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  1. Obviously who would like the boring character of Leonard and his very boring hopeless illusion of him and Penny the writers saw he and her had no hope so Sheldon and Amy (Shamy) have been the main priority.
  2. Like all good comedy's TBBT will eventually come to an end. How will it end though? To me its quite obvious its going to be Leonard And Penny having a baby or getting married as the show revolves around them two now and its kinda boring and predictable. How will it end??? (Writers please dont make end about leonard and penny instead leave leonard heart broken at end:icon_cheesygrin:) That would be not predictable and it would be funny.
  3. Why don't you ever see them playing World Of Warcraft anymore?
  4. I want Raj's Parents to come and visit.
  5. Yep thats looks right good job now do penny's apartment next to it.
  6. What is your favourite season and why? Personally mine is Season 1 as it more suited the show more nerdy and more Halo but where has that gone now and and as Raj said About Leonard it was alot more fun we had had no hope because it was funnier when he hadn't now its just boring Leonard getting girl friends.
  7. Well first of all i think its very boring when Leonard has a girl friend as the show revolves around them and when Leonard and penny are together I feel they shouldn't be they do not look good together.
  8. Ronko17

    Poor Raj...

    Personally I hate the fact that Raj is the only one of the boys that hasn't really had a relationship and i think he needs one, but i think Leonard shouldn't have a relationship because everyone hes been with except Penny and Leslie he stealed or dindant get permission because take Priya he should of asked Raj before sleeping with her I hated him for that i considered it as selfish then he kinda stole Stephanie from Howard again that was plain selfish so for them reasons i think Leonard dusant deserve one but that's my Opinion.
  9. Acording to Google no
  10. I was wondering if Sheldon's 3 Player Chess is available on the market?
  11. What is your favourite Episode?
  12. This is a question that has been bugging me my answer split into yes and no yes bacause if Amy gets pregnant it would be intresting to see how Sheldon reacts and a version of Amy and Sheldon together. No because it might ruin the show and Sheldon. Your Opinions?
  13. Personally I dont like leonard because he always betrays his friends like he hooked up with Priya without getting Raj's blessing plus he pinkie sweared with Howard. Then he stole howards girlfreind Stephanie and he keeps ignoring sheldons roomate agreement! Priya I hate her she tried to make Leonard someone hes not then she messed with Sheldons roomate agreement what made me hate her more. What are your opinions?
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