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  1. Though I feel Shenny is better than Shamy (chemisty and opposites attract argument) I feel that IF Shenny were to ever happen it would have to be handled carefully and it should ONLY be brought up on the very last episode. Series finale. I remember watching X-Files and thinking Mulder/Scully could be good together but I also didn't want them together (For fear of show changing)...same feeling I have with Penny/Sheldon. X-Files took that leap and it felt WEIRD (to me anyways). In the last movie where Mulder/Scully are kissing...a movie about 10 years after the series ended, with plenty of
  2. lol I remember watching a sitcom-birth with my grandmother and she was criticizing all the yelling. She said giving birth wasn't THAT painful. After this conversation with her, I think it would be a lot funnier if someone was giving birth and they didn't feel a thing, like one of the women going into labor and then stating "I think the baby's coming....aaaannnd there it is." lol I remember watching a sitcom-birth with my grandmother and she was criticizing all the yelling. She said giving birth wasn't THAT painful. After this conversation with her, I think it would be a lot funnier
  3. I do think some of the episodes listed above were good in showing more about Sheldon as he was growing up, how someone like him handles a crisis, and how he is on the verge of a total breakdown (3x7, 3x8, and 3x14). My personal opinion, I think those were great episodes in walking that line between child and innocent-genius. BUT some of them pushed him over the edge. Personally, there were certain episodes that I remember watching that I just shook my head at when Sheldon acted like a child. Episode 3x20... I see where they were going with this and I found it amusing that they referred
  4. Predictions/hopes I have: *Sheldon/Amy breakup. If you ignore all the little things I don't like about Amy, there's still have the fact that I think they're too similar to be in a lasting relationship. *Sheldon meets another woman he likes (one who is his opposite). Opposites attract. He could be conflicted about his feelings and he might come to the conclusion he and Amy aren't suitable for each other, leading to the above point, that they should breakup. *Penny finds a great acting job. *Penny quits the Cheesecake Factory - even if her acting job isn't long-term or make her rich,
  5. One of the better episodes this season. Howard - greatness by himself, with Bernadette they were so cute, and him and his soon-to-be father in low, very funny. Leonard/Penny - very cute and funny with the whole gas-can thing. I like that we got to see some of their relationship and thankfully it wasn't all about sex like their relationship in season 3. And guess what? Penny didn't get drunk in this episode! There's hope for her yet. Plus, I was happy to see another episode without Penny, Bernadette, Amy hanging out. I don't usually find those scenes funny so I'm glad we got to se
  6. Did anyone select the 'Read More' section of the article? It's an April Fools joke!
  7. I think we could debate the Penny/Amy attraction vs. friendship forever. No matter the evidence presented (unless the show has an actual confession of attraction or the two jump in bed) we'll never know. Personally I think people can find subtlties to back up whatever argument they're going to make. If you look to other shows like one of my favorites 'Supernatural' a lot of fans (not me) see several of the main characters as in-love even though they're all heterosexual and they've never had any on-screen kisses or passionate moments. People will see what they see. A good example would
  8. Beecharmer


    People mention ratings... I hope the writers/producers aren't using that to decide which characters to keep or toss (Except the main characters since the show's inception). But let's face it, it's show BUSINESS. They'll do whatever they want just to keep making money. And that's how I see the Amy situation. People thought she was funny at the start so they decided to throw her into every single freakin' episode since - no matter how overdone or overused. It reminds me of when you hear a great song on the radio. You love it then you blink and it's on every single station. You get sick
  9. Th episode wasn't bad. It had some good moments. I didn't mind the Leonard/Penny scenes and I liked the scene at the comic book store. I really liked Raj in this episode too. I think there should have been more time with just the guys though, like Raj argued, there needs to be more of that. We didn't even really see any time where it was just them hanging out. I don't mind Bernadette but I really hope the show doesn't make her into another Mrs. Wolowitz. I didn't like that they made her scream like Howard's mother in past seasons so I'm glad she didn't do this here. With that said, I
  10. Beecharmer


    As for ruining the Sheldon character all I have to say is - "Fun with Flags". The defense rests. ********* I couldn't stop laughing when I read this ^^^ lol. So true.
  11. Leonard Nimoy's going to be on TBBT. The actors were tweeting about it. Thought I'd share in case anyone missed the news.
  12. I agree, it would be nice to see him do something nice for someone without boasting about it. A good deed maybe, or an act of compassion we all see but something he keeps secret. Or if it does need to be mentioned, it shouldn't be by Sheldon and not for at least a few episodes. I think it would be nice for Sheldon to surprise everyone by being a decent guy rather than driving his friends crazy. I think the writers can make him grow but at the same time keep his Sheldony-ness.
  13. I still think that Amy basically pushed her way into a relationship with Sheldon. He wasn't interested then, isn't interested now. I know people will disagree but it seems to me more that he just didn't want to lose a good friend so he decided to just call her his girl-friend. With that said, I think it would be nice to see Sheldon REALLY interested in a girl for once (just not Amy). He may or may not act on his feelings but at least it would be nice to see.
  14. Wow, this thread's become very... intense. I for one think that boyfriends, lovers, friends, family, colleagues, etc, introduce new things to others all the time. Some people find they like it, others don't. It's the way of the world. As an example, I prefer Rock, Emo, Punk and (some types of) Pop music. I used to hate all forms of Country music (probably because they never played it on the radio where I'm from and I was rather ignorant). However, a friend introduced me to Lady Antebellum and now I like them and I'm actually considering listening to more country music (all styles - I rec
  15. I didn't like the episode for the same reasons I didn't like past episodes this year. Sheldon came across as rather simple minded, imo. The only intelligence he showed in the episode was when he was doing the Mad libs and that's only because he was talking about physics. The disguise he had was I'm sorry to say, stupid. I was so disappointed at that bit, plus isn't Sheldon supposed to find Biology 'icky'? He was going at that brain with the scalpel WITHOUT gloves and he actually wanted to do it? Well I'll buy that he's stubborn enough to go for it to prove he was competent but lacking gloves
  16. I just had a thought, maybe Leonard thought it was okay to give Penny the list of faults because Priya seemed to be trying to change HIM? Yeah he should know PENNY wouldn't like it but if Priya was his only other long-term relationship, and she tried to change him then maybe that's all he was thinking about. It would be nice if the show explains his motives but I doubt they will.
  17. I personally think weight/acne is moot when talking about comedy on tv. Writers can use ANY changes to a person's body to make it funny. Even changes that are imaginary, like on Friends, when Monica was talking about what would happen if she gained a lot of weight during pregnancy, Chandler didn't know that's what she was talking about and thought she was thinking of having cosmetic surgery for her feet. Pretty funny stuff and there was no actual weight gain. Besides, I personally think Jim looks better with a few more pounds. He looks healthier. The only think about his appearance I would
  18. This episode was...meh. Raj's borderline creepiness with the phone was so-so until Howard and Bernadette showed up to have dinner. That part I thought was kind of funny. I still wish they'd get Raj to learn to talk to women so I'm hoping there was a plan (though I sincerely doubt it) that Raj's dream might motivate him to look into getting help with his social anxiety. While I didn't find any of Leonard & Penny moments to be funny, I thought they were cute. But yeah, I couldn't believe he'd make a list of issues he had with her. He dated her before, he should know how she'd reac
  19. It's been stated before but something I didn't like about the episode that WASN'T about the writing - the laugh track. I know Chuck Lorre says there isn't one but whatever. Whomever was laughing, I found it very VERY annoying through the entire episode. There were parts where the actors ask a question or just give a look and the laughing goes way overboard. Like with the 'wood' jokes. I'm sure most people, like us here, may have found the first or second joke to cause a giggle but not each and every joke. On other tv shows when there's a laugh track it doesn't annoy me. The only thing I
  20. @cbolt I agree, if Kaley gets pregnant, they could easily hide it the way they did her broken leg. On Law&Order: SVU, Mariska Hargitay was pregnant and her character was running around all over the place. They did several shots from behind, a few front shots, with a jacket hiding most of her bump, and a lot of chest-up shots. It's easy enough for tv land to hide that sort of stuff. I don't think it would matter to the writers, they can keep writing what they want and it doesn't have to effect the L/P relationship.
  21. Not the worst of the season but not the best. Parts I liked: Leonard asking Penny out that way, it didn't seem creepy to me at all...more like a realization that he still had feelings for her. - Sheldon obsessing over the Spock cut out was very much like Sheldon from previous seasons. - Raj and Howard laughing at a 'joke' Sheldon said while playing the game (one of the jokes, yes, ONE, made me smile and it was the only point during the show that I did smile). Didn't like: That Bernadette and Amy were in this. Seriously they were totally unnecessary and really don't need to be at Penny'
  22. They way I see it is if you haven't liked the entire season then watching more episodes is kind of a waste of your time. For me, I'm fairly new to the show, watching old episodes from DVD's people have loaned me and then I've been watching all the new episodes. I haven't felt like I've wasted a lot of time yet since I'm skipping over commercials and it's only been an interest of mine for the past six months. It's like seeing a completely different show though, from old episodes to new ones...and I've actually been debating lately whether or not to bother watching anymore either. Last ep
  23. @cbolt I agree. The first episode, Sheldon looked nervous talking to Penny in their very first scene where they meet her (He was fidgeting), then that bit about his 'beautiful mind', he really did look like hew as trying to impress her. THEN you get Sheldon peeking at her when he was helping getting her dressed, and that scene where they're teaching Penny to play a video game (Halo?). Sheldon stated that no one 'that attractive' could play video games. Sheldon's not blind and he obviously has some sexual desires, I think he just tries to repress them. His role model IS Spock after all...so
  24. The unaired pilot is on YouTube. It's...different. I like the 'aired' one so much better.
  25. I agree, the on again off again thing is boring. I think however, it's fine if they get together now rather than later because it doesn't mean the writers will run out of ideas. There are shows I've seen where they have that whole on again off again relationship for a few seasons then they end up together and the show still goes on for another (Good) few seasons. There are so many different things with relationships you can use for story lines that I don't see how one can run out of ideas. I do agree however, that if Penny & Leonard get together again, they should find more about ea
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