you all to sleep, . There's actually not that much to say - I'm obsessed with TBBT, but that's a given, seeing as I'm pretty sure everyone in these parts is. Most folks call me Robyn. In fact, all folks call me Robyn, considering that is my name. I'm still enjoying the wonderful and joyful journey through high school, on the road to the great enlightenment that is supporting yourself. -insert sarcasm sign here, for those with Sheldon tendancies- Anyhoo, I'm also a Rhythmic Gymnast, and a coxswain (Rowing term for small, loud person who sits in the boat and yells). I also tend to be somewhat disorganised, but - somehow - everything always seems to get done all the same. Usually. Well, there's my spiel (or disjointed short novel, to be more correct) I can't wait to meet all of you!
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