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  1. Though I feel Shenny is better than Shamy (chemisty and opposites attract argument) I feel that IF Shenny were to ever happen it would have to be handled carefully and it should ONLY be brought up on the very last episode. Series finale. I remember watching X-Files and thinking Mulder/Scully could be good together but I also didn't want them together (For fear of show changing)...same feeling I have with Penny/Sheldon. X-Files took that leap and it felt WEIRD (to me anyways). In the last movie where Mulder/Scully are kissing...a movie about 10 years after the series ended, with plenty of time to adjust, I still felt like them together was awkward and just not right. So what I'm thinking is that IF Shenny ever happened, I bet there would be tons of people (Some shippers even) who will just feel uncomfortable seeing the two of them as a couple.
  2. lol I remember watching a sitcom-birth with my grandmother and she was criticizing all the yelling. She said giving birth wasn't THAT painful. After this conversation with her, I think it would be a lot funnier if someone was giving birth and they didn't feel a thing, like one of the women going into labor and then stating "I think the baby's coming....aaaannnd there it is." lol I remember watching a sitcom-birth with my grandmother and she was criticizing all the yelling. She said giving birth wasn't THAT painful. After this conversation with her, I think it would be a lot funnier if someone was giving birth and they didn't feel a think, like one of the women going into labor and then stating "I think the baby's coming....aaaannnd there it is."
  3. I do think some of the episodes listed above were good in showing more about Sheldon as he was growing up, how someone like him handles a crisis, and how he is on the verge of a total breakdown (3x7, 3x8, and 3x14). My personal opinion, I think those were great episodes in walking that line between child and innocent-genius. BUT some of them pushed him over the edge. Personally, there were certain episodes that I remember watching that I just shook my head at when Sheldon acted like a child. Episode 3x20... I see where they were going with this and I found it amusing that they referred to him like THEIR child since he was in a tug of war. But for me it was that scene where Penny and Sheldon return from disneyland that somehow felt like it was less about poking fun and more about stating how much of a child sheldon is. I'm not sure if I'm wording this right but I don't think they should have added that last scene there. Anyways, there were a lot of child-like things that I don't think should have been in the season 5. For me, it was the worst season for changing Sheldon into a child. The Ornithobia Diffusion (5x9) - Sheldon and the bird, drawing pictures of a cat? Trying to shoo it away? Really? Um...no. Sorry but after that scene it was hard to see him as an adult. Even a quirky one. Another example is when Sheldon tries to sneak into work wearing the 'disguise' (The hat/hair)...that was something a child would do. In (5x3) the Pulled Groin Extrapolation there's that scene with Sheldon putting the train in his mouth. Need I say more? I definitely feel that at this point, they shouldn't have Sheldon having sex with ANYONE. It would definitely be too uncomfortable to watch. Maybe if they cut out a lot of the random child-like antics they've been using all season 5 and get back to the Season 1-2 Sheldon then MAYBE in a couple years they would have evolved him enough to consider it.
  4. Predictions/hopes I have: *Sheldon/Amy breakup. If you ignore all the little things I don't like about Amy, there's still have the fact that I think they're too similar to be in a lasting relationship. *Sheldon meets another woman he likes (one who is his opposite). Opposites attract. He could be conflicted about his feelings and he might come to the conclusion he and Amy aren't suitable for each other, leading to the above point, that they should breakup. *Penny finds a great acting job. *Penny quits the Cheesecake Factory - even if her acting job isn't long-term or make her rich, the girl could move onto a different job already. She could work as a temp in an office - which I think would be great because then she could get all this work experience in case acting doesn't go anywhere (because let's face it, she's barely had work in 5 years). *Raj - gets over his mutism. *Raj - makes some new friends outside of their group. I think it'd be interesting if his new friends didn't get along with everyone else, or at least, if there was some friction. For once, Raj could have a social life and not be put last. (I think he's always thought of last in the group and even this past year, the writing for him has been sparse). *Amy - either she come out of the closet or just stop with the sexual jokes towards Penny. *Sheldon does something purely selfless for Mrs. Cooper without wanting anything in return. ie) She could be upset one day, lonely on the phone and maybe he sends her flowers? I don't know but it would be sweet if we could see Sheldon start to step up and realize his mom's not going to be there forever to look after HIM. Sometimes he needs to look after HER. *Howard and Bernadette try to get away for a honeymoon after he gets back from space. Issues with Howard's mom make it look like they can't go, Bernie's upset then at the last moment, Howard fixes it so he's thinking of Bernadette first and they go off for a week someplace beautiful. *Leonard surprises sheldon - intellectually/academically. Something like... Sheldon's doing an equation on the whiteboard and Leonard points out a mistake. Or Leonard improves a theory/experimentation previously thought to be already perfected. No idea what since I have no background in physics...but it would be nice to show Leonard can be a real genius if he's not distracted. *(adding onto the above) Leonard and Sheldon's role can be reversed where Leonard obsesses over his work for a little while to the point of neglecting everything else. While Sheldon is trying to get his friend to snap out of it as we all know, Sheldon doesn't like change. *Penny/Leonard - They either need to breakup for good or just stop fighting about stupid things already. I like them when they get along but they're just annoying when they fight. *Penny - where are her old friends? We need to see more of her friends trying to hang out with her. Some of the guys asking her out again, and a few of the girls stealing her away to go to a club, to dinner, or just to the movies. Something 'cause it looks like she ditched all of her old friends. *I would like to see MeeMaw have a health crisis (swiftly fixed after an episode or two) because it would give Sheldon a reality check that his family isn't going to be around forever and he'd freak out. It could be funny. And yes, I'd like to SEE Meemaw. Does anyone else picture Betty White as Meemaw?
  5. One of the better episodes this season. Howard - greatness by himself, with Bernadette they were so cute, and him and his soon-to-be father in low, very funny. Leonard/Penny - very cute and funny with the whole gas-can thing. I like that we got to see some of their relationship and thankfully it wasn't all about sex like their relationship in season 3. And guess what? Penny didn't get drunk in this episode! There's hope for her yet. Plus, I was happy to see another episode without Penny, Bernadette, Amy hanging out. I don't usually find those scenes funny so I'm glad we got to see time better spent on the plot. Sheldon/Amy - Yeah I'm not an Amy fan but I'm glad they at least brought in some of her background to the situation. I am however, finding it a little tiring that her character keeps trying to please Sheldon so much and he seems totally uninterested. If he doesn't want to be in the relationship, then Amy should just walk away. I can't see a relationship like theirs ever going anywhere good. From the looks of it, Amy's probably going to always be bending to Sheldon's will and that's not healthy. He seems to only respect her as a scientist and not as a woman. I've noticed he's been acting this way all season and I think it's largely due to the childish behaviour the new writers are insisting he have. With that said, I know 'healthy' relationships aren't always funny for tv but I think tonight's episode proved it can be funny. Howard and Bernadette were funny together and they're both concerned for each other. It's a pretty healthy relationship, despite the issues they had last week. I don't see why (if we have to watch her) Amy and Sheldon's relationship can't be more respectful. Speaking of Sheldon's childish behaviour, I found the scene in the tux shop a little off. Leonard, Howard, and Raj were funny but I was put off by Sheldon there. Maybe I'm in the minority but I just found his part lame, not funny. I watched an old episode last night, from Season 2 and yeah, even though Sheldon's weird and obsessive, things have to be his own strange way, I never found him lame before. Tonight, I did. It's sad because I used to love all the scenes with him in it.
  6. Did anyone select the 'Read More' section of the article? It's an April Fools joke!
  7. I think we could debate the Penny/Amy attraction vs. friendship forever. No matter the evidence presented (unless the show has an actual confession of attraction or the two jump in bed) we'll never know. Personally I think people can find subtlties to back up whatever argument they're going to make. If you look to other shows like one of my favorites 'Supernatural' a lot of fans (not me) see several of the main characters as in-love even though they're all heterosexual and they've never had any on-screen kisses or passionate moments. People will see what they see. A good example would be with Amy talking about how sexy Sheldon would be with long hair. She may prefer to see him more wild and unhinged...perhaps she reads a lot of Romance novels...pictures him like some of the men on the cover of the books. OR other people could just see it as Sheldon with long hair = him looking more like a woman and therefore she's a lesbian. I'm sure anything can be twisted for anyone's arguments. I doubt we'll know the intention of the directing/writing unless there's an actual interview where they directly address this. That said, I have to admit I think the writers/director seems to be (imho) making it like Amy's got the hots for Penny. Previous lesbian comments and that one peck on the lips (then singing Katy Perry's song in the taxi) that one episode. With the recent episode, I think what made me feel like the whole holding Penny's hair back was a reference to Amy liking the woman, was for exactly the reason someone mentioned a few pages ago. Amy looked almost excited to go do that, more so than hanging out with Sheldon. Of course, as stated, we don't know the reasons behind it. If it was a mistake by Mayim, or if she was directed to do so, or if it was in the script. I think that eventually the writers/director will have to say one way or the other whether or not Amy's a lesbian, bisexual, or just really...awkward when expressing her affection for her friend. I think people are getting fed up with the references. I personally don't care if Amy's a lesbian or bisexual, or just straight. I think the comments are just annoying and I don't find them funny at all. I know it can be handled better. I've seen other shows/movies that make references to ones' sexuality, sometimes catching a person off guard but it's really funny. Will & Grace was amazing at this. So to get to my point (finally) I think the writers need to dial back the comments and if they get thrown in at all, they should actually make them funny and not just random.
  8. Beecharmer


    People mention ratings... I hope the writers/producers aren't using that to decide which characters to keep or toss (Except the main characters since the show's inception). But let's face it, it's show BUSINESS. They'll do whatever they want just to keep making money. And that's how I see the Amy situation. People thought she was funny at the start so they decided to throw her into every single freakin' episode since - no matter how overdone or overused. It reminds me of when you hear a great song on the radio. You love it then you blink and it's on every single station. You get sick of it....flip the station but it's that song again. So you don't listen to the radio but then every store you go into is playing the song while you're shopping. It's TOO much. It gets to the point that years down the road you can't even listen to that song or you cringe. Perfect example is for me, Alanis Morrisette. Loved her in the 90's at first then her songs were overplayed. Now I can't listen to any of her songs, even if it's one of the non-famous ones. I now hate her. Forgive my clumsy metaphor but that's how I feel the character of Amy is being handled. The first few times she was on, I didn't mind her. Small doses, as Sheldon's friend. It was even funny. Now she's everywhere. Penny scenes - Amy's there. Sheldon scenes - she's there. Group hang outs - Amy's there again. Definitely overused. THEN the writers make start making her really desperate and needy. I get that she doesn't have a lot of friends and missed out on a lot growing up but I think the writers went passed that part where it's funny and just moved onto the area where it's sad. To me, Amy feels like a gimmick. Where the show is using her to get more ratings and more money. Whenever a show, or a part of a show feels like that, it's hard for some people to enjoy. If Amy wasn't in more scenes than the original cast, I don't think it would bother me as much. But she is, and I don't find her character funny anymore. I watch the show and every time she says something and I hear the obnoxiously-loud laugh track I just sit there and go 'THAT was supposed to be funny?' I just...don't get it. Anyways, the other part of lame metaphor I listed above is about overexposure. Yes I just mentioned some, but I do think that in part of that, when I see ads on tv for the Big Bang Theory, I get excited, then when Amy shows up, I just feel tired. I'm so tired of her showing up everywhere. I know I know, I've mentioned a lot of this before but I feel I need to repeat myself because obviously the writers keep repeating their mistakes. In my opinion, when you have new characters to a show, they should not take precedent over the main characters. If you want a storyline around them then do the occasional episode but not ALL the episodes. That's like the last season of That 70's Show where Topher Grace left and they brought that new guy in. Train wreck. I really how the writers focus more on the original cast from now on. Have scenes where Penny isn't a drunk, where she's seen hanging out with other friends on occasion since she was supposed to be so popular, or even at an audition or shooting a commercial. Scenes with the guys all together without the women (like the old days) would be nice. I was disappointed that this week's episode wasn't about the guys so much as Amy & Sheldon's relationship. If the writers insist on using Amy, can't they just keep her in the background? I personally don't care if Sheldon gets a girlfriend, I just don't think the writers thought that out very well. It feels to me like they took what was supposed to be a funny 1-time appearance and stretched it out through season 4. Then they figured 'hey, Sheldon needs a girlfriend' and instead of using their creativity they just went with the only female character on the show that wasn't already hooked up. I know, I'm babbling. Sorry. It's 4am and I just got home from work an hour ago...can't sleep. Anyways, with all of that said, I must point out that I started watching TBBT last year. I saw an episode from Season 1, thought it was amazing and since I've watched all the episodes. I've liked Seasons 1-4 but I wouldn't go as far as to say that I like season 5. There are parts of it I thought were good but the rest of it is mostly just tolerance. I think it's all to do with writing - making fun OF the nerds instead of laughing WITH them AND of course, using Amy's character so much (and making her annoying). I'm hoping it'll get better.
  9. Th episode wasn't bad. It had some good moments. I didn't mind the Leonard/Penny scenes and I liked the scene at the comic book store. I really liked Raj in this episode too. I think there should have been more time with just the guys though, like Raj argued, there needs to be more of that. We didn't even really see any time where it was just them hanging out. I don't mind Bernadette but I really hope the show doesn't make her into another Mrs. Wolowitz. I didn't like that they made her scream like Howard's mother in past seasons so I'm glad she didn't do this here. With that said, I feel like they're trying to cram too much into the 20 minutes the show has. And though I'm glad Amy didn't do any lesbian comments, it was like she chose Penny over Sheldon. One minute she was upset he didn't go with her to the party, the next she just folds when he gives her the coupon - the same way she folded when he gave her a tiara. The writers are making it seem like she can be bought, which doesn't fit with her character in my opinion. Also, she was perfectly okay leaving Sheldon to hang out with Penny at the first mention that Amy could hold back Penny's hair. Yeah...glad there was no lesbian comment but it was like the writers were saying Amy likes Penny more than Sheldon anyways. Not a lot better. One thing I was baffled that was NEVER brought up in the episode - why didn't the guys just plan to do the get together some other weekend? At the least it might have given some funny arguments from Sheldon or the guys because we all know Sheldon wants something when he wants it. I would have rather preferred some fun debates rather than the over-use of the whip sound effect. Not a bad episode but not great.
  10. Beecharmer


    As for ruining the Sheldon character all I have to say is - "Fun with Flags". The defense rests. ********* I couldn't stop laughing when I read this ^^^ lol. So true.
  11. Leonard Nimoy's going to be on TBBT. The actors were tweeting about it. Thought I'd share in case anyone missed the news.
  12. I agree, it would be nice to see him do something nice for someone without boasting about it. A good deed maybe, or an act of compassion we all see but something he keeps secret. Or if it does need to be mentioned, it shouldn't be by Sheldon and not for at least a few episodes. I think it would be nice for Sheldon to surprise everyone by being a decent guy rather than driving his friends crazy. I think the writers can make him grow but at the same time keep his Sheldony-ness.
  13. I still think that Amy basically pushed her way into a relationship with Sheldon. He wasn't interested then, isn't interested now. I know people will disagree but it seems to me more that he just didn't want to lose a good friend so he decided to just call her his girl-friend. With that said, I think it would be nice to see Sheldon REALLY interested in a girl for once (just not Amy). He may or may not act on his feelings but at least it would be nice to see.
  14. Wow, this thread's become very... intense. I for one think that boyfriends, lovers, friends, family, colleagues, etc, introduce new things to others all the time. Some people find they like it, others don't. It's the way of the world. As an example, I prefer Rock, Emo, Punk and (some types of) Pop music. I used to hate all forms of Country music (probably because they never played it on the radio where I'm from and I was rather ignorant). However, a friend introduced me to Lady Antebellum and now I like them and I'm actually considering listening to more country music (all styles - I recently listened to Willie Nelson). So what? I don't see why Leonard developing a taste for it is such a controversial issue here. As for Leonard being a jerk, I don't understand why people think that's the case. He's being honest and yeah, maybe a lot of his motives to do things for Penny were sex but come on, what guy you know doesn't consider that a motivator if they're in a relationship? It doesn't mean they're jerks. It's just a fact that people in relationships have sex and it's used as a tool to get what they want sometimes. Just putting this out there but would you consider Penny a jerk if she one day admits that she had sex with Leonard just so he could do things for her? (To make him more romantic, fixes her tv, gets free cable...etc). Because she does that sometimes. They both use each other. Back to Sheldon and Amy though, I wonder how many times they're going to make Sheldon treat Amy like her job doesn't matter before she snaps. Yeah they made up in this episode but it was a weak makeup. If the writers insist on making the entire season about their relationship, I hope they at least throw in more jokes or more drama. Something to make it more interesting.
  15. I didn't like the episode for the same reasons I didn't like past episodes this year. Sheldon came across as rather simple minded, imo. The only intelligence he showed in the episode was when he was doing the Mad libs and that's only because he was talking about physics. The disguise he had was I'm sorry to say, stupid. I was so disappointed at that bit, plus isn't Sheldon supposed to find Biology 'icky'? He was going at that brain with the scalpel WITHOUT gloves and he actually wanted to do it? Well I'll buy that he's stubborn enough to go for it to prove he was competent but lacking gloves was really lazy on the writers/producer's part. *Sigh* Another Amy-in-love-with-Penny reference, this time about a unicorn? I literally rolled my eyes when she made that comment to Penny. It's lame and it's boring. If that particular scene with Amy wasn't there I wouldn't have minded her so much in this episode. I think they should just not have scenes with Amy and Penny and it would improve the show a little since the writers don't seem to know what to do with the women. Or, here's a thought, get some female writers or if they have some, then get MORE. Why is it I always dread the scenes with all three ladies together? I don't mind them as much when they're separate... It almost seems to me it's like the writers are all men and they're just clueless as to how women interact when men aren't in the room. I don't know if that's actually the case but that's how it comes across to me. There were however, some things I thought were good: Sheldon actually saying he's sorry (even though it was a weak apology, it was SOMETHING, which he doesn't normally do), Sheldon actually laughing (not the forced laugh he does sometimes), and yes, I liked Leonard singing. Yeah he's not a 'singer' but it was amusing. Anyone notice he same Black Eyed Peas? In a past episode Penny said she introduced the music to him... I liked it because we got to see Leonard having fun (alone) which is surprisingly rare and because it also shows he does learn a little from Penny. I liked how Penny told Howard she and all the other women on the planet had a meeting and he had to just accept the Pre-nup. I was sad though that Amy was in the episode WAY more than Penny once again. I really don't know what's happening to the show. Not a great episode but there have been worse. And yes, once more, I was getting annoyed at the stupid (and LOUD) laugh track. The bloody thing was louder in parts, than the actors speaking. I hate that and it detracts so much from the show...
  16. I just had a thought, maybe Leonard thought it was okay to give Penny the list of faults because Priya seemed to be trying to change HIM? Yeah he should know PENNY wouldn't like it but if Priya was his only other long-term relationship, and she tried to change him then maybe that's all he was thinking about. It would be nice if the show explains his motives but I doubt they will.
  17. I personally think weight/acne is moot when talking about comedy on tv. Writers can use ANY changes to a person's body to make it funny. Even changes that are imaginary, like on Friends, when Monica was talking about what would happen if she gained a lot of weight during pregnancy, Chandler didn't know that's what she was talking about and thought she was thinking of having cosmetic surgery for her feet. Pretty funny stuff and there was no actual weight gain. Besides, I personally think Jim looks better with a few more pounds. He looks healthier. The only think about his appearance I would nit-pick over is whatever they're doing to his hair this year. It just seems off, almost plastic like...are they putting a lot of gel in it?
  18. This episode was...meh. Raj's borderline creepiness with the phone was so-so until Howard and Bernadette showed up to have dinner. That part I thought was kind of funny. I still wish they'd get Raj to learn to talk to women so I'm hoping there was a plan (though I sincerely doubt it) that Raj's dream might motivate him to look into getting help with his social anxiety. While I didn't find any of Leonard & Penny moments to be funny, I thought they were cute. But yeah, I couldn't believe he'd make a list of issues he had with her. He dated her before, he should know how she'd react to that. Even so, I actually found they had more chemistry in this episode than they did when they were dating the first time. I do hope though they can bring back some of the humor though. I don't want this turning into a soap opera. I have to admit though that I might have laughed about the shooting-the-foot bit IF they didn't use that clip in commercials all week. Since I knew it was coming, it wasn't funny. Sheldon/Amy.... I didn't like those scenes at all. I didn't really find any of it funny EXCEPT the look on Leonard's face at the end when he walked in on another Flag-video tape session (right before he walked out. That's about it. I know Sheldon apparently has a thing for flags but this actually bored me. As for Amy, I guess I could see her going along at the beginning but to keep doing the video session, in my opinion was a little out of character. S4 Amy would have called it a waste of time. An inconsistency I noticed was that in S4 Sheldon stated that Amy doesn't believe in costumes/doesn't like that. And here she was being a pretzel? I don't know if anyone liked these parts but I just found it boring. Not the best episode but not terrible.
  19. It's been stated before but something I didn't like about the episode that WASN'T about the writing - the laugh track. I know Chuck Lorre says there isn't one but whatever. Whomever was laughing, I found it very VERY annoying through the entire episode. There were parts where the actors ask a question or just give a look and the laughing goes way overboard. Like with the 'wood' jokes. I'm sure most people, like us here, may have found the first or second joke to cause a giggle but not each and every joke. On other tv shows when there's a laugh track it doesn't annoy me. The only thing I can think of is that the laughing on TBBT almost overshadows the dialogue/scene. There was an episode earlier this year where they were talking and the laughing was going on and I couldn't even hear the rest of the sentence. If there is a laugh track, they REALLY need to dial it down. If these are live people, someone needs to tell them to shut up. Yeah I know it sounds harsh but the show would be better for it.
  20. @cbolt I agree, if Kaley gets pregnant, they could easily hide it the way they did her broken leg. On Law&Order: SVU, Mariska Hargitay was pregnant and her character was running around all over the place. They did several shots from behind, a few front shots, with a jacket hiding most of her bump, and a lot of chest-up shots. It's easy enough for tv land to hide that sort of stuff. I don't think it would matter to the writers, they can keep writing what they want and it doesn't have to effect the L/P relationship.
  21. Not the worst of the season but not the best. Parts I liked: Leonard asking Penny out that way, it didn't seem creepy to me at all...more like a realization that he still had feelings for her. - Sheldon obsessing over the Spock cut out was very much like Sheldon from previous seasons. - Raj and Howard laughing at a 'joke' Sheldon said while playing the game (one of the jokes, yes, ONE, made me smile and it was the only point during the show that I did smile). Didn't like: That Bernadette and Amy were in this. Seriously they were totally unnecessary and really don't need to be at Penny's 24/7. Don't they have lives? Busy lives with their big-time jobs? I know people who work in Call Centers (who work 10 hour days) who barely have time to hang out with friends and here are two PHd's having all this free time. Unrealistic and kind of annoying seeing them ALL the time when they don't need to be there. - The day-dream idea was lame. Not much else to say about it. - The wood jokes. One was fine, by the third one I was getting tired of it, then it kept going on and I seriously considered just erasing it off my PVR and not bother watching the rest. I kept watching though, hoping it'd get better. It didn't. - For a 100th episode, it sucked. Most shows I watch(ed), when they get to episode 100, they try do something special. Whether it's just an intense episode or really funny, it doesn't matter. Something nice would have been good. I would have settled for an episode of the quality of the ones during S1-3 though. - I was bored during the entire episode & it's once again making me wonder why I'm still watching. I really hope it gets better or might actually stop watching all together.
  22. They way I see it is if you haven't liked the entire season then watching more episodes is kind of a waste of your time. For me, I'm fairly new to the show, watching old episodes from DVD's people have loaned me and then I've been watching all the new episodes. I haven't felt like I've wasted a lot of time yet since I'm skipping over commercials and it's only been an interest of mine for the past six months. It's like seeing a completely different show though, from old episodes to new ones...and I've actually been debating lately whether or not to bother watching anymore either. Last episode was better than the one before it but still it was only so-so. Hopefully the next episode will redeem itself. *Keeping fingers crossed*
  23. @cbolt I agree. The first episode, Sheldon looked nervous talking to Penny in their very first scene where they meet her (He was fidgeting), then that bit about his 'beautiful mind', he really did look like hew as trying to impress her. THEN you get Sheldon peeking at her when he was helping getting her dressed, and that scene where they're teaching Penny to play a video game (Halo?). Sheldon stated that no one 'that attractive' could play video games. Sheldon's not blind and he obviously has some sexual desires, I think he just tries to repress them. His role model IS Spock after all...someone who put intelligence first. I know the writers have said that there won't ever be Sheldon/Penny but I think they might be messing with people because there are a lot of hints that Sheldon may have some feelings for her.
  24. The unaired pilot is on YouTube. It's...different. I like the 'aired' one so much better.
  25. I agree, the on again off again thing is boring. I think however, it's fine if they get together now rather than later because it doesn't mean the writers will run out of ideas. There are shows I've seen where they have that whole on again off again relationship for a few seasons then they end up together and the show still goes on for another (Good) few seasons. There are so many different things with relationships you can use for story lines that I don't see how one can run out of ideas. I do agree however, that if Penny & Leonard get together again, they should find more about each other. Penny's practically a mystery. Why not have one of Penny's siblings visit & hate Leonard or something? That's just ONE example but both of them have pasts and there's a lot they don't know about each other. And I don't know if I'm the only one but it seemed like Penny is STILL okay with being poorly educated. I was starting to see a change there when she asked Sheldon to teach her physics but that was the one and only episode. She hangs around all these geniuses and was dating one, wouldn't it make you want to pick up a book? I know when I was in school I had a few good friends who were much smarter than I was. They never took notes in class and never spent time studying but they ended up with straight A's. I felt a little intimidated (and I was 'average') so I started reading more and more. It would be nice if some of Leonard's ambition rubbed off on Penny if they were dating again. That and like I said above, she wants to learn more. What might even be funny is if Penny does start trying to learn and she finds she's really good at something. Anything....like a hidden talent. Analizing & finding symbolism in books...she could have a great visual memory, which is why she remembers everything she reads in her magazines...maybe she gets into art and can remember all the dates & names for paintings but with other historical facts she can't remember squat. Just examples, but that could be funny.
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