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  1. Totally loved this episode :D Good old boy-to-girl opposition, messing with social codes. New and funny variation(s) with the 3 door's knocks (Penny is really creative there). Classic Wolowitz (sheldon patented blend of condescension and no sex isn't enough to hold on to a woman ?) It may be lame, but I like their cardgame. I'd like to try it. And a new agreement from Sheldon ! Can't wait to see how he will use it (we've already seen the hand holding and the ouchies part)
  2. koxinga


    Thx all for your warm welcome messages. Careful, they might come here and read you I don't know if you still go there but some of them use big words to describe someone's deffection.
  3. Yeah ! more fun things to type on Google :D Thanks, can't get rid of it ...
  4. Nobody used to watch saint seiya or dragon ball ? Those were my favorites. We mostly had japanimation in child TV shows ...
  5. koxinga


    Hello there ! I'm french (so please forgive the many language errors I will do), I watch the show from its beginning and love it ! I'm here because french forum is less and less interesting, hope to find cool stuff and meet cool people here. +
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