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  1. I thought this episode was so-so. I liked the first scene with Howard demonstrating the magic tricks but I was a little upset that Raj got so few lines in this episode. He was barely in it. I liked all the Leonard stuff. I too caught the mistake about Bernadette's mother running a daycare and how they stated in this episode that her mother went to work. I was disappointed 'cause if you're a writer for a show, shouldn't you know the show's history? All you've gotta do is watch the episodes once to avoid these silly mistakes. Howard/Bernadette I liked but I find Howard's mother is starting to annoy me. I think she's overused. Sheldon...the usual. Amy... well,I didn't mind one thing about her in this episode. She was straight to the point about being upset that Sheldon ignored her accomplishment. Straight to the point without being creepy or weird, so I liked that part. However, I found the reaction to the tiara was well...stupid. I actually rolled my eyes. I think I would have had more respect or liked Amy more if she just cut straight to it and ask Sheldon where she stood in his life. Maybe it's just that I've seen friends have a boyfriend do or say something rude or act as selfishly as Sheldon did, and the boyfriend buys them a present and the girl is okay with it. Weeks or months later, he repeats the situation, it becomes a cycle or gets worse then it ends up with the girl being walked all over. Her emotions, ambitions, life...all of it gets put second. I know it's just a show but I see this so often now that I just can't stand seeing things on tv which basically show that you can just buy a woman's affections. And I think because Amy is so smart, I expected more from her. I remember watching Bones once and Temperance was talking to a woman who admitted to being in a relationship to get gifts from her boyfriend. Temperance then called her a prostitute & it was actually pretty funny. I sort of hoped Amy would have said something along the same lines. It would have been more in-tune with someone so intelligent like her. Yeah I know it may seem I'm reading too much into this but this is what I felt before I had time to think about it. But my opinion remains the same. Amy's reaction to the tiara wasn't funny, I found it annoying & I also felt it would be out of character for someone so smart to let Sheldon bribe her in that way.
  2. No laugh track? Really? It sure sounds like one. The other day I was watching an episode and Leonard asked Sheldon a question and people started laughing. I have NO idea what these people thought was funny. I just assumed it was a laugh track. It happens all the time... maybe they allow the audience to have a drink or two before the show starts...
  3. I like that there are sometimes repeated outfits. I find TV land always makes it look like a character has a new outfit for every day of the year. By this I mean the same shirts worn twice. Sheldon's plaid jacket, superhero t-shirts...Leonard's corduroy suit. As for the types of clothes worn, I agree that the characters should get some summery clothes. Pasadena is bound to have heat waves now and then. I think for the location, Penny's the only one who really dresses for California.
  4. Beecharmer


    I agree. The actress that plays her, Mayim, is pretty though so clearly this 'ugliness' is based on her character and not the person. Although the styling doesn't do her any favors... it's her personality that's ugly (imo).
  5. Beecharmer


    I still don't get why Amy would agree to the relationship agreement when it clearly states no physical contact. She clearly wants to get physical...it didn't make sense to me. I may have gained more respect for her if she just tore up the agreement and moved on to someone who was interested in her.
  6. I actually registered with that site but after 10 minutes reading the posts, I gave up and found this site. I couldn't deal with the threads...it's ridiculous. I agree, it's the lovey dovey stuff that people are looking for (on that site) and while I'm a fan of happy endings in books and tv, I value quality over poor writing. I just can't believe some of those posters...it almost made me ill reading their posts. And by the way, what's up with all the emoticons? All the blinking, bouncing smiley faces nearly gave me a seizer. I clicked on the link and read some of the posts again. Big mistake because all those women on that site...I weep for my gender.
  7. True. The show was trying to excuse bullies. I was trying to ignore that bit for the sake of giving the episode a chance. I took some psychology at university and one of the world renowned psychologists on Bullying taught one of my courses. She said that 98% of the time, bullies (at school, work, etc) are just on a power trip. They hurt people for power and that other 2% is made up of people who have been abused and tend to lash out at other people. So yeah, for the characters to think it was just 'funny' is only part of it. It's about a power trip...and I tried to ignore the big giant flaw here about Penny never caring about wanting power and control. 'cause she went from easy going, care free, nice perky girl to a drunk thieving bully? Doesn't make sense. For this episode I was trying to go with the story and think, hey Penny thought she was pregnant at one point in high school so maybe she went along with what bullies were doing and she wasn't the actual bully. I could have believed that if she was more upset with what she did...but she wasn't. She felt it was a chore to call people to apologize and it looked like her friends were the one forcing her to do that. And giving away clothes? I'm sorry but most people I know donate clothes. I do it all the time when you don't wear something anymore. I don't even look at donating clothes as charity. It's just a part of life. If Penny wanted to do something good for people, because of the bullying, I think it would have been better if they found out something she could do for the people she bullied. Not just a lame phone call.
  8. Breaking In is a great show, can't wait for season 2! I didn't find myself laughing out loud throughout the episode, there was nothing really funny. I'm no sexist, but I would've wanted to skip all the scenes with Penny, Bernadette and Amy, I felt like I was watching Sex in the city. I miss Leslie Winkle SO MUCH. Hey, I'm a woman and I wasn't happy with their scenes. Definitely not a sexist thing to say, it's all about the quality or lack there of. Actually, I used to watch Sex and the City and yet I was never bored with that...here, I was.
  9. I don't know about WORST episode but it wasn't great. I found the concept alright but I think I would have liked a little less stereotyping with the geeks. I liked that Sheldon was being direct and standing up to the bully and I liked when Leonard took a stand but I can't for the life me understand WHY they didn't just call the cops at the end. The part where Sheldon and Leonard are running away at the end felt so much like the show was making fun of the geeks instead of laughing along with them. Actually, what would have been better for the show (and a lot funnier, imo) is if Leonard and Sheldon pull out their lightsabers and start smacking the bully over the head with them until the man was so annoyed that he left on his own. It would have opened it up for some classic Star Wars lines. Aside from the poor ending, I felt that the scenes with the women were awkward. I thought it was a nice little part added in that Penny was a bully but didn't realize it and tried to make it right...but I felt the clothing donation thing was stupid and I felt that Amy was extremely annoying. And WHY does she always have to comment on Penny's prettiness? Twice now in this episode they made stupid lesbian jokes. Firstly, as a woman, I don't care...about Amy and I'm finding it difficult to care about storylines on this show regarding Penny, Amy, and Bernadette. If Amy's a lesbian, fine, just stop having her comment about Penny. It's boring and it only feels like a line thrown in to get a cheap laugh from the average joes that watch dumb reality shows. I don't know if I'm alone in this but (to me) it almost feels like the show's trying to do a 50/50 approach. Half the time with the girls, half with the boys. It's making it difficult to appreciate the show the same way as I used to, mainly because the parts with the women aren't funny. Penny with the boys is always good. The OCCASIONAL scene with her and Bernadette were funny but don't make it a regular thing. And I just hate Amy... Personally I liked the show from the start and I know a lot of women who liked it from Season 1 so I don't see why the dynamic of the show had to change, but it really does feel like the powers that be is trying to be PC about having equal screen time between men and women. IMO, equality's great...if it works but it doesn't seem to be working on the show so I'd wish they'd just go back to the dynamic of earlier seasons. As for Bernadette, I liked her in this episode, and even though I didn't like the clothing-donation-theft part, I actually liked the line she had at the end when she stole the shoes.
  10. Despite a lot of similarities, I don't think Sheldon has Asperger's. I'm not sure how to describe it but I've seen a lot of people with Asperger's and Sheldon's different. He's more like someone who is OCD where he likes everything a certain way and it drives him crazy if he can't do it that way. Obsesses over what time to play Halo...if it's after the start time, it bugs him. I have friends with OCD and this describes them to a T. As for Sheldon's insensitivity (Which can be described as an area of Asperger's), I can't remember what episode it was but Sheldon said something about how he always said the truth because there was no point in lying and his mother always said lying makes Jesus sad. (Or something to that effect). I think he's just very narrow minded in the fact that growing up, with being bullied and being a genius he was different from everyone else so he focussed on himself rather than other people (as he had no friends to pay attention to him). He's emotionally stunted because he didn't have much interactions with friends. If you see the flashback episode of when Leonard met Sheldon, the show points out that Sheldon was much worse before he had friends. Anyways, that's how I see it and it's like the show points out that eventually Sheldon will be more bearable. He's already changing a little because he's adapted (even if he didn't like it) to Penny's intrusions and random appearances in his life. Someone with Aspergers (in my opinion) would find it much more difficult to adapt.
  11. I don't think Bernadette is ruining the show. I generally like her but I think there's just a little too much of her and too much of her yelling now (like Howard's mom). For me, Amy's the one ruining the show and I don't like that Penny doesn't seem to be in it as much as her now. Yeah, and the fact Penny's a drunk now isn't helping either.
  12. I've been kind of thinking it would be interesting to see Sheldon bullied. I love him but since he's the definition of arrogance it might be interesting to see how he handles being bullied (as an adult). I was on the bus on my way to work and wondered what would happen if the new head of the Physics department or University, (a superior) etc. started bullying him. I've seen this happen in my work place and going to HR (sometimes) does nothing but make it worse. Bullying doesn't just include name calling but they pile on the work, exclude the person, spread rumors, and even goes as far as hurting them. In my boredom, I was thinking about how easily it would be for this bully to get away with it. If Sheldon told someone, they could easily use the Youtube vids of 'Physics gone wild' or Sheldon's drunken speech. It would be blackmail but also it would make Sheldon think he couldn't get a job anywhere else because who would want to hire who (appears to be) a drunk and gets into fights with colleagues? Along the same lines, what would happen if someone stole Sheldon's work? He'd be devastated. Not that I want to see Sheldon suffer but it would be interesting.
  13. So many... One of my favorites is where Raj and Sheldon battle it out at work. Raj buys the huge desk and then when Leonard and Howard stop by, Sheldon blares Indian music to annoy Raj and they're shooting nerf darts(?) at each other. I was on the floor laughing. I actually love all episodes where there's ridiculous nerdy-fighting, like the episode Leonard and Sheldon are fighting during the lecture - 'Physicists Gone Wild'.
  14. During the last season: * Amy takes a research job overseas, she and Sheldon speak less and less, Amy meets someone new and we don't have to hear from her again. * Penny STOPS drinking! * Penny has a successful acting career but tragedy strikes (for the sake of the plot) and one of her siblings dies. She gets soul custody of her nephew who's a young geek under 10. They move into 3A sot they have more room but are still close to her friends. *Sheldon becomes friends with Penny's nephew and realizes he may actually WANT children for other reasons than to create a 'gift to humanity' and to continue his legacy. Maybe he even becomes close to his own nephews/nieces (if his brother or sister ever have kids). *Sheldon falls in love (with someone OTHER than Amy) - with an opposite who can make him crazy but treats him right and maybe even does something rare, like make him laugh (a hearty one - not his usual snicker). As I've mentioned in other posts, I see her as an artistic type. *Sheldon gets a noble prize - only AFTER he advances in other areas of his life. *Leonard achieves something big in his career and either ends up with Penny, or he ends up with a new character. A nice woman who treats him right. *Howard and Bernadette cut the cord with Howard's mother. Maybe Howard finally gets an PHd in Engineering. *Raj speaks to women and he gets married. All of this of course needs to be done while keeping the guys geeky. And yes, I've thought about this.
  15. Oh yeah, the baggy skinned guy, Klem? It's so true. Weird to look at but I liked his character. After seeing tonight's episode of BBT I'm starting to doubt whether or not BBT is getting worse or not. I know some people like her but what's been ruining the show for me is Amy. I find her so annoying. The first few episodes with her in really small doses were kind of funny but she's been getting more annoying the more she appears. I really hope the writers get back to what the show is about and take the main characters and develop THEM further. Don't ruin the main characters by making Penny a drunk and shoving Howard and Raj into the background. Penny needs to quit drinking and maybe lands in so much credit card debt due to the huge rent bill (you know her apartment wouldn't be cheap) and her teeny tiny paycheck that she has to move back home for a few episodes...OR she gets a second job. OR she lands a steady acting gig. It would be nice to see Leonard achieve something great with his work since Sheldon's always bashing it and because Leonard focusses more on his friends and love life than his work. Maybe HE could get the noble prize and we could see Sheldon uber-jealous but at the same time, realize that you can get a nobel prize without closing off parts of his life (like love or new experiences). Howard and Raj need to have more scenes. Raj needs to learn to speak to women. Howard needs a big work achievement or...even get a PHd. Sheldon needs to grow more. I kind of would like to see what happens if all his friends are busy with other friends, work, girlfriends, etc and Sheldon's alone for a week. At first he'd probably be grateful but I want him to have a revelation that he doesn't want to be left alone for the rest of his life and that maybe he needs to try new things or god forbid, get a real girlfriend (No Amy). I do kind of feel like the characters are being laughed at and not 'with'. I don't want to watch another show with cheap laughs or easy plotlines. With Sheldon for instance, they could have written in a better love interest. Amy's good for him as a friend but I can't stand anything that comes out of her mouth and she needs to be in the background. They implied over and over that Sheldon wasn't interested and now he is? Sort of? It's a cop out to have them together, imo. If you want a love interest, the writers should have just used their imaginations and written a new one. I'd say 95% of the people I know that are in relationships, can be considered very different than their partners but they're happy. I don't think I've seen anyone together that are nearly identical (personality wise) and happy together. If you want to take examples of fictional characters, take Leonard's parents. They sounded a lot alike but it also sounded like the marriage was bad. These things are why I don't want Sheldon and Amy together...not to mention how big of a bore she is. AND I also think it's the same reason I don't like Amy as Penny's friend. There are times where it's obvious that Penny's trying to be nice to her just for the sake of tolerating her - not because she wants to be her friend. Other times, Penny gets annoyed with her... I feel THEIR relationship was forced as though Penny never really wanted to hang out with her - since the first moment Amy told Penny not to touch her breasts. Yeah I'm rambling but there you have it...why I think the show may be going downhill. I just hope the writers can fix it.
  16. I wasn't looking forward to the whole Sheldon-Amy scenes but I was TRYING to keep an open mind. Like maybe the writers go there because it'll be really funny? And no, it wasn't funny at all. This episode just confirmed how much I don't like Amy. As soon as she opened her mouth, I started to find her annoying. The only thing I liked about the Shamy stuff was that Sheldon STILL didn't want to be physical. It was like he was trying to make sure he still had her as a friend and nothing more. I liked all the scenes with Raj, Howard, Sheldon, and Leonard together. I like that Leonard was so concerned for Sheldon when he tried to break the news about Stuart liking Amy. I especially liked the scene where the guys tried to give Sheldon some advice. Even Howard was concerned - which just showed me he really does value Sheldon as a friend. The scenes with Penny, Bernadette, and Amy. Two things ruined this for me: 1) Amy and 2) The booze. Seriously, unless they're purposely TRYING to imply Penny's a drunk and will later have an after-school-special type episode with the gang doing an intervention, the writers need to STOP. I was disappointed with this episode. Penny's being shown as a drunk and a loser because she's apparently forgotten she has other friends and other goals in life. Sheldon clearly (to me anyways) only wants Amy in his life as a friend and was afraid that her going out with Stuart meant the two of them would be spending less time together. If Sheldon really liked her, they why is he that opposed to hand holding, kissing, etc. I just can't get around Amy-Sheldon romantically. Every time Amy mentions the two of them it's like she's trying to force herself on Sheldon which is just wrong. I really hope she leaves the show soon because she's ruining episodes which could be so much better without her. The other part of the episode I did like was the part where the guys buy those lame toys/cards at the comic book shop and Leonard gets excited about the sherif's badge/wand. Oh, another thing I found interesting was the cinematography. When Leonard, Howard, and Raj are talking in the comic book shop, you could see Amy and Stuart talking and laughing behind them. I liked this because it was showing what was happening without overloading us with needless Amy-screen time.
  17. Agreed. I can see how he still has childhood interests like video games, comics, etc, but sometimes there are certain things that just seem to be done for a cheap laugh from the audience like putting the train in his mouth. I know a lot of people at my work who are obsessed with World of Warcraft and a good friend is obsessed with Anime and Comic Con but despite having moments where they're all about their obsessions they never resort to acting like a five year old. I think the writers seem confused as to where to draw this line. OR like I said above, maybe they just want a cheap laugh. Sheldon's train-in-mouth scene, along with a few bits of the Ornithobia episode, felt forced like they were trying to make him seem so ridiculous that the story fell flat. I just wanted an episode from Season one and there's such a huge difference between S1 Sheldon and S5 Sheldon. Sorry to say it but I liked Sheldon from S1 much better.
  18. Yes but if you've ever seen the finale of Roseanne, his character David wasn't really with Darlene. I rarely watched that show but the end was weird for me... But once I saw her (sorry I don't know the actress's name) on BBT as Leslie, I was surprised but I don't see her as Darlene anymore. I also found it strange when they were together on BBT whereas I felt they were good together on Roseanne. Go figure. Anyways, I liked Leonard and Penny but I think at this point, the writers would have to be careful if they brought them back together. In TV land too many shows tend to throw characters back together just so they make a nice comfortable ending. A reunion between the two should be natural instead of them just jumping back into bed.
  19. More fights. I LOVED these scenes: * Raj and Howard yelling in the comic book store about the cooking class Howard missed and where Sheldon blows up at them, reenacting a scene from his childhood. *Sheldon and Raj battling it out at Cal Tech when Raj buys the huge desk *Penny and Sheldon's pranks where she dared him to eat the burger and he stuck her laundry out the window. Also, Since Leonard is more socially aware of himself and what to say and less 'geeky', I think they should add other elements to keep more awkward. Like for instance, he's out on a date and doesn't realize he's eaten something with cheese in it until it's too late. That would be embarrassing for him and funny for us. Or he could be clumsy or something...discover a strange new allergy and therefore his face puffs up like a balloon. For Sheldon, I want him to discover women. Definitely NOT have running around chasing women but maybe notice a few. I don't want him with Amy but I'd like to see him with someone eventually. For me, I've always thought of him with his polar opposite - artistic, creative, someone that can compliment him. In any case, he should at least finally start to get interested in women (as long as it's not the annoying Amy).
  20. I just saw the recent episode 5x08? last night where Amy has a meltdown. Up until that point I was hoping for Amy ONLY in small doses because after the first few episodes with her guest starring, she really was getting tiring. Now I really find Amy annoying. For starters, she's over the top desperate. She's supposed to be smart but every time she suggests any relationship with Sheldon he shows absolutely no interest. And yet, she doesn't take the hint? I don't see her character and Sheldon together. They're way too similar. But that's only a small part of it. I find her annoying on her own. From the scenes she's with everyone as a group or to the scenes with her with Bernadette and Penny. What they should do on the show is have Amy do research in another city then meet someone. That way it'd be a nice ending to her character and Sheldon can still keep his friend long distance (as long as we don't have to be subjected to her). With that said, I think Mayim is a good actress. I just don't like her character. She's like an annoying and dull version of Sheldon. But at least with Sheldon he's interesting when he talks and he's funny when he's whining. He's never 'annoying'.
  21. Sheldon's my favorite. I love that he thinks so highly of himself and how smart he is and yet he's so naive and dense in a lot of other areas of life. Some of the things coming out of Raj's mouth are just so random and funny that he's a close second.
  22. Hi all! I'm new, just wanted to say hi. You'll find I have plenty of opinions of the show. BBT is one of the most creative comedies I've seen on TV and I love it.
  23. I agree, I see Sheldon as a good friend with Amy. Like when Leonard previously talked about having fun with Amy, my first thought was that Sheldon was concerned that Leonard would get in the way of Amy and his friendship. I don't see any romance between them and I hope the show doesn't go there.
  24. I REALLY hope Amy and Sheldon don't end up together.
  25. My thoughts as to what to do with his mutism are this: * He can learn sign language and runs into a woman who knows sign language as well (doesn't necessarily have to be deaf, just fluent). They sign and start dating, then one day it dawns on him that he's already speaking to her therefore he just starts talking, using his words Or, *Raj sees some woman being harassed and he has no choice but to tell the guy to back off. He basically defends her, even if its just with words, then he feels so good about himself he just doesn't even think about the fact he's speaking. He asks the woman if she's alright and one thing leads to another... but yes, I think his mutism needs to be fixed and apparently it needs to be done for a woman.
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