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  1. very cool statement, reminds me about Lister being the only human. Rimmer is his old boss (roomate) that was killed while Lister was in statis, he now is a hologram. listers cat evolved for so long it walks on all fours and has good taste in clothes. the cat has some of the funniest lines. kryten is a robot duh. interesting that they filmed/ shot more rd - i heard the movie project had run into snags. I love the first 8 seasons, i need to rewatch them. it was just cool to see RD on BBT - very cool when you choose red dwarf as your BBT forum user name and you see a reference to RD in the show.
  2. Interesting replies, The young ones meet Dr Who was very funny relating to Red Dwarf, Red Dwarf is a great sci-fi comedy. Not for everyone but great just the same, very popular now. Like Dr who Red dwarf came to the USA via PBS stations. later BBC America aired it a ton and it was great!!!!
  3. Did eveyone see last nights new episode when Sheldon had the Red Dwarf tv series box set in hand to lure Leonard to get back to the being friends/roomates? Cool/Funny show red dwarf along with the big bang theory of course.
  4. thanks Tripper I will check out the site more, have a good day! thanks for the cool welcome, big bang t is great!
  5. Thanks for the nice welcome --live long and prosper!! thanks for the welcome -- live long and prosper!! --Hello -- just got done watching the old Will Weaton episode of BBT -- he doesn't look anything like he did on next gen -- funny ass ending with Sheldon taking the bait -- ***** no spoiler warning robots*** LOL ---Big time Red Dwarf fan, I love Red Dwarf it kicks butt in every galaxy but rigel 12 -- man that cat sure evolved form Lister's old cat -- and many who don't know the show forget that RIMMER IS A HOLOGRAM (Lister's old boss doing vending machines)--!!!!!! Ace Rimmer was cool -- I did some vending machine work myself back in the day -- don't vend that candy bar -- oh crap ***late spoiler warning **** you just activated the self-destruct mech on the ship -- I told you not to touch anything (Rimmer - to Lister) how bout the time Lister had the big Zit on top of his head and he popped it -- man that was gross - funny just like the Big Bang Therory -- Sheldon is part rain man. part Genius -- part blasted idiot -- he rocks and is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wave back -- very Interesting .... I think you are correct -- 'one of the most creative comedies I've seen on TV and love it'. --- it is a great show and will never slow down the creative genius of it. hope to go see a live taping in CA someday -- that would be cool!!!!
  6. Big fan of big bang theory - want to go see a taping of the show someday -- funny show!!!
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