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  1. Lee


    Here is an Amy thread you could read for people's opinions: http://forum.the-big-bang-theory.com/thread-1773.html
  2. If you're so desperate, do what I do. I'm from the UK, but I still find a way to watch them
  3. No one calls me Moonpie but Mee Maw!
  4. Lee


    I was just asking to see what other people thought. I don't really have to give reasoning to find out their opinions. If you want to know why I don't like her, then fine. I don't like her because I really don't find her funny at all. As an avid fan, I am used to laughing a lot throughout the episodes, and in the episodes she makes frequent appearances, I don't seem to laugh a lot. I understand her role as a character and the role she plays to the rest of the group with their relationships, but I find her annoying and unfunny.
  5. And then it gets censored on every episode in the UK, so us Brits never really find out
  6. Lee


    Hello, I wanted to know your opinions on Amy as a character. Personally, in her first appearance I thought she was okay, but I didn't think she would last long in the show. Like Priya, I thought that Amy spoiled some of the episodes, such as when they featured a lot in the episode, there just wasn't a lot of laughter from me. Thankfully, Priya isn't a main character anymore, and I am hoping Amy will get cut soon. I really think she is spoiling the show and I am a huge fan, so it would have to take a lot for me to not enjoy it. Watching 5.08 earlier, I was thinking about how much it was
  7. I agree. Could even make it like Krammer in Seinfeld. Some sort of big seret they try to find out It wouldn't take too much effort. I am sure she has a lot of credit card statements laying around... But this could be an excuse to bring back Wyatt for an episode.
  8. Hello, my name is Lee and I am 18 from the UK. I love TBBT and I thought it was time for me to finally sign up to this site after being a long term browser. I've seen every episode from season 1-4 at least 10 times each, and every episode to date from season 5 at least twice. Some may think I have no life, (maybe I don't ) but it's my favourite show. I am assuming there must be a few like me on this site.
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