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  1. My favorite episode is the one I wrote last month..."The Nano-Nano Valediction", printed on the forum.
  2. Here's a script I wrote for the show. Enjoy! THE BIG BANG THEORY Written by Richard G. Steele October 23, 2011 EPISODE: “THE NANO-NANO VALEDICTION†Synopsis: Professor emeritus Marcus O’Reilly Kellerman (known affectionately to his colleges as MORK) is retiring. For the past 40 years, Mork (Robin Williams) has been the head of the Physics Department at the University. Junior Professor Dr. Sheldon Cooper has been tasked with organizing Mork’s retirement dinner. Professor Mork’s wife Mindy (Pam Dawber) helps the gang set up a surprise dinner party at a swanky LA Rest
  3. It's sad to watch the re-runs on TBS and see how funny they were in S1, etc. But now, it's just pathetic with a show dedicated to Sheldon and his bird.... The show needs to go out with a Bang! (as it were). ><((((º>`·.¸¸´¯`·.¸><((((º>.·´¯`·...¸>(((º>`·.¸¸´¯`·.¸><((((º>
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