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  1. I feel like that's true, Leonard's mom is way more of a female Sheldon. But at the same time, I see Amy as a version of Sheldon that's trying to become more social. I mean, the super awkward kid usually makes weird comments until they figure out how to interact with the larger social group...right? Howard's sort of grown up in that way, and become less of a fifth wheel to the others. I'm actually very excited for the Relationship Agreement to come into effect in later episodes. I feel like the show could have a lot of great moments hiding in there.
  2. His childishness came out in earlier seasons when he was drunk or sick, though. "Mom smokes in the car. Jesus is okay with it but we can't tell dad," for example. I feel like the writers aren't getting lazy necessarily...I was beginning to get annoyed with Sheldon's one-dimensional robotic detachment. I think, like all the characters, the writers have to give and take certain qualities for plot and character development. Isn't it bizarre to watch the pilot, though, where he and Leonard go to a sperm bank? It always strikes me as something Sheldon would never agree to do. Seeing as he has a wad of cash hidden in Green Lantern, he never has a need to donate sperm for money. I think the writers "forget" certain attributes and plot points pretty easily on this show.
  3. I was actually quite excited to see her appear in a rose-patterned sweater that I had recently bought at Forever 21. I think some of the clothes she wears are pretty accessible. I want to find the orange sweater she wears in season 2 though. Looks like according to coolspotter she wears a lot of Lucky brand.... ...seeing as her character usually has money issues and is scraping by with the rent, I think it's sort of funny that she usually appears in top of the line designer clothing.
  4. I just have to say that I was starting to get a little annoyed with Sheldon for a few season 5 episodes. I was just starting to wonder if he really was a robot... And then Episode 8 came along and Amy had that little meltdown about bridesmaid dresses, and conned Sheldon into cuddling with her. I feel like, for all Amy's faults and awkwardness as a character, she's really been introduced so that Sheldon's character is forced into some uncomfortable growth. I mean, there's not really much tension in the show if Leonard and Penny get together, Howard and Bernadette get married, and then Sheldon and Raj keep on keepin on. I think she adds a little bit of awkward tension in Sheldon's life, and bridges the gap between Penny and geekdom with her efforts to become socialized. Plus, she plays the harp, and I feel like she's changing the harpist stereotype. I've played the harp for 14 years and I know a few Amy-ish geeks out there that do too. I would be very disappointed in the show if she got cut.
  5. Hey everyone, I love BBT, my friends in college got together to watch it and talk about it every Thurs but I graduated this year so I watch it in my house alone...just wanted some BBT fan company.
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