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  1. Because she's taking huge amounts of screen time away from the main cast. On a more subjective note she just isn't funny, you can guess her lines before the episodes even start, period joke, Pennys hot joke, make a move on Sheldon. Repeat into infinite boredom. She was a good character to have Sheldon bounce off in the odd scene but she's had two whole episodes based around her now. Might as well rename it the Amy show and be done with it. She is spending more time than normal, true. She's not "the funny one", true. But she's not a normal girl, is she. She's much more like the guy characters (the science part, and the fact that she is a nerd too -- Bernadette is a Dr. but she's not a nerd). With the help of Amy, the Sheldon character is developing further, and isn't that what people want to see, for Sheldon to evolve and do things that he never has done before? New things are happening to Sheldon thanks to Amy; is it not obvious that Amy is the only woman who could possibly be drawn to Sheldon and get Sheldon to do things that no other woman could make him do? Amy is the only woman for Sheldon. And Sheldon is who we, the audience, wants to see. So if you want to see Sheldon, you have no choice but to see Amy. That's just what I see.
  2. You really want to know? The answer is : No. They were together for almost all of the third season. We're in the fifth season now and Leonard had a serious girl friend up to the seventh or eighth episode of this season (he just broke up with her). It's a great show and I hope you keep watching!
  3. I really enjoyed this episode. It was funny and cleverly thought out and there was even a twist : I never expected Sheldon to EVER go through with asking anyone to be his girlfriend. And I didn't even think about the girlfriend agreement! Well done, writers. The Sheldon and Penny's "knock on the door" comeback was a riot, I had to hear that again. I have no idea why so many people here are against the Amy character. I think she's great! And get used to her ... she's here to stay. As for guys being drawn to attractive girls, be aware that it works both ways. Heaps of girls are drawn to guys with solely good looks too. Personality is a much better strength.
  4. That's great, thank you for enlightening me!
  5. Nicole


    Welcome Koxinga! I hope you have a good time while you're here. Don't worry about any language problem; your English is great. My country is bilingual and my daughter is in French Immersion, and while I took French up to grade 9, I have forgotten most of it.
  6. That was the pilot, that quote. As for commentary tracks, would rather not hear them. It's not that important to me. Have you seen Battlestar Galactica with commentary?
  7. Nicole


    "Who is Radiohead?" (the Working Song episode) "Tweety bird said, 'I tought I taw a what?'" "Romulan." (I don't know what that is or where to find one. I think it's from the episode when the guys bought a life-size time machine.) (And that part always cracks me up!) --signs that she is smarter! Hmmm. I have never touched a Playboy magazine. Let me know if it's worth buying.
  8. Nicole

    What Raj needs

    If Dr. and Mrs. Koothrappali want an Indian woman to marry Raj, then Raj should look into dating a deaf Indian ... WHAT IS HE WAITING FOR!?
  9. Sterculius, you're a genius! I never even thought of that. In the pilot, I thought Howard mentioned all the languages he knew (this is a guess, I need to re-watch). I don't remember him mentioning ASL .. and yet Penny went to Howard for this help. ???
  10. If no one has ever actually said "Beam me up, Scotty", I wonder why I have heard this? Who is Padowan? I love this quote: "Take your stinking paws off my popcorn you damn dirty ape!" lol My 6 year old walks around saying "you damn dirty ape!" all the time.
  11. Check out ebay or consignment shops.
  12. I have already got the first four seasons. It's great!
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