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  1. wow!! I waited all week for that... blah penny is a drunk now , amy is getting way to much air time and she blows!!
  2. I just think they need to let go of the whole "Leonard and Penny" thing I just can't see Leonard with anyone other than Leslie winkle as they have been together ever since I started watching tv back when Roseanne was on, I still even watch that to this day.
  3. IDK everytime something is wrong with either one of them they always end up together?? (in the laundry room,in their apartments,in the hallways) I do see the chemistry I just think if they were to get together they should stay together ... and amy is weird. I'm not all that fond of her anyways.
  4. meh I guess you're all right I just think their relationship is amusing. lol sorry!
  5. Leslie winkle is Sheldon's perfect enemy! Amy is just annoying.
  6. I'm a huge fan myself and as I watch all the shows and seasons I see chemistry between Penny and Sheldon!! Am I just crazy to think they would be cute together!?
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